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Web Designer vs Web Developer – Who Are You And Who Should You Be?

Things are not always what we think they are. This is the reason some of our assumptions are named as myths by our experts. The role of a web designer and a web developer always involves many such myths, which we are going to explore in this web designer and web developer comparison article.

Being a web designer or web developer is the most demanding career as of now, as everybody is looking for a business online, and everybody realizes the importance of an online identity. This is the reason people have started hiring web designers and web developers to build their online business sites or to manage their existing websites. Nowadays, graphic designers may even hire web developers to build them a portfolio website, as every company asks for the portfolio to decide the candidate’s experience and skillset. There are also website builders like Wix, Godaddy, and a few others on the market, which allow one to build their website without the knowledge of any coding. However, it is almost impossible for a layman to make a website on his or her own without a basic understanding of typography, color scheme, layout, and other technical knowhow. Because of that, web designers and web developers stand out in their respective junctions.

In case you are thinking of pursuing a career in the web design or web development field but are not sure which one to opt for, then you must first read on for guidance to clarify your myths about certain essential factors regarding these career fields. However, before that, make sure you know what the exact role of each professional is:


As the name suggests, in simple words, the web designer is someone who designs the web. Web in earlier times was known as the internet where you could just get relevant information about your research. But, in today’s time, the web is everything you see online with the use of the internet. The role of a web designer was not identified in the first few years as there was no focus on creating a brand image, due to monopoly situations. Nowadays, as the businesses are growing in a competitive world, everyone wants a special touch of their brand on the website. At present, web designers play a huge role in creating an overall experience for the users who visit your website. The purpose of web designer was identified as to decrease the bounce-back rate of the audience, for once, if the user can get a smooth and hassle-free experience, which would allow them to stay back on the website and explore more business services. Web designers create a creative as well as user-friendly experience to improve the journey of the users on the client’s platform. 


A web developer is the one who develops the web, i.e. from scratch until the website goes live. The web developer is the first field that was recognized when this web structure was started. The web developer develops the website through multiple different coding languages like HTML, Java, PHP, .net, CSS, Python, etc. The primary role is to improve the inner stricture of the website for the outer display and navigation. Navigation plays a significant role in any website, and it is entirely designed and developed by the web developer. One more key skill required by the developer is data management. The entire data of the website is stored in with a complex hard-coding process into different web pages of the website by the web developer. Learning data management would help the developer to segregate and assign the data into distinct and specific departments for easy utilization of the same. Now-a -days, web developer also needs to learn WordPress along with other analytical skills for creating a user-friendly as well as crawler-friendly experience of the website.


If we look at the broader perspective, we may find web development and web designing merge at the end; somewhere. It is all connected at some point and would require in-depth analyses to find the thin line of difference. Both roles are often considered a synonym to each other, wherein reality; the actual roles are quite different from what is anticipated. This is the reason, before proceeding into the field, it is better to understand the role in the real sense by eliminating the myths associated with it, since its inception. The courses for both are quite different in a sound stage, while some of the concepts and theories are common in both.


Web designing is all about designing. We know it right. But there are some stages where the designer would require coding in real-time. Most of the designers understand the necessary coding concepts and can make their changes. The designer is required to learn to code as it works as a time saving and handy tool for them at the time of changes. The web designer needs not to have to learn hardcore coding for designing a website, and just HTML, Javascript, and CSS basics would be enough for them. It is more helpful for the front end web designer as he has to work for the visual and user experience of the front end design of the website.


Web development does not require you to have a thorough knowledge of the designing concepts but would require you to understand the fundamentals of designing along with understanding the user experience, while creating a live website for the user. If it is not recognized, then the website would just have a smooth backend and would be incapable of attracting new users. 


We have a mindset where we think anything which does not involve coding is easy. In the real sense, web designing is equally or more difficult than web development, as it requires critical thinking, which is user-friendly as well as attractive. The web designer has to work hard to connect creativity and simplicity in the same place, making it the toughest job in the world.


Coding may not involve spice like designing, but it is not at all boring if you like to learn about how a particular thing is made and you like to create your stuff. For every element, the developer has to mix several concepts and make a single code to highlight the feature on the screen. It involves researching and experimenting at every stage, which makes it an exciting job.


The production of the product includes more cost compared to the designing of the product. In the same way, the development of an entire website involves a higher price compared to the designing and the external appearance of the website. In today’s time, it is equally important to have a good, visually attractive design along with a smooth user experience of the website, which is designed by the web designer. The salaries of the web developer and designer are on equal scale at present.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is a long brainstorming session involved in web designing before the actual work, which makes it a time-consuming process. Web development has some pre-decided layout which eliminates the research part; unless in web designing, which makes it more complicated. The process gets more comfortable and speedy, once the basic concepts of designing are learned and implemented. If you are a perfectionist, which you should be, then it would require time. There is no shortcut to creativity.


As per the ranking purposes, both the skills are equally important in creating a perfect website for the businesses that grow so fast in the start-up’s era.  One is for the backend of the website, and one is for the front end of the website. If anyone of them does is not supportive enough, then it would crash the entire motive behind creating the website in the first place.

  • Web designing is necessary for bringing audience to the website through its creative visuals and graphics while web developing is necessary for hooking the users for the website as the entire information is stored by the developer in the backend of the website, along with designing navigational structure to guide the users for coming back to the homepage, in case lost.
  • The web designer is more focused on the user experience and journey of the website while web developer is focused on the details like loading speed, bread crumbs structure, sitemap of the website, etc. which helps the user as well as crawlers.
  • Web development is all about programming and does not have any role or responsibility in case the website is not appealing enough to the users while web designing is all about creating an appealing and attractive image of the website in the eyes of the users. The designer is not worried if the website is loading in 3 seconds or 30 seconds.

After rectifying the myths of both the fields in your mind as well as drawing out a comparison, you may still be undecided about what to opt for. It is entirely dependent on your viewpoint and interest.

If designing triggers your brain cells and creates dopamine in your body while thinking about the user experience, then you should go for Web designing. In this case, you should be ready for 101st change in the design as per the client’s requirement as well as should be able to handle criticism on a lighter note. Your primary focus would be the layout of the design which would be created with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and Sketch, etc. which would impress the users and allow them to visit the website. Also, you would have to learn primary coding languages in case you plan to opt for freelancing services in the future.

On the other hand, if you are always keen on knowing how something is made the way it is made and what is involved in the making process, then you should opt for web development. In this, you are required to construct a website through different codes and other programming structures for a smooth working website. In old times, developers were all independent as there was no interference of the client due to their aliens towards the concepts. However, in today’s time, the scenarios are quite different. The entire burden of SEO and changes related to it are on the heads of the developers as without following the basic SEO concepts, the website won’t rank higher in the eyes of search engines.

From our viewpoint, it is good to become a web designer as it would involve creative and critical thinking of the concepts. It is more complicated and challenging than the web developer’s job, but it always gives you the freedom to brainstorm your ideas and concepts for converting into realities.

Times are gone when you just needed one skill to master a particular field. Now, after the invention of the World Wide Web, everything is getting connected in some of the other form, which makes it very necessary to be a jack of all along with being a master of one. This also means that if you are choosing to be a web designer, then you must also learn the side skills required to build a perfect website. The user should not only get a smooth feel of his journey to your website but should also get a hassle-free and speedy experience which would come with learning and understanding other relevant skills during the process. One should start learning web designing, and once it is done while practicing the same concepts, one can begin to learning other skills along with it to experiment it during the live work.

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14 Steps to Become a Successful Web Designer

Web designers are bliss to the world as they help everyone expand and enhance their business online. They are the architectures of our business, who construct each brick of our online website with their creativity and personal thoughts.

However, in case you want to be one of them, you need to practice and follow the 14 steps below to succeed as a web designer.


A portfolio is a designer’s identity. It is essential to have a portfolio of your own, which helps you to showcase your skills in front of the clients. It is advisable to take out the first six months of your web designer career to work on your portfolio and strengthen it. Once it is well built, you would not have to look back every time someone asks you for your work. You can even create sample websites along with creating a separate website of your work, which works as your portfolio. It is like an internship that you do with yourself, post six months of your web design course. Take it in such a spirit and work on enthusiastically towards your goal.


A designer is known to be born as the most curious species on the earth. It may sound lame, but it is one of the most essential intangible features required by the designer. If you are already curious enough in your field and pursuing the same, then the curiosity level would be high, but in case, you are just looking for how life should be after becoming a successful web designer, then we advise you to start practicing the techniques of improving your curiosity in order to achieve your dream. Start considering your own self a toddler again, who is always curious to know about things and believes he knows nothing. The day you start becoming a learner, you will start questioning every reality prevailing in front of your eyes, and that is a place where you will start getting all the answers to your questions. Start reading and exploring different cultures, history and how something is made the way it is made, etc. This will give you space to develop a new perspective on your already existing ideas.


In daily life, we observe strange occurrences, different sounds, and unusual events taking place around us. In the same way, as a designer, it is vital to have keen observation skills to develop a meaningful and realistic design. The more you observe, the better you would be able to design, as all your ideas and design inspiration would lie in and around you, in your everyday life. Your observation skills would give you an edge as an artist, as you would be able to figure out unusuality in designs in the first stage, which most of your peers would not be able to. If practiced regularly, it will help you develop the eye of an artist in a short period of time.


Thinking out of the box is the only way for survival in this competitive industry. You would always need to evolve and think out of the box to make your design stand out from others. This task requires continuous research and experimentation as a part of the homework before the actual representation. It is advisable to brainstorm your thoughts before every assignment, to come up with quirky ideas. Also, you can brainstorm your ideas with your peers to bring diversification to the table.


The first step is easy, where you imagine the outcome and start assuming about the end product. However, this first step is essential as it would give you a rough idea about your direction and where to end up and stop. The next step would be to develop a frame and give character to your work. The trick here is to add a tinge of simplicity in the boat of creativity by minimalizing the colors and setting the right typography with proportionate font size. The character of the design should be such that it can be re-done and remade, as one would require a lot of changes and adjustments in the designs in the later stage. It should be characterized in such a way that it does not hamper the user experience.


Once you start to know about your interest in the web designing field, your very first step should be to talk to your seniors or others in the same field to understand the demand and supply of the services in the market. You can’t enter the area all blank and expect a successful career out of it in the first go. It is an excellent habit to network with your peers and experts in your field, which would help you develop a perspective every time you discuss something new. It would also help you understand the next person’s viewpoint, which would serve as a boon to you while dealing with the client.


This skill would come in once you master the art of listening. It is vital to attentively listen while dealing with the client in order to understand the requirements thoroughly. If you start listening to the needs, it will automatically begin developing your perspective and draw a rough picture in your mind, which would help you question the same, in case of doubts. You cannot work on something you have not understood, or you have not developed a perspective on. This would also establish a one to one relationship with your client and would help you to stay aligned on the same page.


We all get tons of ideas every day for something we love. We always want to innovate and discover something new to achieve our goals along with that marginal utility of 1. However, when we start to work on that, we are not always able to present it correctly. This happens to everyone irrespective of the fields they are working in. This is where practicality meets theory. It is advisable to start jotting down your ideas in the form of a sketch or through simple bullet points. This will help you enhance your scope, every time you add something extra to it. We are used to pen and paper since we started our academic careers and not digital platforms. Try to use paper in the first place to jot down your ideas, and then proceed for the digital sketch. It would look a lot different but would also give you a rough idea as to what exactly you are looking for.


Experimenting with your designs not only helps you develop a new creation with new ideas but would also make you stand out from your competitors. You can experiment with typography, colors, layout schemes, icons, etc. Also, try to experiment and make a minimalistic design out of it, which is in demand as of now. For instance, if you can fit ten tabs under one navigation menu, then do not use it as bread crumbs. This will cut down on space and make it look broad and elegant.


It is rightly said- ‘Get the basics right, and everything else falls into place.’ Basics are basics for a reason. The basics would be required in every design you make in the world. For instance, the RGB model used by almost all artists to produce every possible color in the world. These are basic colors, and if not used, there would be no new color. In the same way, in web designing, if the typography, layout and color schemes are not followed correctly with the measurements and proportions, then there are high chances of it failing badly. It acts as a starting point for every design once we deviate from the main idea and helps you to come back and restart again from the beginning. 


Basic optimization includes SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing). This is not a part of the designing but is required to understand thoroughly before designing a website. The reason being, this is the techniques used by your client to get into the eyes of Google. This is the reason for the existence of the website. If the website is not created keeping in mind the search engines, then it would make no sense to build a website. It is better to have no website then to have a non-performing website, as it is an extra and recurring expense to your business.


Designing is a field full of experimentation and assumption. Most of the time, the end product turns out to be a lot different than it was imagined at the starting stage. Also, as a designer, you would always be unsure of your designs until it performs well. Having a Plan B always helps in this scenario. This will not only help you to analyze the loopholes of the plan A but would also help you save time in case the first plan fails, as the next step is already planned up in advance. You can read about the A/B Testing technique and understand how you can check the live performance of both the designs together.


Feedbacks are necessary. It is required at every stage of your designs as it would help you improve and present a better product in the market. It is advisable to take regular feedback on your designs from your peers and others prominent in this field, to get an idea about your mistakes. You can also receive input from a layman, and even that would turn out to be amazing as he or she would be an actual user of the product in real-time. You should consider critic feedback and positive feedback, in the same manner, to grow and design better.


This is the very first thing the designer needs to learn. It would come with time and experience. It comes with the job of a designer as it is tough to connect to the client’s perspective and your own at the same time and mix it well. You would get ‘N’ number of changes in the first few years, which would turn out to be your strength if practiced patiently. A few required changes don’t prove you to be a weak designer or a failure. It merely means that the thoughts of the clients are not aligned with your theories, being a layman in this field. You have the upper hand in this, and if taken positively, it would work like wonders for you. Also, you would need to practice a sense of patience while dealing with the clients to establish a long term relationship. Every time the client demands changes, just put your perspective and discuss it further. This will make the ideation process more fruitful. It is advisable not to deny or show back an angry response to the client even at 101st revision. This will make you stand out from others in your industry.

Now, as you know what all you need to become a successful designer, it is time to start practicing it to achieve your goals. The points are familiar and straightforward, which you already know but the main reason behind highlighting it in front of you before you dive deep into the designing is to help you understand the importance of everyday tangible and intangible things required for becoming a dedicated and successful web designer.

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20 Graphic Design Websites You Will Be Inspired From

Graphics designing has become the core of every industry from the past decade. The entire digital marketing concept is based on graphic designing. For every website we create, for every blog we post and for every Instagram post, we require graphics that speak for us. Top companies are identifying the needs of graphics and have started adopting them using the latest trends.

Nowadays, the story is conveyed in a better way through graphics and visuals being the only words. The old digital marketing companies are converting their past blogs into infographic formats to re-use and update their information section.
The world is transferring from a digital to a designing world. Everything in the coming years will involve designing. The form, the shape, the structure, the words, the ideas, the thoughts, everything around us in the kind of content would involve designing. The next era is based on design and not just digital as design widely requires innovation, which has a high need in the world. Here, we are listing 20 graphic design websites that will inspire you to go to the next level and understand how important design is for our sustainable growth.

Stolen goods are a straightforward, colorful, and elegant website, which is a kind of studio website. As we enter the website, it greets us with a hello and takes us through the website with a simple call to action button – ‘Take a look around.’ As we go further, we find a very subtle page bread crumbs defining the purpose and information of each page. It is a small one-page website. The footer contains all the social media pages and blog sections, to help the users connect to the website owner easily for work.

If you lack the color enthusiasm, the original boom will help you to get inspired in multiple ways. It has a very vibrant and clean user interface with a simple name of the website on the top. It does not involve any logo yet looks elegant. It has a search button on the top, which helps the users to find relevant information and a menu on the top right to help the users navigate efficiently. The blogs are segregated in the form of image boxes of various sizes, making it all look cheerful and vibrant. It is an art to build a website that is stuffed with multiple colors as well as makes it look clean and straightforward for visitors to use smoothly.

Maya Ealey is one of the most smartly created websites so far. It is a simple one-page website, which represents the information through the color bars on the home page. As you click through each color bar, it shows different information in the form of a portfolio. It has a small yet creative geometric-inspired logo at the top. It also has a menu bar on the top right, which helps the users to navigate through the information quickly. The designer has used the space very wisely and has made a difference in the viewpoint of the users. It is highly responsive.

Mirador is an abstractly designed website. It is well segregated through different pastel colors blocks along with black as the significant middle block. It has all the features of a designer website as it includes the works in a very well defined manner. The logo is simple yet creative with the use of lines and other culinary objects. It has a link button on the top which allows the users to like its Facebook page directly. It is a tremendous one-page website that shows all the designs on a single page, eliminating the hassle of scrolling to different web pages.

Hello Monday is a true inspiration to every user even on Tuesday or Saturday: P. It is a great animated website with different animations on every scroll. It has a very smooth scroll which gives a satisfying user experience to the visitors. It has a scroll up and down menu on the right-hand side of the website, which allows the users to scroll quickly to different information. It also has a menu on the top left, which provides the users with the overall knowledge of the user.

It is one of the most informational websites with multi-functionality. It is a type of portfolio website which inspires the users in multiple ways. It has a simple white logo that changes its background color as we scroll down to the image blocks. A unique feature of this website is the ‘S AND L’ icon on the top right corner. It shows that the image blocks can be viewed in both the sizes, giving an open choice to the users. It also has a clean bread crumbs section that has information about the entire website as well as social media icons in the same line.

Cuberto has an Amoeba kind of animation on the home page, which glues the attention of the users in the first go. It has a colorful yet straightforward structure. The design consistency is throughout the website, which inspires the users in various ways. It has a menu bar on the top right corner, which helps the users to find the relevant information is quick time, thus saving their browsing time. It is highly responsive in spite of having much high-resolution animation on the page.

Made by folk is a vibrant website with a hidden meaning in the home page art. The website is created in a very sarcastic way, making the users think and realize specific issues of society in a humorous way. It has a very creative all- white logo on the top which itself is enough for the inspiration. It has a search and cart button on the top right, which helps the users to search and purchase without any hassle. The typography compliments the color scheme of the website very well.

Hicks is a very quirky website like its domain name. It has a funny vector image on the home page, which makes it look like a happy and creative website. It is a great one-page website full of comic images. Each comic represents a story of its own. It has a well-segregated menu on the left, which provides information relating to work, journals, and goodie bag offers as well as contact details to help the users connect to them quickly. It also has social media icons right on the home page, which works as a clear call to action for the users.

Studio & More is very crisp and to the point website. It is just one screen length website which has all the required information needed by the users. It has a simple animation in the middle of the website, defining the purpose of the website. It has four menus in the four corners of the website, which allows the users to connect to them quickly as well as know about their work in the best possible way. The designer has also smartly incorporated the social media icons in the footer of the website.

Kanyegg is a medium one-page website that has multiple features associated. It has an amusing animated logo on the top which represents the ideation behind the name. It also has an animated egg image in the middle of the home page, which gives a clear message of their purpose to the users. The entire website is based on photo blocks that provide information about a particular topic or design. It is inspired by Studio & more and has a similar structure like three menus on three sides of the home page. It has about us section on the top right corner, and a work portfolio menu on the bottom left corner with a social media menu on the bottom right corner.

Alice lee is a graphic design inspiration in all ways. It starts with an animation on the entire home page with clean bread crumbs at the top. It has a small dog in its logo, which makes it look creative. It has all the work displayed on the website, allowing the users to access immediately. It has a well-defined footer with complete information on the website on one side. It has a subscription box at the end of the website to reach more users personally.

Just creative is a long one-page website. It is as innovative as its name. It is a portfolio plus a business website that has all the information about the owner’s work as well as the company’s work. It has a brief footer that displays the entire information of the website under one tree. It has a search menu along with the main drop-down titles to help the users find their relevant information. The blogs are displayed in the middle of the website with bog icons, serving as a form of call-to-action button along with guiding information.

Dieline starts with a monochrome theme and ends with a highly radiant idea. The unique factor in the website is the typography. It has a new style of font which is consistent through the website, may it be blogs or any headings. The menu is displayed on the right-hand side in the middle of the home page, which makes the use clear for the visitor. It also has a login and register option in case the users would like to be a part of the member community.

Amy hood has a straightforward and elementary design. It is a great one-page website. It has bread crumbs on the top, which enables the users to directly dive into the needed information without wasting much of their time. The testimonials section is a USP of this website. The testimonial section inspires the users to hire graphic services quickly, forming a trustworthy engagement.

The art of the menu website is an art in itself. It is precisely designed in the form of menus, making the user wonder and stick to its front page for hours. It has excellent typography, which exactly compliments the overall website layout. It just has nine blocks of images which define its entire work and purpose. It has a total of 104 pages, and the user can jump to any pages with just a scroll. It has a clear disclaimer of about their services in the footer section.

It starts with showcasing its most creative side. It is a portfolio website that portrays its mission and works through the owner’s image itself, leaving no ground for doubts. It is a small one-page website. This website shows uniquely the latest work done by the company. It is very crisp and clear. The same information is mentioned in the header as well as a footer for the users to follow.

Yellow trace has a little tinge of yellow on the website. It has a clear tagline- ‘Design inspiration & resources for creative & curious minds.’ Defining its motto. The review work is displayed right on the top of the website, thus inspiring users in multiple ways. It has a consistent social media icons on the left-hand corner of the website, which serves as a clear call to action button for networking and interacting with the users through social platforms.

Eye magazine is a kind of website which mesmerizes the users. It is a graphic magazine website that allows different graphic designers to portray their works and skills in a single platform. It has a simple logo that defines its name and purpose clearly. It is a small one-page website with the information menu right on the top of the website. It also has a search button that helps the users find a particular magazine or work.

Rene Agudelo is a blue and grey colored theme studio website. It has a simple ‘A’ initial logo with attractive typography. It has a testimonial section right in the middle of the website, which attracts the users through the brands the owner has worked with. As we move further, it shows large blocks of images that display the work of the company very precisely. On top of the website, it also has a dribble account option that takes the users directly to the owner’s dribble account. Apart from these facilities, it is highly responsive.

Here we end with our handpicked 20 graphic design websites for inspiration. The most important aspect which brings these websites in the top 20 is the UX/UI features, flexibility, and unique display ideas. As a designer, your website is your main portfolio for the clients. Next, the time you design a website, make sure you have at least one creative factor from the above websites.

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19 Modern Website Design Examples to Learn From

With many websites online today, you would think that the possibility of coming across a website that looks attractive, functions properly and contains useful elements is high, but the reality is different. Many websites are online today, but not all have the modern website design that you want to learn from or be inspired by. Such sites push boundaries to stand out in the market, and many organizations make it a point to highlight their modern websites.

The design aesthetic, interactivity, sound design, usability, and value a site provides should be the best irrespective of the industry it’s built for. Along with all this, the site should be able to boost conversions. We have gathered a list of 20 modern website designs you can learn from to create your own unique and modern website:

Feed is a platform for property right and payment that allows users to gain true ownership of their data and IP. The site is well-built and has an interesting concept for scroll function. The website provides a rich user interface. The site has a stunning execution that breaks traditional website design rules. They have created a great mix of animation, video, and graphics to make their site engaging. They have smartly placed their call to action button at the end of the homepage along with great effects. The visual impact of the site is unique.

Mikiya Kobayashi is a furniture designer from Japan. His site displays his projects in a minimalistic way. The site is clean and organized. The navigation bar is on the left and right side of the homepage, which is quite unusual. The left one consists of more of his personal information while the right one is designed for business purposes. The site is aesthetically pleasing with his simple product photographs placed in an organized manner. The site is created in Japanese; however, it can be translated into English, showing international scalability.

Woven is a publication that encourages artists to showcase their work on this platform. They have used a white background and easy-to-read fonts, making the site look organized. The site is free of distractions such as pop-up ads. They have made good use of negative space on their website and highlighted the content. They have hidden all necessary action buttons in the navigation bar. The homepage is aesthetically pleasing, and the footer includes all the details about the site. They have used high-quality images on their website, which enhances the look of the site.

They have placed their call-to-action button in the header, which makes it easily accessible. This shows they care about the time of their visitors and want to provide service right away without wasting any time. Along with this, they have also mentioned their special offers on the welcome page for attracting customers. As you scroll down the homepage, you will find other services that they offer one by one. They have placed their contact details at the end of the welcome page, making it easier for visitors to contact them.

They made good use of a double navigation bar providing maximum usability. The first navigation bar has everything related to purchasing products, while the second one is created for visitors to get more details about the company. The site also has an option to change the language, which is excellent for targeting worldwide audiences. They have also used a chat function on the homepage making it easier for the visitors to solve their queries. They have displayed their products on the homepage along with original photography based around their coffee products.

They have made good use of animations in their header image. The site is built around a cartoon theme, including a fun video on the homepage. On the homepage, they have given a brief description of their company and who they want to work with. Just like other websites, they have added their contact information in the footer. Visitors can also learn about their projects in detail on the website. The navigation bar is kept simple with displaying just a button to explore more. They have focused on user engagement while designing their website.

They have designed a minimalistic site making good use of neutral colors in the theme of the website. The site looks classy because of the way graphics are used. They have created a homepage to provide details about their projects. The footer has all the necessary information like contact number, email address, and social handles. The navigation bar only appears on request while utilizing all the space to display their work. The site is available in English and French allowing them to target more people. They have found the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality in their site.

The welcome page offers a bunch of interesting, informative videos to keep their visitors engaged. As you scroll through their homepage, you will find more information about their culture. At the end of the homepage, you will find information about their services. The navigation bar is hidden under three lines on the top left corner giving more space for other elements on the homepage. They have designed the site to translate in 9 major languages making it easy for people around the world to access their site. They have placed two elements on the welcome page that provide unique insights about their brand.

They have tactfully placed their call-to-action button in the center of the welcome page. This attracts the attention of the visitors. When you scroll further down on the homepage, you will find more information about their goal. They have also mentioned their ongoing events on the homepage of the website. They have utilized original photographs to make the site look familiar and approachable. The color scheme of the website includes a yellow color that is a symbol of happiness. They have kindly mentioned details about their supporters.

They have designed an innovative header image that describes their area of work. The call-to-action buttons are highlighted using contrasting colors. The animation added on the welcome page is fascinating and makes the visitors more interested in browsing through the site. They have explained every service in brief on the homepage itself. They have also included the list of their clients that helps users’ trust their brand. They have made it a point to mention addresses of each location along with their respective numbers so that users can find a location near them.

As the name suggests the theme of the site is based on chocolate as they have used brown color primarily in the site. They have uniquely used graphics and scroll functions to display their range of different flavors of chocolate. The background of every theme highlights the ingredients used in that specific chocolate. This helps users make an informed decision.  Also, the footer is designed big enough to fit all the contact information in detail. However, the navigation bar is hard to read as the text is aligned to the right.

They have used a fantastic welcome video to attract users’ attention along with a one-line introduction. The navigation bar is simple and contains necessary actions. The theme of the site is classic as the color scheme is black and white. As you scroll through the homepage, you understand more about the brand and its services. They have used high-quality images to display their aesthetic. The homepage also consists of the clients they have worked with. In the footer, they have mentioned their address and email id.

They take a bold approach while displaying their content. The website is divided into grids featuring different inspirational personalities. The color scheme of the website includes green, black, and white, which makes the website look simple. The website seems interactive and fascinating with large-high-quality images. They have a box at the end of the website where visitors can provide their emails to get regular updates. The navigation bar is missing on the top; it is placed in the footer of the website. Not many sites use this approach.

He has used the black and white color scheme in the site with bits of bright colors. He has designed the website is a unique way. The navigation bar is placed on the right, and the text is aligned to the right as well. The site looks like a computer with typography in digital fonts. He has made good use of bright colored images to break the monotonicity of the site. The site has displayed text with strikethrough making the site stand out. He has designed the site to encourage visitors to stay and explore on his site.

The welcome page on the site has a fun original video showcasing their work in video marketing. The call-to-action button is placed in the center of the website in a bright color to emphasize on it. The navigation bar is simple; however, it includes all the necessary sections. The site is mobile-responsive, which allows them to increase their reach. The homepage consists of lots of information about their customers, services, and approach. They have shown statistics on their website so that people know their credibility in their niche.

They have interestingly used high-quality photos on the welcome page to attract visitor’s attention. The navigation is designed to be accessed on users’ requests. Hence, space is fully utilized for showcasing their products and features on the webpage. The homepage consists of a series of exciting sections keeping the visitors engaged. At the end of the page, they have placed their call-to-action button, which is not the most converting place on a webpage. They have used green as an accent color in the theme of their website.

He has built this site to showcase his fantastic photography. The site has a minimalistic approach with lots of negative space to keep the main content highlighted. The site does not have much functionality; however, the photographs are enough to build the aesthetic of the site. The navigation bar is placed on the right side of the display, making it accessible to the visitors. Once you select one of the displayed photographs, the site will take you to the main content page that has a series of related images and text. If you want to know more about him, you can select the “about” section placed on the navigation bar.

He has created a dark theme for his website, along with a welcome page that consists of interesting graphics. He has used the homepage to display highlights of his work. There are a total of 7 slides, each showing different projects. The design of the website is minimalistic. He hasn’t included many elements just his work, email id and about section aligned to the right. The site could certainly use more elements to improve the functionality of the website; however, the design is quite out of the box.

The site has a series of amazing high-quality images showcasing their work on the homepage. The “view project” option is placed at the bottom left so that people can know more about their work. You can even look at images related to the project if you click on the right or left arrow. The site has a classic white background to make pictures the point of attraction. The site does not contain any unnecessary elements making it easy to use. The contact details can be found by clicking on the lines placed at the top right corner.

These modern website designs are perfect for inspiring you to build your unique website. However, you should not try to copy other people’s designs. You should get motivated by these examples and create unique color schemes, graphics, animation, navigation bar, etc. It’s also a good idea to check the speed of your website and make it mobile friendly as well. Follow some simple web designing rules and add your creativity where possible to give your site a fantastic and modern user experience.

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7 Trending Cool Fonts for Your New Website

When visitors come to your website, they go through your text as it is the primary source of information. So while creating content, you should consider using innovative fonts that encourage people to stay and explore on your website. Fonts can also bring out the overall aesthetic value of your content. They make it easy for you to communicate with your users because certain fonts can decide the tone of the website.

Visitors can easily understand what your website or business is about by looking at your content if the fonts are used properly. Fonts also establish information hierarchy on the site, so visitors know what is essential and what can be skipped. Specific fonts attract users’ attention while making the information prominent. Here are seven trending, cool fonts that will make your website look attractive:

PampaType designed Reforma for Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina which a 400-year-old educational institution. Reforma consists of 3 subfamilies namely Reforma 2018 (a modern sans), Reforma 1918 (a classic Serif) and Reforma 1969 (an intermediate hybrid) that integrates the qualities of the other two.  All of these come in 3 weights along with matching italics. This is a straightforward font that works well with a wide range of bodies. If you want to use it for body text, you can pair Reforma with its serif counterpart. However, if you want something unique for your title, you could use it with another creative serif.

Adrien Midzic designed Gangster Grotesk. It is a modern grotesque with angled strokes that are curved inwards. Because of this quirky design, the fonts bring significant attention to headlines and posters if used in large sizes. It is excellent for giving a creative twist to a professional website. Its condensed width and low contrast make it an excellent choice for body text as well as other small size texts. The typeface comes in 3 weights with stylistic alternatives. For using it in titles, you can use Gangster Grotesk with low x-height serifs such as FF Atma. On the other hand, if you want to use it for body or small-sized text, you can pair it with Le Murmure.

VG5000 is named after a computer that was created in 1984 by Philips. It is a mixture of old and new digital shapes. VG5000 combines pixelated line and curved strokes. It also comes with early pictograms and emojis from its original set, offering unique combinations. Furthermore, this typeface includes gender-inclusive characters such as “iel” for the French language. Because of the pixelated details in VG5000, you need to be careful while pairing it with other usual fonts. You can pair VG5000 with a monospaced font like League Mono. You can even pair it with a serif or sans version of input such as ETC Trispace.

Florian Karsten found Space Grotesk, a geometric sans serif. It is derived from Space Mono that is a monospaced typeface that was designed by Colophon Foundry in 2016 for Google Fonts. Space Grotesk is a well-spaced font that comes in 5 weights. Along with five weights, it also has five sets of alternate letters, namely Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, and Bold. The 3rd one is great to create distinctive headlines. Space Grotesk can be used for bold headlines as well as body text depending on how you pair it. The most obvious pairing of Space Grotesk would be with Space Mono as it is derived from this font. Apart from this font, you can also pair it with pointy serif with sharp details like Wremena or Fortescue.

The Type Directors Club recently awarded Le Murmure a Certificate of Typographic Excellence. It was created by a French design agency called Murmure to renovate its brand image. It is a condensed sans serif with angled strokes at the terminal. It has an exciting mismatch between each character, making it distinctive for large sizes. You can use Le Murmure to display creativity and convey notions of experimentation as its height and singularity of shapes provide elegance. Le Murmure has a stylistic set that randomizes the alternatives. For titles, you can use Le Murmure with sans serif that has warm curves such as Standard CT or a font with more pronounced irregularities such as Dinoma’s Prophet.

Roman Gornitsky designed Wremena. It was issued by Moscow based foundry Typefaces. It is a serif typeface that was developed based on a typeface called Vremena. The design was modified to add sharper angles and more pronounced triangular serif that are more visible in heavyweights. It is available in three styles, namely light, regular and bold with support for Cyrillic and Latin scripts. This font is very similar to Times New Roman, and so it can be used as a more contemporary alternative. You can use Wremena with Nowie Vremena as they both are sans serif. Also, it can be paired with Steinbeck that has intentional irregularities for titles.

Syne was designed in 2017 by Bonjour Monde for the art center Synesthésie close to Paris, France. It has five distinctive styles, namely Syne Regular (a geometric sans), Syne Extra (wide and heavyweight), Syne Bold, Syne Mono, and Syne Italic. You can use Syne Extra for headlines as it is wide enough to catch visitor’s attention. Similarly, you can use Syne Regular for body text, making the text readable for the visitors. This typeface can be paired with various styles depending on the style you choose. However, make sure you balance the width and weight while pairing fonts.

All of these fonts are free, so they are perfect for a web developer with low or no budget. However, you should consider the distinctive styles for title and body in your content. Some fonts work well with others, but some create a bold statement alone. Hence you should pair fonts carefully to make the text stand out. An excellent tip to effectively match fonts is to look through the library of a typeface created by the same designer.

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20 School Website Design Examples for Learning Institutions

Having a website for any business is very crucial for the online presence of the company. When it comes to having a school website, the site must be made in such a way that it can convince the visitors. Your website visitors will either be parents, students, or alumni. Your website is a digital asset for your school or institute, so make sure your website is user-friendly and provide aesthetic usability, interactivity, and creativity.

A school website should also have Appealing CTA’s, clear navigation, be mobile-friendly, have a news section, welcoming quotes, videos, images, adequate information regarding the school, an About Us page, and a part of information about current and past events of the school. A responsive school website design can bring more applicants and visitors to your site as your website creates the first impression of your school. So if you want a good impression of your school, then your site must have all those elements which are mentioned above. Here are some examples of fantastic school website design. The following school websites will definitely inspire you, and you can use these design as inspiration when designing a school website:

The Children’s Centre is a pre-school website. The website design is vibrant and juvenile. The quotes are inspiring. On the homepage, big and bold images are there that are shown using a slideshow. The site is straightforward. Once you open the site, all the essential information regarding the school is given, on the homepage itself. The site feels comfortable and suitable for any pre-school website. The color theme is beautiful, and so it enhances the site look. You can go to other links attached to the site like “Take a Tour” or any other link. For further information like the events, activities, other primary pages are also there. Overall, the site is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Little Dolphins website has done amazing work on their site. From aesthetic site design to the illustrative work, everything is done correctly. The site consists of many sections. Still, it’s not looking cluttered at all. On the homepage, images of different events have been shown through multi-media slideshow. The use of images is done creatively. The site look is vibrant and playful. The site has parallax scrolling, which is enhancing the look of the website. Plenty of information is featured on different sections of the site regarding the events and curricular activities, so one can quickly get all the information on the homepage itself. The CTA’s are big and bold. The site has a drop-down menu in the header section so one can quickly get whatever information they want. Overall, the site has correctly done many things. The site is engaging and attractive. Colors are playing an essential role in enhancing the site look.

The website of Rochester institute has an intense look. The color theme is bold and eye-catchy. The site has a slideshow on the homepage which tells you why you should choose them. They have given all the necessary information. Also, the CTA on the top right side is big and bold so that visitors can quickly get in touch with them. The site consists of the drop-down menu so that visitors can get detailed information about the institute and classroom and regarding other things. One can easily find the contact details at the end so that visitors can connect with them easily. Overall, the site is simple.

Rhode Island is a school of design. As it’s the school of design, the site design has to be attractive and visually appealing. The site has a black theme which makes the site look dark and intense. The images used are colorful and complementing the black color scheme of the website. The CTA’s are placed at the center so the visitors can not ignore them. The images are playing a significant role in the site as it is enhancing the site look. A different section of the site consists of important information regarding upcoming events, exhibitions, and portfolios. Other primary pages are also attached for detail information.

The Scad website has a creative background image on its homepage. The CTA’s are big and bold and are placed on the header section of the homepage. The site has a drop-down menu to give detail information about the university. The homepage has different sections where information regarding the upcoming events is provided. Overall, the site design is simple yet classy.

The award-winning website has an aesthetic design. One thing which makes this site different is the virtual structure of the university shown, and the point of interest of the tourists is shown on the homepage. On the top left side, the site has featured its achievements that makes a good impression of its university. A link is also attached to the right side of “play video” to have a look at the entire university. Visitors can have a virtual tour of the locations which is being shown in the header section of the homepage. Beautiful images are being featured on the site. The color theme is complementing the font style.

Our house is a pre-school website. The site design is juvenile and vibrant. The site has parallax scrolling, which is enhancing the look of the site. The font style is big and bold. The entire site has images of children. The different section of the site gives information about the school and testimonial section is also there to build the trust of the visitors. The site consists of other primary pages like contact, online payment, etc.

DE LA SALLE’s website has featured so many things on their site. The website design is excellent. The site has given information about the different activities of the school through multi-media slideshow. The content is good. Plenty of information is provided on the site. They also have a news section. One can quickly get to know about the mission and other detail information regarding the school. On the top right side of the site, the quick links option is there to get important details quickly. The site consists of other primary pages. The images used are big, bold, and high-quality.

Georgia Tech’s site design is subtle and classy. The images are featured with the attached links. With just one click, visitors can get detail information about the institute. The site has a drop-down menu, which makes it easier for visitors to get information about different categories quickly. CTA’s are there on every section of the website. The news section is also there on the site’s homepage. The color theme is attractive. Overall, the site is designed simple yet effective. The navigation was correctly placed.

Stanford is an institute of art the homepage has a slow-motion silent video of an art piece. The video is attractive. On the homepage, the links are attached to the images of the different exhibitions held at the campus and links of many other topics related to art is also being attached to the photos. The #MadeAtStanfort page is excellent, and the page theme gives the site a dark and intense look. Moreover, the entire page consists of many pictures and videos. The other primary pages there for the students, faculty, and visitors. The search option is there on the top right side so that visitors can directly type and search for the information they want.

Austin Children’s Academy’s website design is lively and exciting. The site is very engaging. The navigation is clear. The color theme is enhancing the site look. The CTA’s are appealing and are placed on almost every section of the site. The design of the logo is going with the site theme. The site has used large and attractive images on its homepage. There is a blog, video gallery, and photo gallery section on the website to get more information regarding the activities and events happening in the school. The footer consists of four categories that show about their programs, Sign-up CTA for Newsletter and about the contact details.

Biola university’s website is designed well. The site has made good use of images. The CTA’s are appealing and are placed on almost every section of the website. The site has parallax scrolling in it, which makes the site look decent. The images are playing a significant role on the website. The color theme is bright and attractive. The color theme and font style are complementing each other. It allows visitors to have a virtual tour of their campus. In the footer, all the links are present including about us, tuitions, News & events, and many more things attached for detailed information.

Hilliard Davidson School’s website has plenty of information on its website from Quick links to Upcoming events. Everything is given on the site. The site has a lot of content. A blog section is also there on the homepage. The good thing is they have a Daily Announcement section on the left side to keep their visitors updated. For more information, other primary pages are also there. CTA’s are placed on every part of the site.

Chapel Hill is a children’s school. It’s a one-page responsive website. The website is straightforward. All the quick-links are attached on the homepage. Brief information is given about the school. The site design is joyful. And the images are shown through multi-media slideshow. The color theme is vibrant and delighted. The navigation is easy to use. For detail information, other primary pages are also there.

Queen Anne’s is a school for girls only. The site has a stunning design. Large images are shown through a slide show. The photos used are of high quality. The CTA’s are alluring and are placed on almost every section of the site. The images are playing a significant role in enhancing the site look. All the information about the school and its curricular activities is there on the home page itself. Videos are also placed to show the activities done. The News and Events section is also there on the homepage.

Mater Dei school’s website design is marvelous. The large images are featured on the homepage through a slide show. The site theme is lively and exciting. The color theme is enhancing the site look. The CTA’s are big and bold and are placed on every section of the site. On the homepage, there is a section where the number of students at their school is mentioned. Overall, the site is engaging and user-friendly.

Black spine school’s website has done many things in the right manner. The site design is descent. The images are big and bold. The site has an adequate amount of information about the school. The has parallax scrolling, which enhances the site look. The CTA’s are big and bold. The testimonials are shown through videos. The site has given all the information about how they work and why one should choose them. Overall, the site is engaging and has an excellent user experience. The color theme is classy.

The Westfield school’s website has plenty of information on its site. The theme is bold and beautiful. The site design is going with the theme. All the other links are attached to the header section of the homepage. Site navigation is clear.

The bush school has a silent video on its website, which gives information about the curricular activities and other academics information about the school. For more information, the inks are attached for the information about summer programs, lunchtime, and many other things. The color theme is calm and pleasant.

New Hampton School has featured many videos on its site for giving information about the school. The site design is astonishing. The site has a drop-down menu so that anyone can easily find the detail information.

Having a good design for a school website is very important as it will bring more applicants to your school and will build your school image. So take inspiration from these examples and create your unique school website.

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15 Website Design Ideas to Create an Awesome Design

In this Digital era, having a website for your company or business is very common. But does your website have interactive and creative design? Does your website have those design elements that make your site engaging? Your site must consist of innovative, eye-catchy design elements that can make your site stand out, as it will help you bring more clients to your business. Many people don’t know how much their business sales and brand awareness will increase if their site is responsive and consists of all the right design elements on their website.

There is so much competition on the internet. Everyone wants the best website for their business, but very few have the best website which is responsive, user-friendly and consists of all the design elements and illustrative work on their site. The site design can bring surprising results for your business. Here are 15 best examples of website designs that have pushed the boundaries to make their site unique and at the same time effective in their respective fields.

Feed music has a fascinating concept. Their homepage is very attractive. They have brilliantly executed the design and other usability elements. The site gives you great user experience. The site has a great combination of animation and videos, which enhances the look of the website. The graphics are hands down the best thing on their website. The site is very engaging. You can find anything, on their homepage itself. Once you reach the footer two CTA’s are there one learns more, and the other one is scheduling a meeting. These CTA’s are a great way of creating engagement on the site. Overall the site looks stunning. The site has a dark theme. The graphics and website design work like a cherry on the cake for the website.

Make your money matter is an organization whose website has a vibrant and joyful vibe. The site is very engaging, and the animations used are just amazing. The site uses parallax scrolling. It will take you on a journey, and through that, they will tell what their mission is and how they work. They have shown this journey by using different design elements. It’s unique how they have given information and benefits of why one should invest. Through their animation and site design, anyone can get convince, and anyone can easily get inspired by their site design. Because of the animation and other illustrative work, the site is very engaging, and anyone will enjoy it while scrolling. In the end, the CTA is appealing, and it’s an excellent way for engagement and converting their visitors into customers.

Media Boom is a digital marketing agency. Their site design is classy and elegant. The color theme of black and orange is very eye-catchy and gives the site a very stylish look. They have used silent video on their homepage, which is suitable for the site’s engagement. And the CTA’s are placed in the header and other sections of the homepage so that it can’t be ignored and the visitor can quickly get in touch with them. The site also has a chat room on their homepage so that visitors can communicate with them. The content on different sections of the website gives adequate information about how they work and about their agency.

Thred Up is an e-commerce website where the site design is vibrant and elegant. The site is doing many things in the right manner. From the logo to the images, everything is perfect. The discount section is there in the header section to attract visitors. They have made good use of images. The site is interactive and hence, engaging. The colors they have used are enhancing the look of the site. As an e-commerce website, the good thing about the site is its navigation is self-explanatory, and you can find any category of clothes and accessories easily. The site gives sufficient information about their store and what makes them different from others.

Simply chocolate’s website will make your mouth water as their website design is excellent. The images are big and bold, and the site has parallax scrolling, which enhances the site look. The site has a great user experience. Because of its design and technical elements, the site is engaging. The typography is big and bold. They have shown all the categories of chocolate they sell through the parallax scrolling and big, bright images of their product. The good thing is they have given detail information about the ingredients and nutritions of their product in a very creative manner. They also have other primary pages for more details. On can easily take inspiration from this site as their site is designed well. Everything on their site will give you a sweet and chocolaty feel, and you will enjoy scrolling.

Agora gallery’s website design has a simple yet classy design. What makes them different is that they provide the virtual visitor tour of their gallery on their homepage. You can see different types of paintings and the place where these paintings are attached. As it’s an art gallery, images play an essential role in their site. They have given information about the art gallery, about their paintings and blogs section on their homepage. The navigation is clear and primary pages are also there for collectors, upcoming exhibitions and the artists.

Many sites look very cluttered, as they put a lot of information on their site. But on some business websites, it is necessary to write plenty of information about their business and about other curricular activities they do. Stink studio is a creative studio, and they have put plenty of information about their projects and clients. However, it does not look messy at all. Their site design is customized, and they have used big and bold images to give further information about their projects. They have made good use of images. The photos are vibrant, big, and attractive. Any site who wants to add plenty of information on their website can take inspiration from this site.

Overflow website is a design tool that helps the business to make story-like flow diagram designs of their product so that their customers can easily understand the product. The website shows how the tool works through a video. The site’s logo is eye-catchy. The site design is attractive. The call-to-actions can’t be ignored as they are placed at the center of the homepage. The CTA’s are big and bold. The CTA is there throughout the website. The color scheme is attractive. Testimonials are also there on their site to build the trust of the visitors.

Crazy egg site helps you to reach your website goals. From heatmaps to A/B testing the site provides you everything. There is social proof on the subhead for their branding and good impression. On the homepage, the results are shown about how many websites use crazy egg so that visitors get to know how many people trust a crazy egg. The site has egg bot on their homepage to chat with the visitors; through this, anyone can easily communicate with them. The good thing is on their home page in the header section there is an option for a 30-day free trial, and you can cancel the subscription anytime. This will attract any visitor. Overall, the site is engaging as their homepage encourages the visitors to plug in their URL.

Adel Vakula is a famous international model from Ukraine. She has her promotional website where an animated version of her is displayed. The site is a visual treat for the visitors as the animations, and the illustrative work is fantastic. The different looks of the model have been portrayed. Moreover, the site has used parallax scrolling in which the background images are big, bold, and beautiful. The website is customized and is built on WordPress CMS. The most interesting UI interesting element is where you can drag and drop the outfits. The site is very engaging. Each section has stunning images of the model. You can have a look in the gallery section where all her pictures are there of different photoshoots. Overall, the site is unique and rare. The illustrative work is magnificent.

L’Oursin is a restaurant website. The website design is simple and classy. The images are playing an essential role on their site. They have given information on almost everything, from address, hours of operation, corkage to parking. All the data is provided on their homepage. Visitors can get information just by opening the site. Also on the left side, an online booking option is there so that they can easily convert site visitors into site customers. The images are big and bold. The color theme is simple yet attractive.

Roll park’s website design is just amazing. The homepage includes the video where they show how they work and about their business. The site has also attached the link of other primary pages like why choose roll park? A very good feature of this site is that they have explained their way of work through animations so that visitors can understand it easily. The animations make the site engaging and enhance the site look. The color theme and the font are complementing each other. The site also has appealing CTA’s.

The Healthline website homepage consists of all the articles related to health. There is plenty of information given on different topics related to health. On their homepage, there is a menu of health topics and their tools. One can click on their choice of health topic and get detail information about a particular topic. Despite featuring a lot of information, the site does not look cluttered at all. They also have bold CTA on the top of their website and another CTA in the footer for more information.

The newness website design is subtle. The black and white color theme goes with the site theme. They have a video on their homepage and have other primary pages, which include series and topics. An exciting aspect of the website is that all the blog content is videos. The entire site consists of video blog content. These videos make the site engaging and give a great user experience. The footer section has CTA’s like “subscribe,” “Become a Member” this is a great way to build community and email list.

Green Mountain’s website has a pleasant vibe. You can easily understand what their mission is. They have put in the time to design the site. The site has parallax scrolling. There is a link to play video. There is a short video that encourages the visitor to sign-up. There is detail information in the different sections on the homepage about their projects how they work and testimonials. Moreover, they also have an app of their own, so they have attached the link to download their app. One cannot ignore their CTA’s as they are appealing. The color theme goes with the type of business they have. The content is good, and the site is engaging. They have given sufficient information about customers, marketing, and other details on their homepage itself.

The websites shown above are one of the best examples for designing a website in their respective fields through which you can take inspiration and improve your website. Good website design plays a vital role because if your site is attractive and unique so that the website has a good brand recall. Sooner or later, the visitor will surely become your customer.

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20 Perfect Attorney Web Design Examples for Lawyers & Law Firms

Making an attractive and user-friendly website is essential for any website, whether it’s an e-commerce website, a blog, or a law firm website. However, as a law firm website, your site design should be designed in such a manner that your users can use it with the utmost ease.

A law firm must convey the right message to the users. A good law site has effective designs so that it sets it apart from others. A good site focuses on the speed of the site, high-value customer, excellent theme, and one where users can quickly get what they want. Based on these conditions, we have shortlisted some of the best examples of law websites.

Following are the examples of some of the top law website designs:

Arnold & Itkin LLP is a law website which looks attractive because of the images, fonts, and their color combination. Moreover, on their websites, you can quickly know who they are and what their mission is, and they have conveyed the right message through their site flow. They have shown testimonials through videos, which is excellent. Their site has an engaging call to action so that visitors can easily communicate with the users. Overall it provides a unique user experience, and one can smoothly go through their site.

West Coast Trial Lawyers have everything on their website. The first look of the website is impressive as they have attached YouTube videos from at the top the website to know more about them, and putting video is a great idea. On the very first page, they have shown their achievements to attract the user. It’s a great way to create engagement. Further, they have put all the information about what they offer to their clients, what their strategy is, and what makes them unique. They have also put reviews of their clients through videos and included an engaging call to action. They have put their contact numbers almost everywhere on their site so that the user can easily get in touch with them. They also have an FAQ section on their site so that the queries can easily be solved. Overall, they have attractive images, videos. Users’ queries can easily be addressed; site navigation is excellent, their site is linked with other social media platforms also which is good for awareness of their site.

W3IP LAW is a Sydney based law firm their website has a very sophisticated look. They have also put a video where they have given brief about their work. Through that video, only the users can quickly get the idea about the firm. Users will easily get everything on one page as all the necessary information is available there. The site navigation, along with user experience is pleasant. They have also designed specific icons for various options on the website, which makes it look attractive.

YLAW Group’s website looks creative as they have used Slide share. Through Slide share, they have given a brief about what they do. Moreover, they have shown their achievements, contact details, and linked their site with other social media platforms so that people get aware of their firm and can easily get in touch with them. They have used good quality of images and have excellent site navigation. They have also given information about their firm on the welcome page itself. They have highlighted their areas of working on the homepage along with other advantages that make them stand out.

The look of this website is different from others as the preview is impressive you can go through all the essential sections of the site by scrolling. The effects given to the scroll function is good enough. They have a great welcome video that can grab people’s attention easily. You can customize your search based on location. They have included essential sections such as practices, people, the firm, culture, insights, and more. Overall the site looks attractive and quite impressive and has a great user experience.

When you open this attorney site, they have kept a video regarding what their goal is and what their thoughts are regarding their work. So through this, it’s a good way to give information to your users about your firm’s thoughts. Moreover, they have shown the blogs they have written to create engagement and about the events so that people should know about the work they have done and where they stand in their community. You will also find useful sections like industry focus, lawyers, practices, cases, and more on the navigation bar. The floating navigation bar is a smart way to increase the user interface of the website.

This law firm website has a very colorful yet stylish look as the coding is done in such a way that all the details regarding the firm are arranged systematically and look attractive because of its colors. The navigation bar is placed on the left side, which is not usually found on websites. They have also smartly incorporated previews of the sections on the navigation bar to provide brief information about each section to save users time. The site feels good, and the combination of fonts and colors is classy.

Oblon is a law firm with a site that has refined look. The firm news updates are given on the site so that users know about their work, information about their firm members, and how they work. You will find a video on the welcome page that looks attractive. If you place the cursor on different sections, you will get a preview of that section. This saves loading times and eliminates unnecessary jumps from one page to another.

This lawyer website does something which is out of the box, as their website says this thing, their theme is different from others as this shows their firm’s thought about how they work. The site looks attractive, and they have different pages for the service, about us pages that generally every site has. You can also find the latest trial results and news on their homepage. The overall theme of the website is consistent on every page, which makes the site look connected.

This attorney website has used a sophisticated color scheme. They have given all the necessary information about what they do. The call to action is well placed to grab the attention of people. They have a form page so that people can easily contact them. A plus point of this website is the live chat option for solving your queries. All the achievements and cases they have won are shown so that the user has a good image of the firm. They have also included their best results and additional benefits of choosing Givens Givens Sparks.

Quinn Emanuel Trail Lawyers has a great theme as the images in the background are of the famous beautiful places. They have a page regarding the firm news so that users get regular updates. They have shown all the details in numbers regarding the achievements and details regarding the locations of their offices. They have smartly used a world map to highlight their work locations. You can also search for lawyers by the attorney’s name that is placed in the middle of the page to grab the user’s attention.

The effect and look of this lawyer site are different from other websites. The theme is very sophisticated, and it gives the website a clean look. The site provides all the information about what their aim is and how they can help their users. They have also given importance to the location of their firm and contact details so that the users can contact them easily. They have used scroll function in an effective way which is not found on regular websites.

The Bhatt Law Group has a fantastic website design. They have a set a color combination of orange and black which looks good on their website. Also, all the calls to actions are correctly placed and all the details regarding their lawyers, services are given in-depth so that people can easily get what they want. They have also shown their achievements and to get in touch with their clients, they have put the information about the languages they speak. So that they get more familiar with their clients. Overall it’s a great law firm website. It provides all the details regarding their firm, and the website site flow is also exceptional.

This law firm site has different attractive images and has different types of pages like about the firm, and career. Moreover, there are options like news and events. They have shown the achievements, information about their services and the locations of the offices. This one of the few websites which has used the double navigation bar persuasively and attractively. However, they can improve their website by adding more to their homepage.

Robbins firm is a law firm where they have created a standard look of how a law website should look. Through slide share, they have conveyed their way of working and how it’s going to help their clients. They have provided pages like raves results and contact details. They have shared about their working style and what benefits they will get if someone hires them. They have also included original photos of their staff and office to make the users feel comfortable.

The website has some excellent pictures, and they have shown their achievements in numbers, as numbers never lie. They have demonstrated their cases through images and in-text also. In their site, they have put information about their areas of practice. On the website, they have also shown the awards to build the trust of the user that they are excellent in doing their work. They have put a call to action on the beginning and at the end of the site and also have chat boxes to have a conversation.

Tremain Artaza provides a classy and decent website where they give information about how they work and how they strategize things. On their website, they also provide different web pages like FAQ’s, practice areas, and contact details. They have also shown the awards and reorganizations to impress their clients and to create a good image of the firm. The site is well designed, along with being mobile friendly and responsive.

They have included an original photo as the welcome image, which makes the site look familiar and friendly. This firm’s website has details regarding their team, their practice areas, different locations where their offices are located, information about their firm’s attorneys and the work they have done till now. They have used a call to action like contact now and chat boxes to connect with people.

BD&P is a law firm that has a very classic theme. They provide information regarding the people, their area of practices, news events, and their publications. They have linked their sites with other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn. You can also search for lawyers based on practice area and name, which is a handy feature, especially for large firms like BD&P.

Turks legal’s website clearly shows what they do and in which field they are best at. On their website, they have given detail about their work, events, services, about their team, news, contact details, career, so that the user gets to know everything about their firm. However, they could use a brief introduction to all the services on the homepage to inform users about their services.

When creating a website for an attorney or a law firm, you should design your website taking inspiration from these examples and not make the mistakes they’ve made. Also, make sure you make the lawyer website mobile friendly to target more users. You should also check the speed of the website to make sure you don’t test the user’s patience.

Which of these attorney website design examples were your favorite? Which lawyer website design examples did you dislike?

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20 Amazing Non-Profit Website Design Examples

Running a non-profit site is not something that everyone can do, as it’s not only about making people aware of it but also about encouraging people to support your organization. A good non-profit website not only has a good theme and design but it should have a great user experience, and it should be donor friendly as well as volunteer friendly.  An effective non-profit site will create awareness and encourage people to take action, will provide all the necessary information regarding the organization and should give information on the not-for-profit organization’s volunteers and board of directors.

A responsive non-profit website has a focused website goal, such as to connect with other people of their community or build a community, encourage people to donate and participate in their campaigns. The following are 20 amazing non-profit website design examples through which you can get inspired when designing or creating a website for a non-profit organization.

Memphis Zoo is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to connect people with wildlife. They take care of the different species of animals. Their site theme is incredible the color and fonts are complementing each other and the site is full of beautiful images of animals.

The placement of call to action is done correctly as when you open the site you can see the Buy Tickets, Support the Zoo, Donate call to actions, which encourages the visitor to take action. They have included other primary pages like about us, visit, events, conservation and many more. And the amazing thing is they keep you updated with their daily schedule of the zoo and they also provide live cam so that visitors can watch them live, which is a great way to create engagement with the visitors. They have a long home page so that the visitors get information on the very first page without clicking anywhere. They have also included information about their volunteers, staff, mission, media kit so that people get to know more about them.

Greenpeace is a non-profit organization that fights for our environment to keep the surroundings green and less polluted. Their site theme goes with its mission of making the environment clean and green. From links to multimedia content, they have perfectly done it all. When you first open the website you can easily understand what they do, what their mission is and they also have the colorful and visible call to actions like Donate, GIVE, so that people can easily take actions. They also have other primary pages like about us, news & media, Stories & victories. By adding stories & victories they are building the trust of their visitors so that their organization should have a good image and people can take action. Moreover, by adding news & media they can create engagement on their site.

This website is so amazing and unique as the design of the website is so engaging. Undertheweather non-profit organization is for the awareness of the impact of climate change on our health, the site theme is so attractive and colorful. The site has great user experience and the user will surely have a great time visiting the site and the information regarding this is presented in a very creative way. Though this site lacks in some area as it does not have any about us or any other page and does not have any call to action but the way they have conveyed their message and given the information about the impact of climate change is very creative and unique. One will surely enjoy while going through the site. Their website design is very impressive.

Charity: water is a not for profit organization that provides clean water to the people who are living in the areas where there is no proper supply of water and the water is contaminated. Their website is welcoming as when you open the website they have the call to action to join The Spring and to get all the information regarding joining their community. They have an interesting home page in which they have given information about what their aim is and the reason why one should donate. They have also shown the positive outcomes of the work they have done so that it will make the readers take action immediately. They have also put a video to show the results of their work. The theme is very pleasant, the primary pages are good enough as through these pages anyone can get more information about the organization, and the content is also complementing the other multi-media elements like pictures and videos.

RU4Children is a non-profit organization that addresses poverty-related issues. Their site has an incredible desktop image. The color theme is also very pleasant and eye-catchy. They have also used the call to action correctly. The site navigation is also very clear, the content of the site is also maintaining the flow of the site. They have also linked their other social media accounts so that people connect with them on other social media platforms also. The primary pages include about us pages, updates, donation and shop page.

The Nature Conservancy has a very sophisticated theme and the pictures are beautiful and are of very high quality. The site has a very long home page which means visitors can get easily what they want. The font is complementing the theme. The call-to-actions are inviting, they have featured animal icons that look stunning. In their home page itself, they have featured their mission, stories and also a sign-up option to get information about the upcoming events which is a prodigious way to connect with people and build a community.

One drop nonprofit organization’s website has a very serene & satisfying color theme of blue & white. The site theme is also complementing with fonts and colors. They have featured images from their campaign and also included other multi-media content like videos, images. They have featured the other information like initiatives taken by them to raise fund prominently. Moreover, they have featured their partners so that their organization image should remain good. They have other impressive primary pages like partners & donors, news and articles, impact page. This will increase site traffic and create engagement.

Malala Fund’s non-profit website gives feminist vibes as the not-for-profit organization is all about providing education to girls and women. So the site image and theme goes with the aim of the organization. The image itself portrays the picture of happy independent women. On the top of the home page only they have an alluring call-to-action. Their home page has a different section where they have featured information about their story and where they work. Their website provides a positive user experience.

The Alex lemonade non-profit organization is for raising funds for childhood cancer. On their website, they are doing many things in the right manner. As the site is for children, the site theme is also very juvenile and colorful. The color theme of their site is very striking and eye-catching. They have featured multi-media like slideshows, videos, and images. The content is maintaining the site flow. They have linked their other social handles on their site. Site navigation is very clear and is the site is very responsive. The content of the site is complementing the font and color of the site. They have also featured their partners and the top donation to encourage people to take action.

Life in My Shoes non-profit organization’s website is very simple and straightforward. The site theme is very simple and classy. They have added colors to different sections of the site to make the site look attractive. Their other primary pages include share your story page, news, help and other different pages.  The content is also good.

HeforShe is a non-profit organization for gender equality. Their site shows its strong intentions, as the theme is very solid. The site color theme is also relevant. Their call-to-actions are also very appealing. On their home page only, they have featured information about their movement, their community and also invited the visitors to take action and join the movement. The content of the site is also going with the flow of the site. They have featured different multi-media elements like images, videos to give more information about their campaign.

Feeding America’s website has many things on their site. They have a pop-up for sign-up. Many other primary web pages. They have featured other multi-media elements like slideshow, happy faces images and videos. On the top of the website only they have tempting call-to-action and the content of the site has rightly conveyed their message. They also have their blogs so that people get to know more about the site. The color and fonts are complementing each other.

World wildlife organization is for the conservation of the forest and the species. Their organization’s website is focusing on providing content and features information about their work, how they can help. The site has a different section and they have included different beautiful images of animal icons. They have featured call-to-actions like Donate and Adopt on the top right of the home page. Without clicking anywhere the users can easily know about their mission. The site’s colors, fonts are suitable for the site’s theme.

The acumen nonprofit organization’s website has a solid color theme of pink and white. The site has featured all the information regarding the organization. Their site has many images. On the top of their home page only they have featured the appealing call-to-action. So that people can immediately take the action. They have other primary pages like investments, fellowship and about us page, the latest page. This will keep their visitors updated. At the end of the page, they have options for signup. So that people can connect with their organization and get updates.

The care not-for-profit organization has a very eye-catching sight as the site consist of bright colors and has very intense images. They have featured many multi-media elements like slideshow, images prominently. On the top of the page only they have featured call-to-actions like Donate, Read More, and Join Us to create engagement and it will inspire users to take action immediately. They have different sections on their home page. They have other primary web pages like our impact, emergencies on their site.

Save the Stork non-for-profit organization’s website has used the blue color theme to justify their website. They have featured multi-media videos, images. They have a different section of stories and have shown the outcome of their work. The call-to-action is placed correctly. Their web design is simple and classy.

Nashville zoo’s website design is just astonishing. Right from the theme, fonts, Images everything is just wow. On top of the website, they have featured stunning images of animals through multi-media slideshow.  The animal icon on the entire site is looking very attractive and is enhancing the website look. This non-profit website has a different section in which they are updating their users about the upcoming events and has given information about their organization. At the end of the page, they have also mentioned the sign-up option to build community. The color theme is also very tempting.

The girl who code works to decrease the gender gap. But the interesting thing is, the website does not have a girly look at all. The website theme is simple yet bold. This not-for-profit organization site is primarily focused on featuring information on what they do. They also have a news section and also featured their partners to improve their organization image.

Teach for America’s website is a typical non-profit organization website. Their theme is humble and tranquil. They have given deep information about their mission, approach, their challenges. They have an “Apply” call-to-action on the top right of the page.

The Beyod12 website is very modest yet bold. They have featured videos and images so that people should know more about their organization. This non-profit site is more focused on the content. They have also a featured form for sign up.

Were you inspired by these non-profit website design examples? If you have created a website for a not-for-profit organization that you would like to share with us for inspiration, please feel free to share it in the comments section!

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10 Habits of a Successful Front End Designer

A front end designer is responsible for creating and implementing all those visual elements that the users can see and interact within a web application. They are supported by back-end web developers who integrate the work of front end designers. Front-End Web Developer is a combination of design and programming as they are responsible for the translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to creating visual elements of the application. So what kind of habits many successful front-end designer share? Let’s take a look:

1. Using a Good Graphic Program

Front End designing may seem a technical task, but there will always come the point where the designer will have to play with the aesthetics. A front-end designer must have hands-on practice of using various graphic tools. Front end designers end up handling minor tasks, whether it is making a checkbox or creating a layout that the PSD missed.  To avoid such a situation, it is recommended you use a dedicated graphics program, may it be Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP or Illustrator. Do not use your code to design. Rather work on with graphics software to design and only after that, go to the system, and get to work. You may not have in-depth knowledge about the program but still, it is a good habit to use the program as it will give better results.

2. Working as per the Designs

The core job of a front-end designer is to match the checkmark with the rest of the plan. Do not try to impress and over-perform in terms of designing. Stick to your core purpose. Those who are expert front-end designers get attracted to putting extra efforts in design to prove their expertise. Do not attempt this as the web designers will handle it. So the question should not be that how does my checkmark look rather it should be that does it match with the end design? Try to focus on your core purpose and role; do not overdo it.

3. Giving Importance to Typography

Typography can make or break the final layout. It is an integral part of the over-all design. Typography involves a lot of aspects that the designers need to take care of. As for the front-end designer, you should be aware of the typography requirements of the designer. Do not take this aspect lightly. Go online and research various stuff like font pairing, line spacing, letter spacing, etc. Also, take care of placing the right font at the right place. For example, if the designer uses Times New Roman for headings, you should also use the same throughout. Invest proper time in developing typography.

4. Keeping the Larger Picture in Mind

You may assume that your work will form a small part of the final design, but it is not so. The lowest of the process in web development forms a crucial part of the final design. For instance, you have been told to build a checkmark with custom checkboxes without showing them as checked. Now if you do not follow this instruction, in the final design, will it look complete? As a part of the habit, take screenshots of the entire design route and layout so that you can stay in line with the final design dimensions and requirements.

5. Having an Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimization functionalities not restricted to the backend. As a front-end designer, you need to ensure that the designs you are creating fall in line with the overall SEO plan. For this establishing a good understanding of SEO is very advisable. SEO helps to boost up Google rankings of a web page and hence forms an integral part of the designing process. Understand SEO its various aspects to develop a website that is SEO friendly.

6. Taking care of White Spaces & Alignment

White spaces and allignment play a major role in the design. Make sure that you give due importance to this aspect. Always use spaces in multiples of either 10 or 20 so that it remains uniform. Even if you are not very creative, this trick will surely help. Ensure that your layout elements are correctly aligned to give the entire design a good flow. There might be instances when you can’t do this like but still try and maintain a pattern for the same, by giving double space or some other form of allignment.

7. Accessibility is Important

Sounds common or straightforward, but accessibility is a fundamental matter in today’s world. Accessibility here refers to the design of devices, services, products, or environments for people with disabilities. It means to offer direct and indirect assets to users, i.e., compatibility with their devices or computer screens. Designers will have to ensure that their design and layout is compatible with everyone so that they cater to maximum people.

8. Aim to Make your Design Pixel Perfect

Do whatever it takes to match the last and final design layout up till the last pixel, at least as far as it is in your control. A pixel here and there may look nominal, but it profoundly affects the final design, hence keep a watch on it. Many tools help you compare original plans to results. One way of doing is taking screenshots and pasting them into the design file so that you can easily compare each element. This trick will always help you to know where you stand against the original design. Then you know how much adjustment you have to make to get it to spot on.

9. Get Feedback From Someone

Taking feedback from others has always helped to improve front-end design. Take necessary feedback and inputs from fellow designers or professional designers, and understand their critical views about your work. Keeping a good relationship with designers will help you collaborate well regarding their ideas and feedback. Also, as a designer, you may tend to overlook specific issues because you have been viewing the design multiple times. Hence getting a third eye view, especially from the user interface point of view helps in bettering the design.

10. Test the Design You Have Made

Before you finalize the layout, you need to examine your design to check whether or not it’s in line with the final design. Testing is one of the most underrated tasks for the designer as they inevitably do not want to spend time in rechecking what they are doing. However, it is a good habit to check your design block by block so that you can rectify the mistakes promptly. Also, you will not want to forward a design that doesn’t work.

These are some of the habits that you can inculcate to become better at the job of front-end designing. You will not be able to develop these habits overnight, and hence, it is a good idea to keep practicing them early on in your design career.

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