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10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes

Brick and mortar stores and cafes now also need a digital presence to attract customers and retain them. Along with a steady and engaging presence on social media platforms, cafes can also benefit from a website like other local businesses. You can use your cafe website to increase brand awareness, organize games, competitions etc. to draw more visitors to your website and store. Additionally, a website is also a good platform to keep customers updated with events, menu, news etc. related to the cafe. Moreover, you can allow your customers to place orders online and pick up at the cafe.

Creating a website for your cafe can be fairly simple with a CMS like WordPress. It does not require a lot of coding and you have the option to make changes to the website by yourself whenever you like. There are many WordPress Cafe themes available to choose from if you want to throw up a stylish, professional looking website really quickly. Below is a list of 10 best WordPress themes for your cafe website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Sage

With options of more than 40 website demos to select from, Sage is a very good WordPress theme to craft your café website. You can explore the demo options and select the best suitable demo for your website. This theme has excellent customization options. You can customize different templates as per your requirements.

Setting up a web page is as easy as importing a demo page and replacing text and images. This theme allows further customization in the header style, layout style, header functionality, and animated slide show. With the Sage theme, you can simply use demo pages to create a website or customize the layout and style to create something completely new for your café website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Coffee-Luck

You can create a professional website for your café very quickly with the use of Coffee Luck WordPress theme. This theme may not have tons of demo options but it provides customizable features that can be used in different combinations to put together a unique website.

With this theme, you can create an image gallery, banner, slideshow, and promotional messages and offers. In addition, this theme also allows you to sell your products online and to create customer testimonials. Apart from that, you can also share your blogs on the website and create profiles of the staff members. For example, you can share some interesting facts about your products and chefs to add that personalized brand touch.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Lecker

Lecker already has a demo page for a coffee shop website. This theme’s design allows you to display high definition images on the home page with a wide and spacious layout. You can use this space to display attractive photographs of your delicious café products along with the theme and décor of your café.

This theme has fabulous settings to create multiple page layouts. It also allows you to explore different website styles. In addition, to help you with the creation of a website, the creators of Lecker has provided informative tutorial videos.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Divi

Divi is a perfectly designed theme for the website creation of your café. The café layout of this theme has all the required elements to build an aesthetic website. If you’re in a hurry to get a website up and running then Divi is the best choice to create your café website very quickly. This theme also has an extensive number of customizable templates and layouts.

In addition, this theme includes tools to create customizable sliders, galleries, buttons, tables, video players, and much more. Also, it has a split testing tool available to experiment with the images and content of the website. It is one of the best WordPress themes for cafes with a rich quality of design and extensive features.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Corretto

Correto has all the features required to create a professional looking café website. It has many templates with pre-built coffee shop website demo. You can select the best suitable demo for your website. This theme has a great feature that allows your customers to book a table online.

Social media integration provided in the theme allows you to easily connect social media platforms with the website to increase traffic. In addition, you can also sell your café products online with this website theme.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Barista

No matter which type of theme your café has, Barista can help create it on your website. It is one of the most versatile café themes to create a café website. This theme’s demo includes traditional website layouts that can display opening hours, menu and location on the home page itself.

In addition, Barista is compatible with WooCommerce so you can sell your café products online. It is very easy to import this theme and to set-up your café website. Apart from that, it has more than 800 font options, so you can choose the best suitable font for your website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Tavern WordPress Theme

Tavern is a little different compared to other cafe themes on this list in terms of style and layout. It is geared towards beer houses, bars, bistros and pubs. The theme provides 3 different home page layouts to choose from. Pages like table booking, reservation, gallery and team have already been created. So all you need to do is change the text and graphics and your website is ready to be launched.

The theme also provides settings for an online menu that can be customized to display categories, nutrition information, and recipes. It is also compatible with WooCommerce which is an added advantage if you plan on selling merchandise online.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Restaurant-Cafe

Restaurant Café is a versatile theme for creating a café or restaurant website as the name suggests. There are several demos available to create a website for your café business. You just have to select the relevant demo and fit the content to create a website in no time. This theme has remarkable customization options with the WordPress Live customizer interface.

It enables you to customize the color, layout, and content of the website in live more. It is an SEO friendly theme that can improve your search engine rankings. Apart from that this theme supports email marketing and Google maps integration for further support.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Floury

Floury is a stylish WordPress theme to create an elegant website for your café. In case if you have a high-end café or bakery that serves coffee along with other delicacies, then you should definitely go for Floury. It has everything you need to create a grand website that emulates the feel of your café or bakery. This theme enables you to highlight the main items of the menu through different website templates.

Apart from that, you can also create staff bios to add that authenticity factor in the website and give it a more personal feel. The best part of this theme is you can merge different elements from different demos to create your ideal and unique website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes - Grand-Restaurant

Grand Restaurant is one of the most popular themes to create a website for café. There are a lot of modules and page sections available in this theme. These modules and page sections help you to create your ideal website without any compromise. It is a customizable theme with a number of demo options. With the use of a visual interface, you can customize fonts, background images and colors, button styles, and layout settings without any coding at all.

This theme also allows you to add widgets, testimonials of customers and location maps. In addition, it is compatible with WooCommerce so that you can sell your café products online.

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Web Design, Development, UI & UX: Differences, Similarities & How to Get Them Right

Website Design, Website Development, UI, UX are terms used frequently when discussing websites. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, each of them have a specific meaning. It is important to understand the difference if you are in the process of or planning to get a website done. Let’s decode Web Design, Web Development, UI and UX.

Web Design:

UI UX - Web Design

UI UX - Web Design

Each and every element on the website, including the layout, graphics, colors, text, photographs, videos and visual elements of UI and UX are all part of the website designing. Whatever you see on the website comes under the term web design. It starts with the creation of website wireframe, layout design, and mock-ups. Coding is not part of website design.

Web design is the foundation when building a website. Along with UI and UX, web design is also concerned with website mapping and navigation. Web design defines the functionality of the website and helps you to enhance the website experience and increase conversion rate. The placement of the important information about your products and service and email sign-up buttons is part of web designing.

In short, web design is everything that you are able to see on the screen of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. If you are planning to hire a web designer then, look for specific requirements. In case, you need an editorial or blog website then, check the ability of web designer in terms of typography and page layout. Alternatively, if you want to create an e-commerce website, check the website conversion know-how of the web designer.

Web Development:

UI UX - Web-Development

UI UX - Web-Development

Web development is concerned with creating and maintenance of the website with the use of different types of programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Even creating a single web page with HTML and CSS also amounts to web development. It can range from 200 lines of coding to 2 million lines of coding.

Initially, web developers were limited to creating static web pages. Nowadays, web developers can create dynamic websites, online tools, web-based applications and portals using different technologies.

Web development handles the coding of the website. It is divided into two types of categories, front-end, and back-end. The front-end coding controls the actual display of the website design, whereas, the back-end coding encompasses the processing of user data on the web server and displaying it back to the user.

In addition, there are also full-stack website developers who can manage both the front-end and back-end coding of the website. In case, if you don’t want to hire both front-end and back-end developers, then you can hire a full-stack web developer with experience in front-end and back-end development.

UI (User Interface):

UI UX - UI Design

UI UX - UI Design

UI is the visual platform that enables us to control the device functionalities. Any device with a screen has a UI or User Interface Design.

UI design can be divided into three categories, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, and User Testing.
• Graphic design is mostly known to everyone. It is the process of visual designing of a digital product.
• Interaction design is all about designing the operational flow and specifications. It is mostly performed by Interaction Designers (IxD)
• User Testing is performed to check the practicality of the interaction design and aesthetics of graphics.

UI designing differs with the mobile screen, laptop, tablet, and website. So while selecting a UI designer ensure they are able to design the interface on different screen sizes.

UX (User Experience):



UX or User Experience designs the experience of website users. UX designers will make sure that the website is engaging and interactive to enhance user’s website experience. The user experience is scaled on the basis of the interactive abilities of the user interface created by UI designers. UI design is associated with UX design and thus, many people get confused between the roles of both UI and UX designers.

UX designer crafts the wireframe for the website and renders interface communications to acquire the feedback of users.

UI UX - which one is for you?

UI UX - which one is for you?

You have to understand the use and working of Web Design, Web Development, UI and UX to narrow down the selection according to your requirements. Thus, to help you with the selection of the best suitable option for you, here is the list of some of the tasks, which can be performed by each one of them individually.

Web Design:

  • Responsiveness of the Website
  • Update Website Look and feel
  • Improve Graphics Quality
  • Driving Traffic on a Particular Page
  • Page Loading Time Issues

Web Development:

  • Functionality of Website
  • Website Safety
  • Page Not Found Error – 404
  • Failure of DNS Lookups
  • Website Breakdown
  • Content Loading Failure


  • Improve Website Navigation
  • Website Customizations
  • Social Sharing on Website
  • Complaints – What to do?


  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Solve the issue of high bounce rate
  • Driving attention towards the content
  • Compel visitors to stay longer and explore more

While these tasks can be performed by different people, it is also possible that an experienced web designer or web developer may be able to do some of the tasks of a UI or UX designer. However, knowing the difference will help you make a more informed decision when selecting the right person for your job.

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15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful moments of your life and obviously, you want to make it special. If you are searching for printing, designing and paper for your wedding invitation then you must be thinking about the typography as well. Typography in your wedding invitation can be just as important as the words and paper texture of your wedding invitation card.

Fonts have the ability to add an amazing spark to the design of your wedding invitation card. It’s a great idea to shortlist a handful of fonts and then get sample printouts of your wedding invitation card with these fonts to get a better feel for each of them. Keep in mind that the font of wedding invitation card combined with the overall layout and pictures will provide a unique design. You can involve family and friends in the selection process as well and make it a fun pre-wedding activity.

Searching for an appropriate font can be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of 15 beautiful fonts for designing a perfect wedding invitation card. All of these fonts are available to download and are free of cost!
Choose the best suitable font for your wedding invitations, save the date cards, wedding programs, and reception place cards.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Windsong

Windsong is a stylish, hand-drawn font that impersonates typical writing style. If you are looking for hand-written fonts that can give a sketch kind of look to your invitation card, then Windsong is the best choice. It is easy to read and doesn’t look messy. Apart from that, it adds romance and a personalized look to the invitation card. It is very suitable for a romantic wedding.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Frente H1

Frente H1 is the best option for any low-key and artsy couple. If you are looking for something non-traditional in fonts then Frente H1 is a good option. It is an all-caps font which can perfectly match the faulty handwriting. Additionally, it has a thin block letter style with easy-going looks.

Quicksand is a cool style of font. It is a sans-serif font and has the quality of retro as well as modern looking fonts. The symmetrical curvature of the font portrays a clean look. This font is the best option for couples who want an elegant and entertaining wedding card.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Exmouth

This free font looks sophisticated and has better readability in comparison with other script fonts. It features slanting looks that perfectly suit the style of wedding cards. You should try and see the name of the lucky couple with font preview of Exmouth.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Coneria Script

Coneria Script is an all-rounder font that has each and every feature that’s best suitable for wedding invitation cards. It is a little bit elegant and looks minimal at the same time. You can also download it as a slanted font for a ceremonial look.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Aquiline Two

It is a calligraphic font which will remind you of the days when letters used to be written with quill and ink. If you are out of budget and can’t afford to hire a professional calligrapher then this font can serve you very well. It can give a calligraphic look to your wedding invitation card.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Stylish Caligraphy

Stylish Calligraphy font is just as the name suggests, stylish and elegant. It has the features of modern looks with formal style. This font style is best suitable for rustic-elegant wedding invitation cards. There are some opinions that the font has a feminine look to it. However, everyone can agree that it is a timeless font that enhances the look of your wedding invitation card.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Riesling font

This super cool font has impressive looks with convention. It has a perfect combo of curlicues, overlaps and extravagant skinny round characters. Your wedding guests may feel that they are in the 1920s with the use of this vintage style font for wedding cards.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Seaside Resort Font

This font is not just limited to a seaside wedding as the name suggests. It has the ability to fit in well with a variety of wedding invitation card designs. But in case if you are having a wedding on a seaside location, then you are blessed. It has retro style looks and festive emotions. You can even use the seaside resort font for welcome signs or bar menus.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Some Weatz Font

Some Weatz is created by Mans Greback. This font can give a stylish calligraphic look to your wedding invitation card. It has the calligraphy features of hand-ink craftsmanship and artistry. If you are planning to use a medieval look wedding card, then it is the best option for you.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Sail font

Sail has its own uniqueness as a serif font. It brings its own value to the wedding card with its jovial plump letter size. This font is the visual expression of fresh air. Maybe it is an exaggerated serif font but it is perfectly suitable for wedding invitation cards.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Nickainley Font

Whether you are planning to have a scripted letter font for your wedding card or not, Nickainley is a great choice. This font looks fashionable and contemporary on the wedding cards. It has cursive style looks and perfect alignment that makes it easily identifiable. You can try this font by printing a sample copy of your wedding cards.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Henry Morgan Hand Font

Henry Morgan Hand is another font with a calligraphic look. This font is best used for a highly decorative wedding invitation card. It has the ability to style your wedding card with old century look. Your wedding card will look romantic as well as antique.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Great Vibes Font

As the name suggests, this font fills your wedding invitation cards with great vibes for your guests. The stylish and bold curves grab instant attention and the appropriate spacing makes it very readable even in smaller fonts. As a result, it is a great font option on wedding invitation cards.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation - Alex Brush Font

Alex Brush is a formal script font and it has a calligraphic look. It has a superb readability feature that is very important. This font might look simple but has the ability to make your wedding invitation card stand-out from others.

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10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

In this digital world, it is very important to showcase your talent and art on your website. As a graphic designer or a creative artist, you should opt for a portfolio WordPress theme to create a website. It helps you showcase your work in the best possible manner and gain attention of your target audience.

Selecting a good portfolio WordPress theme allows you to easily showcase your work on your website and lets you easily add new work at a later date.

Here is the list of 10+ portfolio WordPress themes that let you showcase your work in style. These WordPress themes are perfect to create portfolio websites for graphic designers, web designers, artists and other creative professionals.

1. Screen:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Screen

The Screen is a free portfolio WordPress theme suitable for creative agencies, design studios, and marketing/advertising agencies. In addition, it is also suitable for a personal portfolio website. Screen has all the important qualities of a portfolio WordPress theme. Furthermore, bespoke display features ensure the website does not look cluttered.

Key Features:

Responsive and Free Portfolio Theme
Supports Safari
Supports Firefox
Customization in Background Color
Customization in Background Image
Smart Full-Width Slider
SEO Friendly
Effective XHTML + CSS

2. FortySeven Streets:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - FortySeven Streets

If you are in the search of powerful website functionality, then FortySeven Streets portfolio WordPress theme is the best option. This portfolio WordPress theme has great customization settings that enable you to create highly customizable pages. The theme perfectly fits your requirements, if you are a photographer, nature lover, or travel blogger. It is a cross-browser supportive portfolio theme which is compatible with a most of the popular web browsers.

Key Features:

Easy Customization
Carousel Slider
Supports WooCommerce
Customization Tools
CSS3 Animations

3. Doko:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Doko

First of all, Doko is a free material design portfolio theme suitable for corporate houses. It is also used by several bloggers and creative professionals because of its innovative features.

The theme is crafted with the base of customization tool which enables you to create a custom website. Doko looks trendy and well-designed and it is also compatible with mobile screens. It also supports WooCommerce and allows you to generate online sales of your products and services. Doko comes with a guiding manual to help you with the optimum utilization of the theme.

Key Features:

Supports WooCommerce
Easy Customization
SEO optimized
Translation Feature
Masonry Portfolio Layout

4. Uncode Lite:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Uncode

Uncode Lite is one of the best minimalistic portfolio WordPress themes. It has a variety of exceptionally advanced features. It gives the benefit of real-time preview feature in case of any changes on the website. Additionally, Uncode enables you to easily navigate different pages and posts from the homepage. This theme gives you the advantage of creating a boutique website as per your requirements. Finally, it has great speed and comes with great customization features.

Key Features:

Minimalistic Interface
Customization Features
Supports Language Translation
Additional Custom Background option
SEO Friendly

5. Eight Degree:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Eight Degree

Eight-Degree portfolio WordPress theme provides great website design solutions for bloggers, corporate houses, freelancers and creative agencies. Furthermore, it is perfectly optimized with SEO and works with all the major browsers. Ultimately, it will help your website to be on the top rankings of the search engine results page. In addition, this theme is designed with user-friendly customization features that allow you to easily create a custom website.

Key Features:

Logo Placement
Multiple Web Layout
User-friendly Customization
Gradient Slider
Intuitive Interface

6. Sydney:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Sydney

Sydney is a customization friendly, power-packed portfolio theme. It is perfectly suitable to create an interactive website. Additionally, this theme completely supports Elementor and allows you to create parallax background of the website. Finally, Sydney has good loading speed and smooth well-crafted sections to create an aesthetically pleasing website.

Key Features:

Compatible with Elementor Blocks
Supports Google Fonts
Sliding Image Header
Great Customization
Engaging Website Design

7. Phlox:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Phlox

Phlox is a simple portfolio WordPress theme. It is perfectly customizable to create a bespoke website. The theme comes with 30 widgets and elements that allow you to create a website in your own way. Additionally, it has 19 demo sites with the option of import through a single click. Finally, Phlox is a one-stop solution to create portfolio friendly websites. It is best suitable to create a website for blogs, travel, photography, WooCommerce, editorials, and restaurants.

Key Features:

Works with WooCommerce
SEO Friendly
Supports Language Translation
Innovative Image pre-loading
Contemporary Image Gallery

8. ScrollMe:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Scroll Me

First of all, ScrollMe portfolio WordPress theme is suitable for a personal blog, photography, businesses and portfolios. It has an innovative design and horizontal scrolling feature with a single click. In addition, this theme has some remarkable features which help you to create a bespoke website within a limited period of time. Furthermore, it has various options available like full-screen slider, multiple sections for the homepage, pricing plan tables, etc. These options allow you to attract your target audience with eye-catching content.

Key Features:

Horizontal Scrolling
Engaging Layout
Excellent Customization
Compatible with WooCommerce
Intuitive Widgets

9. Pixgraphy:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Pixgraphy

Pixgraphy is one of the best suitable free portfolio themes for photography. It has minimal and multi-layout features and it is compatible with WooCommerce. Furthermore, it supports third-party plugins like Breadcrumb NavXT, Polybang, bbpress and contact form, etc. Finally, this theme is the best option for you if you want to showcase your photography skills to your clients.

Key Features:

Support Major Browsers
Engaging Website Design
Social Media Integration
Multiple Layouts
Supports WooCommerce

10. Masonry:

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes - Masonry

First of all, Masonry portfolio theme has an uncluttered design and is best suitable for personal blogs and portfolio websites. Additionally, the theme is mobile friendly and SEO friendly. Moreover, it’s smooth navigation allows you to showcase your work in minimum number of clicks.

Key Features:

Grid Layout
Engaging Design
Limitless use of Domains
Multiple options of themes
SEO friendly

11. Musical:

10 Best Free Portfolio Themes - Musical Theme

The Musical theme is a great fit for anyone in the show business. It has a cutting edge design with a minimal and clean look. Its ability to display photos and videos with maximum size ensures that visitors take in the content at first glance. Setting up theme colors matching to the band logo provides a great branding opportunity allowing fans to have a great user experience. The theme has a custom music section that allows bloggers and music bands to display their music and different ways to get maximum downloads or purchases. Additionally, the theme works well with popular reviews plugins. This allows adding a reviews section with each song or video and get more user engagement from fans.

Key Features:

Custom Music Section
Custom Brands Section to showcase brands
Woocommerce Support
WP Review Pro Compatible

Using WordPress to build a portfolio website using one of these free themes is a great idea as it is easy to build, requires almost no coding and gives you stunning results.

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10 Best WordPress Themes for Events Websites

Promoting events online is great way to increase awareness about the event among wider audience. It also helps efficiently track marketing ROIs. Most people are used to being informed of an event online via social media platforms. They also expect an official event website nowadays for information about the itinerary, venue, timings, etc. Additionally, you can also sell event passes online to increase sales.

It is more challenging to create an event website compared to standard informational website as the focus here is on a specific event. You may also need to implement functionalities like ticket sales, RSVP etc. depending on the type of event. You can expect heavy traffic on the website for days leading up to the event from different devices. Hence, mobile compatibility and speed are important.

As a result, to help you with the selection of the best WordPress theme to create a website for your event, here is the list of 10 best options of WordPress website themes for events.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Onetone

OneTone is a single page theme to create a quick website for your event. This theme is particularly designed for the use of professionals and creative users.

This theme has 3 types of elegant headers, normal, sticky and overlay. Secondly, it also allows the users to select the transparent or non-transparent header as per the needs. You can also use images, YouTube video or HTML5 video as the banner slideshow. It also has 15 pre-built patterns and customizable sections to style your home page. You also have the liberty to customize website with the 60 well-designed shortcodes. In addition, it also has WooCommerce support so you can sell event tickets and event merchandise on the website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Evently

Evently is a versatile multi-event theme with exceptional functionality features for social and commercial events. It has customizable modern layouts to meet your website requirements.

Timelines are an important element for any type of event. This theme has taken care of this important element of time with a superb plugin called ‘Timetable Responsive Schedule’. With this plugin, you can create timelines and schedules without any hurdles. In addition, you can also share information about the speakers of the event on the website. Thus, Evently is one of the best options for an event website with superb customization features.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Crazy-hour

Crazy Hour is a unique style WordPress theme. It is a highly functional and responsive theme for creating your event website. This theme has some remarkable features with infinite possibilities for your website. You can avail the benefits of innovative home page designs. In addition, you can also add featured area video, carousel and kenburns effect in the home page. It is an SEO friendly website theme to help you with the rankings of your event website.

You can use easy customizations with this theme and you don’t have to use any coding. Crazy Hour is a mobile-friendly theme. Additionally, it also allows you to easily add a video post, image post, standard post, and audio post on the website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Cactus

Cactus is a one-page theme that can help you to create a one-page or multiple-pages website. It is perfectly suitable for your event’s website. This theme has well-designed sections consisting of elements like full-width slider, promo, services, team, gallery, and testimonials. It is a fully customizable responsive website with drag and drop option and admin control panel.

You can easily manage your event website’s layout and design with this theme. In addition, it allows you to alter your website fonts, colors, and background of the website. You have everything with this theme, compatibility with Elementor Page Builder, SEO friendly code, and WooCommerce compatibility. Cactus is well suited for beginners building their event website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Grand Conference

Grand Conference is a premium WordPress theme. It provides more than 300 customization options and instant live preview for your event website. You can easily set-up a website with suitable live demo options for this theme. The developers of the website have given well-justified focus to event awareness and speed of the website. As a result, Grand Conference is a great choice to develop a very professional looking event website.

The theme provides stylish customizations to display event schedule and location to website visitors. Additionally, it also supports WooCommerce thus, you can sell the tickets online and share discount coupons to enhance visitor’s website experience.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - EventChamp

EventChamp as the name suggests can cover pretty much any event requirements for your website. The versatility of this theme is one of its’ best features. It has visual composer support and page builder with drag and drop button for easy creation of website layout. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about your coding skills with this theme. It already has shortcodes to make your panel options smarter and smoother.

This theme has the features to create an event website with a 3D tour assistant for the event. It is compatible with WooCommerce and is SEO friendly.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - EvenTime

Eventime is an excellent WordPress theme for creating a website for your event. It is equipped with Redux Framework to choose the most suitable theme option. There are different types of layouts in this theme and it also allows displaying information of the event speakers on the website.

You can also add an event countdown timer to inform website visitors about the event date. The Eventime theme has some exceptional features like JCountre, Beautiful Tab, Gallery and more. It is highly customizable and supports WooCommerce for online sales.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Royal Event

This theme has a festive design. It enhances the overall website experience with its ability to display wide sized images. This theme has some amazing shortcodes and widgets to easily create and modify the website.

The front-end user interface also allows users to submit own events on the website. This is a great feature if you are building an event calendar or portal.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - Ticket Box

As the name suggests, this theme allows you to sell your event passes on your website. This theme has an event calendar to help you remind the visitors about your event. You can also easily create a speaker’s profile to attract website visitors with this theme.

It is a fully responsive theme and easy on the eyes for better user experience. In addition, this theme also supports language translation on the website.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Events - BeEvent

The BeEvent theme is a full-fledged event and conference website theme. It has great functionality and versatility to create a website for all kinds of events, conferences, exhibitions etc. It provides plenty of options with different user-friendly widgets for your website.

The theme uses Visual Composer which will allow you to create and edit the website with very little coding. Some of the theme’s features include Speakers lists, Pricing table and PayPal Payment Integration.

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The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design

As the experts have repeatedly said, ‘content is key’. Whether you are a web designer or a graphic designer; you must give importance to words in your design. Content is an important factor in any design. If you want to craft a bespoke website that converts, then adding appealing content is a must. It will help you to get more attention and conversion from all website visitors. Similarly, appropriate content adds greater value to your graphic design.

Words have the ability to include critical thinking along with creative thinking of web designers and graphic designers. For any web and graphic design to attract prospects and compel action, the written content has to move along with and match the tone of the design.

Here are the points that will help you to understand the importance of words in web and graphic design.

1. The Quality of Words:

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - Quality of Words

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - Quality of Words

The quality of words defines the success of website design and graphic design. If you have a website then, the choice of words plays a vital role to enhance engagement with the visitors. The words have the power to keep your website visitors engaged and motivate them to take action.

With the digital expansion in the marketing world, your graphics add the creative visual value to the marketing collateral. But, words are used to add the intellectual value in this graphic design.

As a web designer, you have to understand the requirements of your website visitors. This enables you to create the best website experience with the combination of aesthetic web design and high-quality content. Words are used to answer the unasked queries of your website visitors.

High-quality content will ultimately help you to drive traffic and increase conversion and sales on the website. Likewise, exceptional words coupled with appealing design improve the quality of your graphics.

2. Use Word for Better Understanding of Design:

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - Better understand the design

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - Better understand the design

Designers are creative people and sometimes their creativity goes beyond the understanding of a layman. Thus, words act as a guide to explain your designs in a much better way. Web and Graphic designers have to maintain the balance of creativity with the help of content.

A well-written web copy can solve the struggle of website visitors and help improve website navigation. Content helps the website visitors to have a much better idea about the products and services available. You will lose the attention of your visitors if your designs are not easy to understand.

Graphic Designers create bespoke designs to establish brand identity. But at the same time designs should communicate the message of the brand. In case, viewers are unable to understand the meaning and message of the visuals, it will be wasted. Thus, using words along with the creative design elements will make the design more clear and comprehensive.

3. Words Help to Increase Recall Value:

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - Words increase recall value

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - Words increase recall value

With web design or graphic design, words add greater value to the design. Simple yet effective words are used to fill the gaps of design. In the case of both website design and graphic design, words are used to express the visuals. Designs which are explained with words are easy to remember.

When you visit a website with an extraordinary written copy, you’ll definitely remember it for a long time. You should take care that your website content is engaging and easy to recall. If the visitor is not in a frame of mind to buy and just searching for the best option to buy later, your content’s recall value will count. The visitor will come back to your website later to purchase what they were looking for earlier, only if the content is equally appealing as the design.

A creative copy helps you to create graphics with better recall value. There are chances that with a design without words, your audience may scroll down their feed without stopping. However, the same design can grab their attention with the use of effective words.

4. SEO Friendly Website:

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - SEO friendly website

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - SEO friendly website

It is important to add SEO friendly content on your website. A great website design and well-written content are not very useful if no one can find it on the Internet.  Hence it is vital for all your content to be SEO friendly to increase your website traffic. With the use of effective and well-researched keywords, you can easily boost your website rankings.

You have to understand the fact that design alone won’t help to increase website conversion. You can use blogs with SEO friendly content along with eye-catching graphics to increase traffic.

You can also optimize graphics and images with platforms like WordPress. Adding SEO optimized keywords in the caption will help to attract more traffic to your website.

5. Place Your Content Effectively:

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - place content effectively

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design - place content effectively

Placement of the content in any design is as important as placement of design elements. You should ensure that the content fits the space provided by the designers. For instance, overuse of written words may allow the viewers to lose interest.

Additionally, for printable design materials, effective content placement helps reduce the total number of pages and thus the printing cost.

Make sure that the design and content are balanced equally. The right placement will lessen the chances of cluttered visuals. The design will lose its attraction with uneven placement of the content in the design. The website design should also have a specific space for content placement to enhance the website experience. Same applies to graphic design. Excessive use of words can also hamper the creativity of the design.

In conclusion, words combined with creative design are the most effective tools of communication. The web design and graphic design alone cannot win the battle of attention. You have to use the right words along with effective design elements and effects. Addition of words in the design will improve your chance of conversion and communication.

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Creating Websites with Speed in Mind: Do’s and Don’ts

Whichever business you are in, your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Website speed has a direct impact on your sales funnel, traffic, conversion, and page views. Generally, people will lose attention from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, by creating a speedy website, you can increase your conversion rate and drive more traffic.

Below are some points to consider when creating a website that loads fast. We’ve outlined things that you should do to increase your website loading speed, and things that you should not do, as they will decrease your page loading times.

Website Speed - Do's

Website Speed - Do's

1. Update your Web Hosting Plan:

Most website owners start with a basic, shared hosting plan when publishing their website. However, over a period of time, their website content and traffic increases and the website loads slowly. This is the time to update your web hosting plan. Otherwise your website will slow down. In case you are on a shared hosting plan, you can also consider moving your website to a Private Server or a Cloud Server.

2. Use Gzip Compression:

We usually zip files on our computer to reduce file size. Gzip compression helps reduce file size of your website when it is downloaded on the local computer or mobile for your website visitor. Compressed files are unzipped automatically upon download. This technique minimizes HTTP requests and reduces response time by up to 70% for web pages. It also helps to save bandwidth and improves the website experience.

3. Use Browser Caching:

Cache files are the temporary files automatically downloaded and stored on the hard drive of the website visitors. Caching helps you to store static files like HTML documents, media files, Javascript files, CSS files and images for smoother and faster access to the website, the second time. Hence, if a visitor returns to your website a second time, the browser doesn’t have to retrieve each file again and can load your web page faster.

4. Database Optimization:

If you use a Content Management System like WordPress to power your website, optimizing your database can help speed it up. Optimizing your database can reduce the file size of the database and also enable it to fetch query results faster. This in-turn helps load the web page faster. For content management systems like WordPress, external plugins also take up a lot of space. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that your database is full of rackbacks, pingbacks, post revisions, trash items and unapproved comments. Your website will load slower due to all this data. Hence, it is a good practice to clear your database on a regular basis after you have backed it up.

5. Minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript files:

Minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript files allows you to reduce the total number of files by combining some files together. This reduces the size of data needed to load the webpage. Additionally, because the webpage needs fewer number of files to load completely, the total number of HTTP requests also decreases. Both these factors contribute in loading your webpage faster.

6. Image Optimization:

Website Speed - Image optimization

Website Speed - Image optimization

Image optimization is very important for all websites for loading speed and SEO. When serving images on a webpage, it is important to resize them to the actual size needed in the webpage. Using a compressed version of the image without compromising on the quality is also a must step for all images on the website. This reduces file size of the webpage and increases website loading speed. Having a script on your website to lazy-load images as they are needed is also a great idea.

7. Speed up High Traffic Pages:

Sometimes, it may not be possible to speed up all your website pages beyond a certain speed as they display images or content that you cannot do without. In this case, a good option is to identify high traffic pages on your website based on traffic analysis and speed up those pages by moving some content from those pages to other pages. For instance, a chat window opening on the home page requires an external script. Moving the chat option to the “Contact Us” page can ensure you do not load this script on your home page and hence let it load faster.

Website Speed - Don'ts

Website Speed - Don'ts

1. External Scripts:

External Scripts are pop-ups, Facebook Page options, external fonts, website analytics services, etc. that load every time with the webpage. Each new external script, in the form of a Javascript code, added to the website will make additional HTTP requests. This in turn, reduces your website speed. Now, some of these external scripts like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel code etc. are inevitable in your webpage but removing unnecessary scripts is a great way to quickly increase your website loading speed. You can use online tools like Pingdom to reduce your external scripts.

2. Bulky Flash Content:

Flash content is used to make your website interactive and engaging. However, Flash content is also too big in size. Consequently, it will increase the page loading time of the website. It is a good idea to remove Flash from your website to speed it up. If needed, HTML5 is a great option to avoid the use of Flash content without compromising on website experience.

3. Bad Code Writing:

Website code not written properly can cause the elements of the web page to load slowly, cause redirects and overall decrease website loading speed. Hence it is important to write clean code for your website.

4. Graphics for Text:

Images look great on websites but they take a lot longer to load compared to text. As a result, its a good idea to use text instead of images where ever possible on your website.

5. Extra Plugins:

When using Content Management Systems like WordPress, there are a lot of plugins available to perform different tasks. Some of these plugins are complex and cannot be replaced while some of the plugins may perform simple functions. Where possible, try to perform these tasks using custom code without using plugins. This way, you only have plugins on your WordPress website that are essential. Having fewer plugins on your WordPress website will reduce the loading time.

Optimizing your website speed is sometimes a trial and error process. With free online tools like GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights, you can test your website performance after implementing the techniques mentioned above until you are satisfied with the results.

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Premium Services & Tools Recommended By Experts

The perks of running an online business of your own are hard to deny. You’re not gonna be tortured by the boredom of working 9 to 5 like a robot for the wealth of others. Instead, you work anywhere anytime you want, and enjoy all the profits paid off for your work.

That being said, the problem of low productivity in terms of time, efforts, and other resources does exist when you run a one-man show business. How would you overcome the exhausting endless hours of dealing with customer complaints, fixing broken elements on your website without having some coding skills, or recovering your lost files?

This article curates a list of 8 premium tools and resources recommended by online business experts, that can save your entrepreneurial life.

1- Better customer support service

Alongside with marketing to attract and convert prospects, customer retention plays a vital role in keeping a business sustainable in the long run. To win customers’ loyalty, business owners should focus heavily on improving their company’s customer service and optimizing the overall experience in the whole funnel. Winning one more happy customer will lead to bigger sales and even more referred customers via worth of mouth.

Today’s advanced technologies have made it possible for not only large business with big budgets but also small and medium businesses to improve customer service, with great tools available online. For example, automated email marketing and chatbots can help you personalize your replies to any customer’s query automatically to save you tons of time and human resources in the daily support jobs.

2- Make use of premium WordPress themes

Hosting over 75,000,000 business websites all over the web, WordPress never fails online business owners by providing them with a handful of useful features they need for building a fully functional website. The steps for creating a WordPress website is simple and straightforward even for those who have little technical knowledge. However, designing a splendid website with high performance in terms of conversion is not an easy task you can get done with WordPress free basic themes.

WordPress experts recommend Uncode – Creative WordPress Theme builder as an amazing alternative to consider. One of the top WordPress theme sellers of all time on Themeforest, Uncode gives terrific attention to the details and performance of their theme layouts. You can find any design concept you want in its design collections and easily import into your website. Customizations are made easy with many options to help you take the building of your website to the next level. There’s also a user-built website showcases you can check out on their site for inspiration and motivation to try.

3- Use cloud storage to save files online

Cloud computing services have recently geared up to be the most convenient option to store digital data online. A few decades ago, most companies and individual professionals had to rely on in-house offline servers to keep their documents safe. When collections of data piled up over time, the costs to install and maintain this infrastructure become a real pain. That is why people are now switching gears towards storing data online on cloud servers that give them unlimited storing space at very low cost. Plus, cloud storage also ensures seamless accessibility anywhere anytime for instant retrieving and sharing.

If you’re looking for a service provider, the best cloud storage recommended by experts is pCloud, which comes with very reasonable pricing plans but includes all the features you could ask for in a cloud storage service.

4- Grow Shopify reviews with Opinew reviews importer app

Shopify entrepreneurs are flooded with thousands of best Shopify themes and apps available on the fast-growing Shopify app store, not knowing which ones they really need to maximize the resulted sales at the most cost-efficient level.

Shopify apps enable online sellers to implement a lot of different strategies to increase conversion rates and boost reviews throughout the sales funnel. Among the most proven effective tactics, building brand trust with product reviews never get old and still prove to be extremely valuable. Product pages that publish reviews from verified buyers, even negative ones, show a sense of authenticity, reliability, and social proof. They give new customers a high level of confidence to make a purchase online with the merchant.

One of the best review apps for Shopify entrepreneurs is Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer. Starting from just $9.99 per month, Opinew gives merchants features and customization options to scale up reviews and automate the whole process.

5- Download free authentic stock photos

Photography has always been an integral part of business, especially those that are competing on online social marketplaces. Unfortunately, not many solo entrepreneurs and freelancers have enough luxury to produce stunning professional branded photos for the daily product showcasing and marketing purposes.

Thankfully, there has been a growing number of websites that provide beautiful stock authentic photos popping up all over the Internet. And the best part is that they’re free!

6- Build landing pages that really convert

In earlier days, marketers normally sent traffic to the business homepage with general information in the hope that truly interested visitors might find useful information there and convert themselves. In today’s competitive online business landscape, this strategy seems to not work so well anymore.

Marketers now appreciate the power of personalization and targeting. They send different groups of customer niches to targeted landing pages with customized content and call-to-action elements that align with customers’ tailored needs. By optimizing carefully every single part in the landing pages, they maximize the whole conversion funnel and create amazing business results.

To help businesses capitalize on tools and save IT resources, experts suggest that they take advantage of available best landing page builders that offer a full set of features not only to design professional landing pages but also to track and measure their conversion performance, with the help of built-in analytical tools like heatmaps and user recordings.

7- Agency business made hassle-free with Bookmark’s Agency Reseller Program

The life of a freelancer is tempting. They can work flexibly anywhere, anytime they have the mood for, and focus on doing what they love and are really good at. But when reality hits, they do struggle with the business-related things to make a stable growing flow of income. Business needs a well-rounded strategy and skills to handle all kinds of work, ranging from website optimization, marketing execution, and orders and billing management.

If you’re starting an agency business, whether in the fields of design, web development, content marketing, or SEO, consider Bookmark tool. In a few minutes, you can set up a fully functioning website on Bookmark to represent your business without much technical inconvenience. This tool also makes it easy for you to expand your business by joining their Agency Reseller Program as it allows you to create beautiful websites for your clients cheaper and much faster than ever before.

8- Win your best business logo design by creating a contest

Most business owners didn’t think much about creating a logo for their business until they sat down to do the task and would find it exceedingly challenging. How could we capture a business idea with its intrinsic value comprehensively into a 60×60 square design?

If you’re stuck and don’t have a couple of thousands dollar to pay professional design firms, why not get a few dozens of talented freelancers to compete for your project? 48hourslogo turns this virtually impossible idea into possible reality for small and medium business owners. On the platform, they can host a logo design contest for only $29, then offer an attractive prize for the winner who submits the best logo in the contest.


Owning a business online doesn’t have to be miserable and sacrificing as you might imagine before you get started. There are many online tools and resources that can help you automate large workloads so you can focus more on executing high-level strategies to scale up your business. By the year 2021, worldwide retail online sales will reach $4.5 trillion, are you ready to win a big slice of the cake? Get yourself well prepared now!

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5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Website owners understand the importance of attracting traffic. However, many of them think that it is very difficult to attract traffic to their website. If you think that SEO, Backlinks, and content are the only options to enhance website traffic, then think again. Traffic analytics can provide insightful data on what works and what doesn’t work on your website.

Google Analytics or GA is an online tool that helps you to track traffic on your website. You just have to insert Google Analytics code on the site and rest will be taken care off. The best part about Google Analytics is you can use it with any type of website. Whether you have an e-commerce website, blog, or editorial website, Google Analytics is compatible with all of them.

Using WordPress, you can find a number of easy ways to integrate your website with Google Analytics. After adding Google Analytics, you will be able to track the traffic on your website and generate reports from the WordPress website itself with these tools. So here’s the list of 5 best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress.

1. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights:

5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress -MonsterInsights

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is one of the famous plugins with the free and paid version. You can select the features of paid or free version based on your needs and requirements. This plugin is used by more than 2 million people and it is one of the highest rated plugins.

It enables you to connect your website with Google Analytics without manually adding any code. It enables you to start with tracking of events and configuration of e-commerce settings. The plugin allows you to learn with the further use of Google Analytics.

It provides you with detailed reports of your website’s performance. The Plugin provides details about audience, behavior, content, and e-commerce data. It is the perfect plugin package to help you enhance conversion and revenue through the website.

The last thing to consider about the plugin is that it is not a free plugin. It provides options with different base plans for agencies and developers. You can avail the benefits of the plugin through optimum utilization for your website performance.

Key Features:

Easy to set up
Real-time analysis
Tracking for E-commerce, Ads, File download and links
Link attribution

2. Analytify:

5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress - Analytify

Analytify is a great Google Analytics plugin with the user database of more than 2 million users. It has both free and paid versions available. You can select any one of them depending upon your requirements.

It has simple functionality and you don’t have to copy the code manually. Moreover, this plugin gives you the benefit of single click authentication and automatically adds a tracking code to the website.

Although, the plugin doesn’t provide full fledge access to general reports with the free version. The free version allows you to observe your website statistics. It has tracking features like page views and social media statistics.
The pro version of the Analytify plugin allows real-time tracking and campaign tracking.

In addition, it also supports email notifications and it is compatible with WooCommerce and easy digital downloading.

Key Features:

The single Click authentication process
Social Media Analysis
Real-time tracking and analysis
Email notifications
Compatible with WooCommerce
Easy Digital Downloading

3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:

5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress- Google-Analytics-Dashboard-for-WP

Designed and developed by ExactMetrics Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is also known as GADPW. It is a free plugin that helps you with detailed reports for your website without affecting your budget. This plugin has a mammoth user base of one million users.

Just like any other plugin it provides all the data on the WordPress dashboard. The plugin has some great features like customization of analytics tracking code with the help of options and hooks. Moreover, it also allows you to gather data of custom events, downloads, dimensions, affiliate, and external links, and emails.

This plugin provides in-depth page reports and post reports. It also allows the breakdown of data and it is compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The GADPW plugin has the same UI as of the simple Google Analytics with simplified screens for easy readability.

Key Features:

Real-time visitor tracking
Actual traffic source tracking
Displays page views and bounce rate
Better attribution of link
Cross-domain tracing
Compatible with E-commerce

4. WP Statistics:

5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress - WP Statistics

WP Statistics is one of the best free Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. The best part of this plugin is that it is very simple and easy to use. This plugin has compatible functionality and provides all-around solutions by displaying the Google Analytics data straight on the WordPress dashboard.

It has a remarkable ability to track traffic directly from heavy search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo. It has some quality features to secure the privacy of its users and it provides support against IP address hashing. In addition, it also enables you to track the country wise GeoIP.

The plugin has the ability to track down email statistics and allows exporting the data file in XML, CSV and TSV format.

Key Features:

Update automation for GeoIP data
Page Insights
Provides details of browser versions
Reports based on the Email stats
Automatically cuts old database
Security for IP address hashing
Country wise GeoIP location

5. Google Analytics WD:

5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress - WD

The Google Analytics WD plugin is a superb WordPress plugin crafted by Web Dorado. The plugins work very smoothly and rapidly integrates Google Analytics into your website. In addition, it provides information like analysis report, traffic data on the website, and visitor’s bounce rate on the WordPress dashboard.

It has two versions available depending upon your needs. The free version provides an analysis of page insights, integrated dashboard, full-fledged reports, and bounce rate.

The paid version includes premium features like total Google Analytics reporting, E-commerce reports, AdSense and AdWords reports. Moreover, it also provides details about tracking exclusions, website performance, push notifications, and alerts.

Key Features:

Demographical Analysis
Tracks Custom Dimensions
E-commerce statistics
Bespoke user interface
Easy Customization

With the use of above-mentioned plugins, you can easily integrate Google Analytics with your website. These WordPress plugins will help you monitor website traffic and generate insightful reports to increase traffic.

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5 Best WordPress AMP Themes for 2019

As Internet connectivity and device performance improve, more and more users expect a good web experience during their browsing. An important part of providing a good browsing experience for websites is speed. Web pages that load slowly on mobile devices are very annoying to say the least. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) improve mobile web browsing experience by serving web pages faster on mobile devices. AMP is an open-source software that helps to enhance the website experience of the visitors. It has stout abilities and strong publisher panels. The list of contributors for AMP includes elite names like Google and Automatic.

With the highest number of target audience browsing with their mobile devices, AMP is a very important requirement for WordPress websites. There are a host of AMP themes available on WordPress and it is difficult to find the best suitable option to provide exceptional website experience.

We have curated a list of 5 best WordPress AMP themes for 2019. The list includes themes with magazine and newspaper templates that seamlessly assemble with various types of websites.

The 5 best WordPress AMP themes for the year 2019:

The present scenario of website development world has drastically changed with the increasing use of smartphones. Thus, it is very important that you create a website which allows the themes to look appropriate on mobile-screens.

1. Newspaper By tagDiv:

WordPress AMP Themes - Newspaper

WordPress AMP Themes – Newspaper

Newspaper is one of the finest WordPress themes on Themeforest. It has a flexible design to control a huge amount of content. This AMP theme has got more than 60K users and it is perfectly suitable for a content-driven editorial website. With the use of tagDiv Composer page builder in this theme, you can customize mostly everything on the front-end of the website.

It boasts a recently included cloud library with 420+ already designed elements and templates. In addition, it also has a single-click demo website design with bespoke header and footer styles through the use of incredible theme tools.

If you want to have fast page loading speed then, it is the best option with integrated AMP plugin. You can also optimize content to bag the top ranks with mobile-friendly features of the theme.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly compatible with newspaper, magazine and blog website
  • Optimize content for mobile phones
  • 50+ demo options
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Compatible with Google Ads and AdSense

2. Chap By WebSevenDev:

WordPress AMP Themes - Chap

WordPress AMP Themes – Chap

Chap is one of the simplest AMP themes for WordPress with a customization option available. It can create a website for various niches and you can understand how to use Chap with the help of demo sites. Chap is one of the most impressive themes built with bootstrap. WordPress developers will specifically appreciate the use of bootstrap.

You can use shortcodes to add a variety of sections on the homepages of demo sites. It has a number of shortcodes available to add fascinating elements in the website. This theme supports WooCommerce and you can take advantage of this compatibility to include an e-commerce store on the website. It also allows you to add shopping cart and create a stylish checkout page.

Key Features:

  • Range of header templates
  • Several themes and menu variations
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Color customization for UI elements
  • Programmed AMP Codes

3. Soledad By PenciDesign:

WordPress AMP Themes - Soledad

WordPress AMP Themes – Soledad

Soledad is the best solution to create interesting multiple websites with far-fetched customization options for every niche. Additionally, It allows you to create your own page templates through the drag and drop interface.

You can create new pages with several page elements provided by Soledad. The sheer number of customization options available in Soledad can be over-whelming at first. You may also need some time to get a handle on the functionality of this AMP theme. However, it is extremely adaptable and worth the initial steep learning curve as you can use it repeatedly to create bespoke designs for new websites.

Key Features:

  • More than 600 customization options
  • White Label Tool
  • Compatible with WPBakery
  • Custom Widgets option
  • Custom AMP plugin

4. Fona By Clever Soft:

WordPress AMP Themes - Fona

WordPress AMP Themes – Fona

If you are looking for AMP themes for your e-commerce website then, Fona is a good option. Fona has the ability to create e-commerce pages that abides by the AMP guidelines of Google.

Fona uses pillow drop shadows around buttons and callouts to give a minimalistic look to the website. You can see 12 demo sites which justify the flexibility of templates with the use of Fona. In addition, it also has highly customizable fonts.

It has an automatic installer that helps you to set-up your website like the demo sites. Fona completes website set-up within minutes without making any changes in the content. It has the flexibility to add drag and drop page builder, slide creation and open mega menus due to bundled premium plugins.

Key Features:

  • Shopify and Magneto compatible versions
  • Mobile-friendly image sizing
  • 10+ demos for the home page
  • Many paid plugins
  • Product filter for e-commerce sites
  • Minimal design
  • Supports page creation for e-commerce

5. Jannah News By Tie Labs:

WordPress AMP Themes - Janah

WordPress AMP Themes – Janah

Jannah News is most compatible with news and editorial websites. The best part about Jannah News is that it has a mix of standard WordPress features and other rare features as a modern WordPress theme.

It has an incredible feature of in-built integration to send web push notifications. Jannah News also allows you to pin weather details on website header and feature trending articles to make it visible to visitors with the scrolling. Additionally, It looks amazing on mobile screen display with AMP enabled pages. Apart from that, you can copy over-customization settings with an importer and automatically install already prepared demos.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Gutenberg Editor
  • Supports AMP
  • Switch themes with migration plugin
  • Mobile navigation customization
  • Steadfast page-builder tool
  • Huge demo content library

Feel free to browse through these above-mentioned AMP themes for 2019 on their official websites and select the most suitable option for your website. If you have a content-driven editorial website then, Jannah News and Newspaper are probably good options.

Alternatively, if you have an e-commerce website then, Chap and Soledad can provide you with the best customizable business site themes.

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