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5 Best WordPress AMP Themes for 2019

As Internet connectivity and device performance improve, more and more users expect a good web experience during their browsing. An important part of providing a good browsing experience for websites is speed. Web pages that load slowly on mobile devices are very annoying to say the least. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) improve mobile web browsing experience by serving web pages faster on mobile devices. AMP is an open-source software that helps to enhance the website experience of the visitors. It has stout abilities and strong publisher panels. The list of contributors for AMP includes elite names like Google and Automatic.

With the highest number of target audience browsing with their mobile devices, AMP is a very important requirement for WordPress websites. There are a host of AMP themes available on WordPress and it is difficult to find the best suitable option to provide exceptional website experience.

We have curated a list of 5 best WordPress AMP themes for 2019. The list includes themes with magazine and newspaper templates that seamlessly assemble with various types of websites.

The 5 best WordPress AMP themes for the year 2019:

The present scenario of website development world has drastically changed with the increasing use of smartphones. Thus, it is very important that you create a website which allows the themes to look appropriate on mobile-screens.

1. Newspaper By tagDiv:

WordPress AMP Themes - Newspaper

WordPress AMP Themes – Newspaper

Newspaper is one of the finest WordPress themes on Themeforest. It has a flexible design to control a huge amount of content. This AMP theme has got more than 60K users and it is perfectly suitable for a content-driven editorial website. With the use of tagDiv Composer page builder in this theme, you can customize mostly everything on the front-end of the website.

It boasts a recently included cloud library with 420+ already designed elements and templates. In addition, it also has a single-click demo website design with bespoke header and footer styles through the use of incredible theme tools.

If you want to have fast page loading speed then, it is the best option with integrated AMP plugin. You can also optimize content to bag the top ranks with mobile-friendly features of the theme.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly compatible with newspaper, magazine and blog website
  • Optimize content for mobile phones
  • 50+ demo options
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Compatible with Google Ads and AdSense

2. Chap By WebSevenDev:

WordPress AMP Themes - Chap

WordPress AMP Themes – Chap

Chap is one of the simplest AMP themes for WordPress with a customization option available. It can create a website for various niches and you can understand how to use Chap with the help of demo sites. Chap is one of the most impressive themes built with bootstrap. WordPress developers will specifically appreciate the use of bootstrap.

You can use shortcodes to add a variety of sections on the homepages of demo sites. It has a number of shortcodes available to add fascinating elements in the website. This theme supports WooCommerce and you can take advantage of this compatibility to include an e-commerce store on the website. It also allows you to add shopping cart and create a stylish checkout page.

Key Features:

  • Range of header templates
  • Several themes and menu variations
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Color customization for UI elements
  • Programmed AMP Codes

3. Soledad By PenciDesign:

WordPress AMP Themes - Soledad

WordPress AMP Themes – Soledad

Soledad is the best solution to create interesting multiple websites with far-fetched customization options for every niche. Additionally, It allows you to create your own page templates through the drag and drop interface.

You can create new pages with several page elements provided by Soledad. The sheer number of customization options available in Soledad can be over-whelming at first. You may also need some time to get a handle on the functionality of this AMP theme. However, it is extremely adaptable and worth the initial steep learning curve as you can use it repeatedly to create bespoke designs for new websites.

Key Features:

  • More than 600 customization options
  • White Label Tool
  • Compatible with WPBakery
  • Custom Widgets option
  • Custom AMP plugin

4. Fona By Clever Soft:

WordPress AMP Themes - Fona

WordPress AMP Themes – Fona

If you are looking for AMP themes for your e-commerce website then, Fona is a good option. Fona has the ability to create e-commerce pages that abides by the AMP guidelines of Google.

Fona uses pillow drop shadows around buttons and callouts to give a minimalistic look to the website. You can see 12 demo sites which justify the flexibility of templates with the use of Fona. In addition, it also has highly customizable fonts.

It has an automatic installer that helps you to set-up your website like the demo sites. Fona completes website set-up within minutes without making any changes in the content. It has the flexibility to add drag and drop page builder, slide creation and open mega menus due to bundled premium plugins.

Key Features:

  • Shopify and Magneto compatible versions
  • Mobile-friendly image sizing
  • 10+ demos for the home page
  • Many paid plugins
  • Product filter for e-commerce sites
  • Minimal design
  • Supports page creation for e-commerce

5. Jannah News By Tie Labs:

WordPress AMP Themes - Janah

WordPress AMP Themes – Janah

Jannah News is most compatible with news and editorial websites. The best part about Jannah News is that it has a mix of standard WordPress features and other rare features as a modern WordPress theme.

It has an incredible feature of in-built integration to send web push notifications. Jannah News also allows you to pin weather details on website header and feature trending articles to make it visible to visitors with the scrolling. Additionally, It looks amazing on mobile screen display with AMP enabled pages. Apart from that, you can copy over-customization settings with an importer and automatically install already prepared demos.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Gutenberg Editor
  • Supports AMP
  • Switch themes with migration plugin
  • Mobile navigation customization
  • Steadfast page-builder tool
  • Huge demo content library

Feel free to browse through these above-mentioned AMP themes for 2019 on their official websites and select the most suitable option for your website. If you have a content-driven editorial website then, Jannah News and Newspaper are probably good options.

Alternatively, if you have an e-commerce website then, Chap and Soledad can provide you with the best customizable business site themes.

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Decoding The Science of Colors

Different colors ignite different emotions in people and thus, they are used to motivate and attract consumers. The Greek scholar Aristotle developed the theory of color psychology. The theory suggests that God created these colors through the celestial light. This was later changed by Sir Isaac Newton and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who gave a scientific perspective to the theory.

Colors are an important factor in almost all purchasing decisions and are therefore extremely important in graphic and web design. Color matters a lot because it highlights the brand identity and helps to enhance the brand recall value. For instance, if you see a dark colored bottle in the red background then, you’ll immediately recognize the famous beverage brand Coca-Cola.

Have you ever thought why a specific color is used for entire branding? There is an important science behind the selection of colors. You have to understand color psychology to decode the science of colors.

Understanding Color Psychology:

Science of Colors

Science of Colors

Science of Colors

Color psychology is a branch of research that helps us to define the influence of colors on actions and decisions. Marketers use color psychology to influence the buying behavior of their target consumers. Use of certain colors for specific brands can impact the purchase decision of the customers.

There are many important studies that suggest that colors are correlated with human behavior and emotions. Two researchers of Wellesley College, Stoughton and Bevil Conway have carried out a research that says colors provoke specific kind of emotions within us.

Colors drive our eyes to look, to act and to understand something. In another way, it enables us to decide on what to look for and what not to look. Colors have the ability to set the content into context. Thus, marketers are required to know the importance of color psychology.

Different people behave differently with a variety of colors. This happens due to the past experience of people with colors from various events, culture, people, and memories. However, there are many commonalities of people’s behavior towards different colors. Let’s understand the psychology of different colors.

Psychology of Different Colors:

1. Yellow Color:

Science of colors - Yellow

Science of colors – Yellow

The yellow color is the symbol of happiness, cheerfulness and positivity. Wherever you see yellow color, it always defines the vivacity and energy. It has a long wavelength that gives it one of the most powerful spiritual meanings. Even infants easily react to yellow color because it is the easiest color to spot.

The yellow color is used to enhance the confidence and liveliness of people. In another case, overuse of yellow color also tends to flame nervousness and fear. Select the best shade and tone of yellow color with a perfect balance of contrast to stimulate people.

2. Orange Color:

Science of Colors - Orange

Science of Colors – Orange

The orange color combines the psychology of red color and yellow color. Thus, it has both the qualities of supremacy and youthfulness from red color and yellow color respectively. The Orange color represents friendliness and shelter.

Orange is the color of motivation and passion that encourages an optimistic attitude in life. This color has the ability to bring relaxation and a sense of entertainment and self-determination in the visuals.

3. Red Color:

Science of Colors - Red

Science of Colors – Red

Red color signifies power and dynamism. It is used to reflect the bodily requirements of love, affection, care and similarly horror, anxiety, and survival. The red color is also used to show friendliness and authority but, it can also define antagonism according to the context of use.

If you want rapid attention of the people then, red color is the best choice. But make sure that you use it carefully or else red color can also invite extreme negativity.

4. Green Color:

Science of Colors - Green

Science of Colors – Green

The green color is a combination of logic and emotions. It reflects the characteristics of stability and harmony. Green color suggests the right way of action and it has the quality to calm down aggression. This color is also the color of nature, peace, and relaxation.

In fact, green color is the symbol of progress in things like plants, profits, and prosperity. Green is the stress-busting color that encourages good health and rest. Although it does portray greediness and over-possession in some contexts, it is still one of the most positive colors.

5. Blue Color:

Science of Colors - Blue

Science of Colors – Blue

Blue is one of the most favorite colors in the world. It reflects the characteristics of faith, belief, trustworthiness, and responsibility. Blue is the best color to highlight calmness and to relax your mind and body.

Blue color allows us to calm down and become stress-free. It has the ability to influence the psychological actions and to pursue the path of peace. Blue is the best choice to strengthen the relationship, especially in terms of marketing. However excessive use of blue color can change the context to loneliness and in-hospitality.

6. Purple Color:

Science of Colors - Purple

Science of Colors – Purple

Purple color highlights spiritualism and dreams. It has the combination of red color’s dynamism and blue color’s calmness to create a perfect mix of physical and mystical. It displays faithfulness, luxury, bravery, secret, and mysticism.

This is the color of comfort and imagination and thus, it is used for creative presentation. Over-utilization of purple color leads to unnecessary thought stimulation and distractions.

7. White Color:

Science of Colors - White

Science of Colors – White

White is the color of purity, peace, harmony, and innocence. It showcases the start of new actions and provides a free space to begin. White has the qualities of all the colors with equal stability. The white color also represents minimalism, ideation, and ease. However, don’t use this color too much as it conveys separation and hollowness in life.

8. Black Color:

Science of Colors - Black

Science of Colors – Black

Black color defines superiority, importance, control, and individuality. In another case, black color is also the sign of death, secret and hopelessness. It is has a lack of colorfulness. This color is a sign of unknown and separation. It is perfect with high contrast and clarity. It is a powerful color but lacks liveliness if used excessively.

So consider the color psychology to find the best connection with your target audience. The best way is to test colors with your brand so that you can have a better idea how to choose the perfect color. Selecting the most suitable color combination will automatically attract your target audience to help you to generate more leads and conversions.

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Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins of 2019

An image has the ability to convey a story of a thousand words. The statement says everything about the importance of using an image. WordPress developers have understood the fact that including images in the website content such as blogs and advertisements helps to gain more traffic and conversion. But there are demerits along with merits of using too many images on a website, calling for the use of an image compression plugin.

You should be alert about the fact that using too many images reduces the space on the server. You should store the images on the website’s server to save or delete them easily. Besides, storing images on the server allows you to enhance loading speed rather than using a third-party image gallery website.

Due to the burden of too many images on the server, it will automatically decrease the loading speed of the webpage. All of the above troubles on the website will result in a high bounce rate of the visitors. Apparently, you’ll lose your clients and you don’t want that.

Thus, here are the 5 best WordPress Image Compression Plugins of 2019 that helps you to use as many images you want without reducing the loading speed of the webpage.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush is one of the most used premium plugins created for the optimization and compression of images. An award-winning plugin, it has a great ability to optimize and compress images without degrading the visual quality. It automatically works itself and doesn’t optimize the images on your website server to reduce the load.

The Smush plugin scan every image on the website and tracks the future image uploads. It also rips off the unnecessary data from the images and compresses them along with resizing if needed. Smush has the quality of compressing the images of a specified folder. In addition, it also supports premium image plugins like NextGen Gallery, WPML, WP Retina 2x NextGen Gallery, WPML, and WP Retina 2x.

Key Features:

  • Lossless compression of images without slowing down the server
  • Supports GIF, JPEG and PNG image files
  • Automatic rescaling of images
  • Automatic optimization of images
  • Image optimization on the whole network
  • Compress images on multiple websites with international and individual settings

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is one of the top range image compression plugins that justifies the use of automation in the perfect sense. You just have to install it once and the plugin will automatically resize and compress the images. The plugin opts for a minimalistic approach by optimum utilization of resources to lower down the load on the server. Additionally, it is perfectly compatible with shared cloud network, VPS or dedicated web hosting.

It allows you to optimize images sent through FTP and images in the media library.  ShortPixel has the ability to use both lossless and lossy image compression as well as glossy JPG image compression for pro photographers. It has the feature of free optimization of bulk images.  The plugin also provides image optimization report of 40 days and test the optimization parameters with a single click.

Key Features:

  • High-quality lossy compression
  • Auto-conversion feature – PNG to JPG
  • Supports Webps, WP Retina 2x, various image galleries, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce plugins
  • Single API key with the feature of multiple site integration
  • Supports Watermark and Watermark plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW image optimizer enables you to improve your website experience by compressing images. It is a lossless image optimizer plugin which allows you to compress images as per the compression ratio for JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files. The plugin automatically compresses the images according to the format of the image file. It is free and optional paid version of the plugin is also available.

The plugin has the SSL protection for the security of your files. It gives an option to optimize image on your server or any other specific server. You can also optimize bulk images from an entire folder and skips the images that are already optimized. This plugin supports WP Image editor, WEBP images, WP-CLI, and NextGenGallery.

Key Features:

  • Background optimization of images
  • Free backup of images till 30 days
  • Automatic resizing
  • Automatic lossless compression and retina support
  • CDN support for cloud server uploads
  • Compatible with Buddy and images

TinyPNG: Compress JPEG and PNG Images

This plugin works with online tools available for the compression of images. It allows you to optimize images with the external tools without hampering your website speed. The plugin enables you to optimization for compression of bulk images. Additionally, it has a feature of automatic image optimization for newly uploaded images.

The main advantage of this plugin is that it allows you to store the metadata, creation dates, copyright information and GPS location for enjoying full credit of your website images. This plugin has a dashboard widget to monitor the data and statistics of image compression. It can also optimize color profiles and save space with the conversion of images to RGB color profiles.

Key Features:

  • No size limitations for optimizing images
  • Compatible with PNG and GIF
  • After conversion of images, it preserves Copyright metadata, creation date, and GPS location
  • Multiple site optimization with a single API key
  • Dashboard widget to monitor data and statistics of compression


Optimole is a savior of your budget. It is a free image compression plugin that enhances your website experience by reducing the size of images. Another important advantage of using Optimole for image compression is that it compresses the images without any visual alterations. In nutshell, Optimole serves the images at any location via CDN after resizing and compressing them.

Additionally, Optimole has a great autopilot feature that saves your time and completes the job itself after getting installed once. It has a user-friendly modern interface to track the activities. Otimole also has three premium plans consisting more viewer bandwidth, disk space, CDN locations, priority support, and custom CNAME.

Key Features:

  • Covers 110 server locations that serve images via CDN
  • 15 GB of images allowed with the paid version (Free Version – 1GB)
  • 100 GB viewing Bandwidth with the paid version (Free Version – 10GB)
  • Auto Optimization
  • DPR detection along with Retina and HiDPI support
  • Lossless and Lossy optimization techniques
  • Modern Dashboard for easy tracking

With so many good options available for optimizing images, do not forget to squeeze the images of your website to ensure the best results on the website.

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How to Protect the Admin Area of your WordPress Site

More and more of us are using WordPress for personal and professional purposes. Its easy-to-operate platform and a wide variety of themes and templates make it suitable for multiple uses. However, its accessibility also means that it is vulnerable to potential attacks by outside agents, such as hackers.

Protecting your WordPress site and, specifically, its Admin area is essential if you are to continue using it in confidence. Fortunately, you can take several easy steps to secure it and reduce your site’s vulnerability.

  1. Secure your WordPress login page with a lockdown feature

You access the backend of your website from your login page. Ensuring that unauthorised users cannot force their way in is relatively simple if you set up a lockdown feature, which will activate itself if a hacker makes multiple attempts to access the site. You should be able to specify how many incorrect logins are allowed before the site locks and you receive notification of the unauthorised activity.

  1. Use an email address as your username to login

The default login system for WordPress requires you to input a user name. As many user names are easily predicted, this can pose a risk. Replacing a user name with an email ID is more secure as email addresses are usually much harder to guess.

  1. Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, requires a user to provide two separate login details. As a website owner, you decide what you want to require. Typically, it’s a password followed by a secret code or question, a pre-defined set of characters or an authentication code, such as that offered by Google’s authenticator plugin, sent to your phone.

  1. Change your login URL

By default, your WordPress login page is accessed by adding wp-login.php or wp-admin to the site’s URL. Changing your login URL to something much less predictable puts another obstacle in the way of hackers who want to access the site using so-called Guess Work databases that contain millions of combinations of user names and passwords.

  1. Ensure password security

Making sure that your password is not easily guessable is such a simple step but also one that many users neglect. A combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols can add to its complexity. The use of a password manager, which will generate strong passwords and store them safely, is even better.

  1. Virtual Private Networks

Much of the traffic on the internet is visible to anyone who cares to look at it. Using a Virtual Private Network, such as Tunnelbear VPN provides you with much stronger levels of privacy, especially when you need to administer your site via a public Wifi connection. VPNs encrypt your data and route it via the VPN server, making it unintelligible to observers as well as disguising both its origin and its destination.

  1. Automatic logout of idle users

It can be annoying to have to log back into your site if you’ve only popped away for a cup of tea or to answer the phone. However, it would be considerably more annoying if someone else took advantage of your absence to change your website’s information or disable the site altogether. Various plugins allow you to customise the time for which the site is allowed to remain idle before locking the user out.

  1. Password protect your wp-admin directory

Your wp-admin directory is essential for the running of your site, and hackers who manage to access it can damage or disable the entire site. Using a plugin to protect the wp-admin directory means that users must submit two passwords in order to access the dashboard. The first guards your login page while the second secures the admin area.

  1. Get an SSL certificate

A Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) certificate will ensure that you can transfer data securely between your user browsers and your server. Some hosting companies provide SSL certificates as part of their package or you can buy one from a third-party provider. As an added bonus, sites with an SSL certificate tend to rank higher in Google searches.

  1. Never choose “Admin” as the user name for your administrator account

It may be tempting or easy to overlook but using “Admin” is far too predictable. It’s the first login guess for many hackers, which means you should always choose something different. In addition, consider adding a plugin that will automatically ban any IP address that tries to login using the term.

  1. Use caution when adding new user accounts

Some WordPress accounts have several users and this may be unavoidable. Using caution when considering if it’s really necessary to add a new user is a wise precaution. Where it is, you should reduce the site’s vulnerability by installing a plugin that forces each user to choose a strong password.

  1. Use an endpoint firewall and malware scanner

A good firewall will identify and block malicious traffic. Meanwhile, an effective malware scanner will monitor your site’s core files, plugins and themes for malware, code injections, malicious rewrites, SEO spam, bad URLs and other similar threats.

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12 Multipurpose WordPress Themes You Should Use in 2019

The “Jack of all trades, Master of none” adage certainly applies to all kinds of “all-in-one” tools. It can apply to poorly-coded or feature-poor multipurpose website themes as well.

There are, however, plenty of premier multipurpose WordPress themes. They will successfully handle anything you throw at them.

The real challenge you face is different. It is not one of having to conduct an exhaustive search for a multipurpose theme that can do a variety of jobs.

It’s finding the one that best fits your needs. One that has the features you want, and one that delivers the performance you expect.

Check out a list of our 12 favorite multipurpose themes. Any of them will likely fit your needs. But assuming you’ll want to drill down to find the very best one for you, you still have work to do – but, not all that much.

  1. Be Theme

Be Theme is the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme of them all. We didn’t put it on the top of our list because of its size, although that had something to do with it. Rather, it’s because of what this theme can do for you in your ongoing quest to build better and better websites – or, to build an outstanding one if this is your first attempt.

It’s 40 core features, plus the brand new Header Builder, ensure that “master of none” doesn’t apply here (nor does it with our other 11 recommendations). Your ability to build off-the-chart stunning websites is a given, because of one of the core features that guarantees to get any project you undertake off to a fast start.

We’re talking about Be Theme’s library of more than 400 professionally-designed and customizable pre-built websites. These pre-built websites cover more than 30 business and industry sectors and niches, all the common website styles and types, and can be customized to easily handle out-of-the-ordinary situations as well.

  1. Jupiter

One of the secrets of being able to build any conceivable type or style of website is having a tool that enables you to customize it down to the nth degree. The Jupiter X visual editor allows you to do just that.

And, with a little help from this multipurpose theme’s Elementor page builder and WordPress Customizer technology you have complete and seamless control over your design, both in-page and globally.

You don’t have to try to reshape header and footer templates to fit your needs as is the case with most themes. You can design them from scratch, and you can do the same for portfolios, blog formats, and WooCommerce shops.

Jupiter X is responsive, scalable, user-friendly, and developer-friendly as well. It’s a makeover of the popular Jupiter WordPress theme and the brainchild of Artbees, a member of the Power Elite Envato Hall of Fame.

Summarizing: Real value here.

  1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

When a WordPress theme purports to have everything you need, it’s definitely worthy of your careful consideration. This pixel-perfect multipurpose theme has what it takes to build responsive, attention-getting websites of any style and type, and it can demonstrate the results you could expect!

Uncode is one of ThemeForest ‘s all-time best-selling creative themes. Its strongest points may be the superior quality of blogs and portfolios you’ll be able to create, together with the flexibility you’ll experience thanks to its highly-regarded adaptive grid system and the fact that it’s easy to use and you can forget about coding.

The best way to discover what Uncode could do for you is to visit their website and browse through their showcase of Uncode user-created websites.

Be prepared to be impressed and more than a little inspired by what you’ll see.

  1. Kalium

Full-concept design demos for web designers. Coded with elegance for developers. Easy to use with an impressive array of drag and drop content elements, shortcodes, premium fonts, and bundled plugins. That’s Kalium in a nutshell, and reason enough to give this multipurpose theme a good hard look.

Did we mention the excellent support you can count on?

  1. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem’s authors set out to design and develop the ultimate website-building toolbox, and by all accounts they succeeded. It’s the perfect theme for startups, creative agencies, and businesses of any type or size.

Key features include 150 stunning demo pages, 50+ multi-purpose design concepts, and a host of other features and tools than will enable you to build a website in minutes – without touching a line of code.

  1. Brook – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Multipurpose WordPress themes have been known for their versatility, usability, and functionality. That is one reason why these are highly sought after. Brook is one such multipurpose WP theme for creative agencies, design studios, service-related businesses and companies.

With hundreds of remarkable features namely numerous demos, blog & portfolio layouts, mega menu, infinite loading, Parallax, SEO, 1-click installation, online shop for WooCommerce and Instagram, it’s no coincidence Brook have become a ThemeForest best seller.

  1. KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

This community-focused multipurpose theme is an ideal choice for building websites designed to help startups get the attention needed to grow and succeed. Thanks to KLEO’s extreme plugin friendliness, it can easily be extended to satisfy virtually any website-building need.

To see what KLEO can do for you, we suggest browsing its collection of ready-to-use demos. You can test its many design options for free before you buy.

  1. Bridge

Given its open-ended customizability features, its library of 370+ pre-made websites, and the WP Bakery page builder and other plugins, Bridge will be an excellent choice for building a website for any imaginable business niche.

Any of its more than 110,000 customers will be happy to tell you about this bestselling theme’s capabilities – not to mention its popularity. Bridge also features 5-star rated support.

  1. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

This modern, creative multipurpose design theme can be effectively put to use by a wide array of users including creative teams and agencies, artists, bloggers, and even large corporations. As its name implies, Pofo’s main strength lies in producing exceptionally attractive portfolios.

Pofo has all the tools and design elements you need to create eCommerce websites as well. Pofo is flexible, blazing-fast, responsive, and search engine optimized.

  1. Crocal – Premium WordPress Theme

This hot-off-the-press (January 2019) Envato product has already earned its spot among the top WordPress themes for 2019. Created by a ThemeForest #1-rated Elite Author, Crocal has been receiving high marks for its advanced grid system.

Crocal is Gutenberg optimized, compliant with GDPR requirements, and fully compliant with the latest WordPress version as well.

  1. Schema

Schema is a multipurpose theme with a nice extra touch. If one of the challenges you continually find yourself having to overcome is SEO, Schema is your friend. In addition to enabling you to create beautiful websites, Schema will guide the search engines through your site design element by design element.

Fast page loading is also a Schema feature search engines will reward you for.

  1. Movedo – We DO MOVE Your World

The name of this multipurpose theme is MOVEDO, but it could aptly be named “The Magician”. You can apply its magic wand to your designs to produce eye-popping results. Its “wand” actually consists of ultra-dynamic parallax effects, cutting edge designs, and unique animations, all designed to engage and entertain your users.

You can also add a bit of sparkle to your websites by making images appear to move that actually don’t.


We’d like to think we’ve made your search for a better website-building theme a little easier for you. We narrowed it down to 12 that truly represent the best of the best. There’s still a little work to be done, however.

And that is to find the one that will serve you best. What you choose is entirely up to you. Hopefully, we’ve provided enough information to make this. The final part of your search, go smoothly.

Happy shopping!

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How To Choose The Perfect Font For Your Website

Creating a perfect website design is an exhausting task. There are many factors to be considered before starting to create a website design and one of them is choosing the right font. You have to take due care when writing the website content and during the selection of images for the home page.

Also, you have to ensure the connection of social media channels with the website along with the placement of elements. But people miss out on one of the important aspects of creating an appealing web design. You have to select the appropriate fonts to craft bespoke website design.

Selecting the best typography to evoke your website’s experience is highly important. You can elevate your website to the next level by choosing the right font. It gets difficult to understand the typeface of a brand to finalize the font for the website. Well, you may feel that choosing the right fit for the website fonts is not that simple but we have some solutions for you.  We have come up with a proper guide to help you with the selection of fonts to craft a bespoke website design.

1. Select Fonts that Match Your Brand (Hint – Develop Brand Guidelines):

Select Fonts that Matches Your Brand

Select Fonts that Matches Your Brand

The first thing when it comes to selection procedure of the fonts is to match them with the brand. You should understand the fact that it is not always about following the current trends of website designing. Rather, the font selection should be in the context of the brand’s voice. For instance, a website for the beverages should not have the fonts that are compatible with furniture products.

If you have guidelines for the branding, then you must follow them to select the fonts. The brand guidelines help you to streamline the branding strategy and also help you to understand the brand in a much better manner. You’ll find all the things in the guidelines that you are looking for. The rules in the guidelines have the information about the use of colors, logo and most importantly, typography. Thus, if you have brand guidelines, then stick to them for selection of the fonts.

2. Be Consistent with the Selection of Fonts:

Be Consistent with the Selection of Fonts

Be Consistent with the Selection of Fonts

As a creative web designer, you might feel that experimentation is a good idea but that might not be a good thing to do always. When someone receives your visiting cards or checks out your brochure, they get a feel of your brand identity. So it is important that you follow a similar font style on the website. It also helps to increase your brand recognition.

If you fail to match the font style then your brand will look jumbled and messy. It is necessary to use same fonts on your website that are used on other branding materials. However, if you still choose to have a different font then make sure that they are similar to the fonts on other branding collaterals.

3. Choose the Perfect Ranks for the Fonts:

Choose the Perfect Ranks for the Fonts

Choose the Perfect Ranks for the Fonts

There is a sacred rule of designing that suggests you should not use more than 3 fonts on your website. Each font signifies the importance of the content. It is quite similar to the selection of color palettes. Usually, you choose a primary color, secondary color, and accent color. The same thing goes with fonts. You can prioritize which fonts to be used where.

Generally, the headers are framed with the primary fonts, so that it enhances visibility. Generally, the primary font has the highest visibility on the website. It is recommended that you should use the font that blends with the logo while choosing the primary fonts.

The secondary fonts are used for the textual content of the website. It includes blogs, articles, description, and paragraphs, etc. Your secondary fonts should be readable. Unlike primary fonts, your secondary fonts should not be eye-catching. Rather, they should be legible for reading a long description of your products or services.

Lastly, the accent fonts are used to highlight the call to action on your website. The accent fonts help you to stand out from the other website content to gain attraction. You should select a typeface that has the ability to distinguish itself from other website pages.

4. Classification of Fonts:

Classification of Fonts

Classification of Fonts

You should understand the difference between the usages of Serif, Sans Serif, and Script Fonts. Stay focused on the classification process of fonts.

  • Serif Fonts are print compatible. It gives a classic and elegant look to the website content. This font is suitable for an older audience.
  • Sans Serif fonts are without serif line similar to the Serif Fonts. These fonts are the best fit for the screens of computers and smartphones. It is one of the most utilized website fonts that connect with the youth.
  • Script Fonts reflect the handwriting style. These fonts help you to acquire the attraction of the audience. Mostly, it is used for titles rather than for paragraphs because otherwise it will hamper the readability of the website content.

5. Figure out the Ideal Size and Weight for Fonts:

Figure out the Ideal Size and Weight for Fonts

Figure out the Ideal Size and Weight for Fonts

In the case of selecting the fonts, size is highly important. After selecting the type scheme, the next step is to fix the size for headings, sub-headings, and paragraphs. Apart from the size, the weight is another vital factor of font selection. You should know where to use bold, italic and underline tool for the fonts. Make sure that you avoid overuse of these different font styles because it may affect your style track negatively.

6. Follow the Latest Trends:

Follow the Latest Trends

Follow the Latest Trends

There will be a lot of rule-breaking involved while you’ll follow the newest style of fonts for your website content. It is recommended that you should try the trendy fonts for the headers and sub-headings. People are using serif and sans serif together while breaking the bars of designing do’s and don’ts.

But at the same time don’t get carried away with the creative approach. You should know that readability is the most important priority and thus, avoid complicating your website content with funky fonts.

Selecting the perfect website fonts depends on the requirements of the brand.  The debate about the selection of font style and design can be concluded by deciding how you want to portray your brand.  The fonts reflect your brand identity, thus, choose it wisely.

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10 Photoshop Etiquette Rules All Designers Should Follow

Every designer has always used Photoshop CC as part of the Creative Cloud package. All designers have to work with a team at some point where they have to eventually share the Photoshop files with others. So it is very important to focus on this basic move as it is not included in many of the tutorials for Photoshop.

There are many instances where you receive a Photoshop file and you feel confused when opening that file. Consequently, you might wonder how to solve this Photoshop puzzle. So it becomes a priority to handle this task with due care to save your relationship with fellow designers.

These basic Photoshop etiquettes can help you to save your goodwill across the designing fraternity. Besides that, following these rules will help you to improve your working methodologies.

In nutshell, you have to be ready to follow these painful rules and change your Photoshop working styles. In fact, if you stick by these etiquettes then, you can avoid future discrepancies in the designing work.

Here is the list of top 10 basic Photoshop etiquettes that all designers should follow:

  1. Label the Layers to Avoid Confusion:

Label the Layers to Avoid Confusion

Label the Layers to Avoid Confusion: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

As the title suggests, it is the most boring routine for a designer. Start with one of the most basic Photoshop etiquettes and add names to the different layers in the file. You might say that some things are obvious but actually, it is not. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to find a layer hidden in the middle of countless copies of layers. Thus, you should prefer to name even a simple layer to avoid confusions later.

After getting done with the labeling of layers, subsequently, sort the layers in a group folder. As a result, you’ll be able to hide or show large segments easily. In addition, lock the important layers that you don’t want to move unintentionally. The task is not over yet. Have a look at the file to delete unwanted empty layers.

  1. Logical Sorting of Files:

 Logical Sorting of Files:

Logical Sorting of Files: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

You should make sure that the naming of files should be easily understood by your fellow designers. Don’t name your files like version 1 and 2 with no name, as there will be no final version in some cases.

Apart from that, you should assemble your files like, ‘Name_Type_Size_Version’. The reason being, you should be able to recognize the name first that will help you to figure out the project. In addition, adding type, size and version will help to know the project type (website, email, social media, etc.). Defining the version allows you to identify the previous changes in the file.

Consequently, this method of sorting files will enable you to save each change separately. Organizing your files in the specified format also helps in recovering the previous version of the files.

  1. Mask Only Once:

Mask Only Once

Mask Only Once: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

Don’t mask each and every layer separately rather, group the layers and mask it once. Masking can get really confusing for other designers as the layers will not be visible. Do not leave your PSD file messy with multiple layers being masked.

  1. Don’t Forget to Save your Path:

Don’t Forget to Save your Path

Don’t Forget to Save your Path: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

If you are using the pen tool to craft a perfect clipping path then, save it to avoid doing this work again. The more you keep this habit of saving the path, the better you will become.  This will also help the next designer to understand what has happened in the file.

  1. Avoid Stretching of Text and Images:

Avoid Stretching of Text and Images:

Avoid Stretching of Text and Images: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

You should keep in mind that stretching a text or an image can hamper the whole design. In fact, you should avoid stretching of buttons and vector shapes with rounded corners. Rather stretching images, you should scale it down to transform the image.

Subsequently, in case of fonts, you should know that stretching the fonts will make your design look unprofessional. Besides that, you can always use smart filters to avoid distortions due to stretching. In fact, following this simple rule will help you to create better mobile friendly designs with enhanced retina display.

  1. Switch on to Rulers for Snapping:

Switch on to Rulers for Snapping

Switch on to Rulers for Snapping: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

A good alignment skill is the sign of a professional designer. So don’t wait for anything and switch on to rulers for snapping grid, layer and pixel. Snapping with rulers enables you to create a well-balanced design and help to keep elements at the best place to look more pleasant.

  1. Avoid using too many Effects:

Avoid using too many Effects

Avoid using too many Effects: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

Don’t apply the effects on all the elements of your design. In fact, excitedly don’t apply effects like drop shadow, color overlay, and bevel, etc. You should know your tools to use them effectively. So the best thing to do is use appropriate effects to enhance the looks of your design.

Rather using the effects repetitively, you should copy the layer style itself. While you’re not using the Global Lighting option then, turn it off to avoid confusion. Subsequently, if you don’t follow this practice, there are chances that you might wonder who changed my design.

  1. Save Unused Images and Resources:

Save Unused Images and Resources

Save Unused Images and Resources: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

When you are done with your design experiments then, don’t forget to save the experiments itself. Apart from that, create a separate folder space to save these unused resources. Subsequently, you’ll be able to use those unused resources for your future design expeditions. In addition, this practice also allows you to include any quick changes or add-ons in the design.

  1. Proofread to Avoid Errors:

Proofread to Avoid Errors

Proofread to Avoid Errors: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

After getting done with your designing assignment, you should proofread your design. Subsequently, this etiquette allows you to avoid a small mistake like wrong spelling. In addition, proofreading will lower down the chances of rework on the design.

  1. Don’t Mess up things:

Don’t Mess up things

Don’t Mess up things: The 10 Basic Photoshop Etiquette All Designers Should Follow

It is the most important Photoshop etiquette to store your files at a proper location to find it easily. In fact, if you fail to store your files with relevant stock images and resources then, you might end up in a puzzle game later.

You should not save the file in a random folder because random is never important and you may delete the folder in disguise. Apart from that, your designer fellows won’t be able to find out the file, if you have not sorted it appropriately.

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15 Best Free Photoshop Mockups for Logo Designers

As a designer myself, I often have to find logo mockups to showcase my work to clients. Sometimes, the client just can’t see how the logo will look like on a white canvas. I often showcase my design ideas using mockups because they look realistic and convey a much better design understanding.

In my 10 years of graphic designing experience, I have come across a bunch of mockup designs. There are plenty of well-designed mockups available online but the best ones often get buried in Google search results.

In this post, I will list 15 best free photoshop mockups designed specifically for logo designers. I will link the free mockups below, be sure to check them all out and see what is best for your needs. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more free resources.

Here are 15 best Photoshop mockups I carefully handpicked.

1. Realistic logo mockup

This is a really simple yet powerful mockup designed by qeaql-studio. It looks super-real and can attract your client right into your design. I have seen plenty of designers using this mockup and currently, it has over 94,000 downloads.

One thing I like a lot about this mockup is the background. You can use this one for coffee shops branding and logo design for better results and download this item here.

Open this PSD in Photoshop and apply your logo design in no time. Have fun designing!

2. Logo in the paper mockup

This mockup is also designed by qeaql-studio. Currently, it has 72,000+ downloads and counting. I have seen this one used a lot on the internet. Many freelancers use this mockup because of how real it looks.

You can download this mockup here. You can open the PSD file and apply your logo in just a few steps.

3. Signboard Logo Mockup

I like this one a lot. If your client has a physical address business and they need a logo for that, this is one of the best ways to showcase your design.

This can work well for coffee shops or clothing businesses but I am sure it can be used by other businesses as well in general.

Download this mockup here.

4. Wooden carved logo mockup

If you have a client in hotelling business, you might want to show them your design using this mockup.

Not only this is a great mockup but it looks amazing with that wooden texture. You can display wordmark or logomark in this mockup for best results.

Download this mockup here.

5. Coffee mug logo mockup

This one explains itself. If you have a client in Coffee business, you should really use this mockup to pitch your design idea. This can certainly be used by other companies as well if they want to see how well their logo will look on a coffee mug for their employees.

Download this mockup here.

6. Hanging Wall Sign Mockup

I quite like this one. Everything is brilliantly detailed in this mockup. This mockup can be used for bakery logo or clothing businesses but not limited to these only.

The 3D effect in this mockup makes it incredibly beautiful. Check it out below and download it here.

7. Wooden Wall 3D Logo mockup

Showcasing your logo design in 3D is often the best way to win the clients approval. I have seen this one used by a lot of freelancers. This mockup is fairly easy to use if you just know the basics of Photoshop.

I have attached the mockup below with the logo I made for my client. It looks so polished, my client loved it.

Download this mockup here.

8. Corporate style wall hanging logo mockup

Did you just create an amazing wordmark and want to show it to your client? Then this is definitely the mockup for you. It’s simple, clean and professional.

You can apply a simple wordmark of the whole logo but I think a simple wordmark would definitely win the clients heart if the design sits well with the mockup.

Download this mockup here.

9. Vintage denim logo mockup

If you’re creating a clothing brand for your client, then this is a must-have logo design mockup in your inventory. You can display a simple wordmark logo design for a clothing brand you’re working on and it will definitely catch the eye of your employer.

You can download this mockup here.

10. 5K Metallic foil logo mockup

I like this one a lot. This mockup has lots of colors options including silver, gold, and copper. This mockup was designed by Anthony Boyd graphics and it is free to use for both commercial and personal purposes.

Download this mockup here.

11. Shop facade logo mockup

Designed by GraphicBurger, this mockup has a really nice touch and feel to it. If your client is into a luxury business like jewels or other expensive items then this mockup is for you. The 3D effect looks really sharp and crisp. You can download the mockup here.

12. 3D Wall logo mockup

If you’re looking for a super clean and crisp logo mockup, you should definitely check this one out. It comes in two 3D text color options. It looks well made and professionally designed. Definitely one of my favorite mockups. You can download it here.

13. Desk and Paper mockup

I use this mockup quite a lot. It’s carefully well built for amazing results. You can use smart object and apply your logo within seconds. You can download this mockup here.

14. Photorealistic shopping bag mockup

Working on a fashion brand? You’ll love this one then. You can display this mockup within your brand identity and pitch it to your client beautifully. You can check it out and download here.

15. Label tag mockup

This mockup will work best for a clothing business or brand. This package consists of 2 styles. I love how simple these are. You can download this mockup here.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing this post. I have listed some of the best free logo design mockups. Do let me know if you liked them or not via the comment section below.

Thank you for reading, please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more exciting articles and freebies like this one. Happy designing! 🙂

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How to draw a scary zombie illustration in Adobe Illustrator using brush tool

If you ever wanted to draw an illustration but had no idea how to begin, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up Adobe Illustrator document and produce high-quality illustrations. This is fairly easy to follow for a beginner.

Pay close attention to everything as every bit of this tutorial is crucial for producing great illustrations. Everything you’re about to learn in this tutorial is done on Windows, In Adobe Illustrator CC version 2017. If you have another version of Adobe Illustrator or you’re on a different machine, your workspace might be somewhat different.

Step 1 – Sketching

Now, this is a tricky part for some. Many of us aren’t that good at sketching but it’s doable if you put in some work and practice. Get a paper and pencil and let all your creativity out. You can start with your sketch but if want to learn the digital part of the illustration right now, you can use this sketch instead.

Download the sketch above and save it on your computer. We’ll use this image in the next step.

Step 2 – Setting up Adobe Illustrator workspace

For this step, you need to run Adobe Illustrator. On the top left corner, click ‘File’ and select ‘New’ or just press Ctrl+N for New Illustrator document for Windows.

Now, import your image and place it on the illustrator document you just created. It will look like this:

Now select the ellipse tool and create a thin shape like this:

Select this shape and drag it to the brushes panel on the right-hand side.

After you have dragged the shape into brushes panel, you will see something like this. Choose ‘Brush’ and hit ‘OK’.

A new window with more options will pop up.

Leave everything as it is and just change the method to ‘Tints’ and hit ‘OK’.

Good job! If you have followed everything above correctly, we can now move towards the next step.

Step 3 – Drawing digital sketch

Select ‘Paintbrush Tool’ and set stroke to ‘0.25 pt’ and select the brush you have created earlier.

Great job so far. Let’s draw over our sketch now. Carefully draw over the sketch with the help of ‘Paintbrush tool’. Make sure to intersect the lines like this:

These intersecting lines will be removed later but they are absolutely necessary and crucial part of our illustration. Draw using ‘Paintbrush tool’ and complete it. It will look like this:

The base of our illustration is now complete. Moving on to the next step.

Step 4 – Finetuning the base illustration

Now you can remove the paper sketch and follow the next step.

Now, we have to remove extra intersecting lines from our illustration. Select everything with ‘Selection tool ‘ on the workspace like this:

Click on ‘Object’ on top left bar in Adobe Illustrator. Select ‘Expand Appearance’.

On the top left bar, again click Object menu and click ‘Live Paint’ and then click ‘Make’ like this:

Click on ‘Object’ on the top left menu and select ‘Expand’ again, like this:

Now, click on the ‘Direct Selection Tool’. Hold Shift and select extra intersecting lines in your canvas like this:

Hit the backspace button and remove all the extra intersecting points. After removing everything, it should look like this:

Perfect. Just a few more steps and you will have a scary zombie illustration ready. Moving on to the next step.

Step 5 – Adding the magic of colors

Select everything on canvas using ‘Selection tool’.

Now, choose ‘Live Paint Bucket’ from the sidebar as shown below:

Now, open the color palette and start coloring different parts of the face with different colors. You can also add gradients to the face for better results.

Choose the live paint bucket and select a color you want to apply and click on a specific part of the face and colors will be added seamlessly. I have added multiple colors and some gradients to the face of my zombie and it looks amazing. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself.

There are endless possibilities with this technique. You can create tons of other cartoons and cute animals. Practice for a while and I am sure you’ll get amazing results with this tutorial.

Let me see what you can create by following this tutorial via comment section and I’ll definitely respond back to any queries or questions you may have. Please join the discussion below and let us know if you have any questions.

I will write on more exciting topics like this in the future so make sure to check us out again and again for more exciting updates.

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20 Best Templates for Conquering the World

We have to admit that real life has already become some kind of a relic of the past. We all live online and we love it. And if some people say that they prefer the real life over the online one, they are lying.

Well, just tell me the very first thing you do in the morning. Drinking a glass of water? Brushing your teeth? Having a cup of coffee? No, I bet you checking your Instagram or Facebook feed. Internet is actually considered to be an addiction, but what a great addiction it is! It makes our lives so much easier. You can buy whatever you want online, you can hang out with your friends from the other part of the world online, you can work online, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows at any time. You can do literally everything online and there is no need to leave your cozy house. It’s like an introvert’s dream come true.

The online world is like a parallel universe where you can do anything you want and be anybody you’d like to be. However, the internet is not only all about fun. It’s actually a great way to make some extra money or even establish your super profitable corporation (who knows?).

Nowadays, being online is extremely crucial for almost any kind of business. Whether you run a restaurant or a flower delivery service, you might want to have your official website. You may think that creating a website is quite a stressful and time-consuming thing to do. Not to mention that launching a website can be pretty expensive too. But what should you do if you desperately need a website, have a tight budget, and limited in time? Relax. Using website templates makes the process of creating a website super easy, quick, and cheap. Just check out these 20 best templates, for example, WordPress business themes chose the one you like, and launch your website.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Monstroid2 WordPress Theme is stylish, elegant, and simply beautiful. Besides, this theme is super light (less than 250kb) and smooth, moreover, it is equipped with the Elementor Page Builder. If that wasn’t enough, you will also get more than 500 pre-designed pages. Among the other perks of having this theme are flexible customization, regular updates, and 24/7 support team. Monstroid2 has everything for making a cool modern website.

24.Storycle – Multipurpose News Portal Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

24.Storycle is a multipurpose theme which will be perfectly great for your blog or a news website. It’s equipped with Elementor Drug-n-Drop Builder, powerful plugins, and Mega Menu. Moreover, the theme has horizontal and vertical video playlists and works smoothly on any device. 24.Storycle has a flawless design and is easy to launch, what else can you possibly need?

Brave Responsive Multipurpose Website Template

Details |  Demo

Brave Theme is a unique and stunning multi-purpose template. Brave has various ready-made elements and blocks, more than 100 HTML pages, shop pages, blog, gallery and many other useful features. Moreover, you can download and launch this template on your own or with the help of our professional 24/7 support team. Brave is the very template that will lead your business to success.

The Future Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Details |  Demo

Future is a business template that has a stunning modern design. Not only this template is professionally designed, but also has quite a lot of useful features. Among those features are CSS3 animation and sliders, UI Elements, Google Map, Megafooter, and Crossbrowser. Future comes with over 60 responsive HTML templates, more than 400 ready to use elements, and unlimited possibilities. This is literally everything you would ask for.

Magetique – AMP-Ready Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Details |  Demo

Magetique is a beautifully designed multipurpose theme. With this theme you will get regular updates during the 2 years after the purchase. Magetique is a bestseller which has more than 600 satisfied clients. Moreover, it comes with 5 top premium layouts. And of course, the theme has all important features such as Mega Menu, Google Map, Blog, Social Login, Social Sharing and many others.

Shopy – fashion Magento Theme

Details |  Demo

Shopy Theme is a perfect choice for an online store. This theme works flawlessly on all the devices and includes such features as over 13 Layouts, 9 Listing Pages, 4 Gallery Pages, and Mega Menu. Besides, it’s super easy to customize according to your needs. Use your chance to get this theme now.

NextPrest – Multipurpose Clean Ecommerce Bootstrap PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

This fully responsive theme is another great option for an online store. NextPrest comes with JX Mega Layout, JX Security Pack, JX Products Manager, and JX Deal of the Day that will save you about $700. The theme also has a Blog, Documentation, Fiqma Layouts, and as usual, you will be provided with 24/7 support. What else can you possibly dream of?

Electrolux PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

Electrolux PrestaShop is a perfectly designed and ultra responsive theme which is simply the best option for your online store. It works smoothly on any device and supports such major browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Among the best PrestaShop’s features are JX Search, JX Mega Menu, JX Header Account, and JX Deal of the Day. Make your online store stunning with the Electrolux PrestaShop Theme.

Woostroid2 – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Details |  Demo

Woostroid2 is the very theme you need for your online store. Classy and elegant, this theme has all the features one needs for creating an online store. Woostroid2 comes with various pre-made skins, a set of professional Jet Plugins, and clear documentation. And in case you have any troubles installing this theme, our 24/7 support team is always ready to help you. So get the Woostroid2 Theme and launch the online store of your dreams.

Naturio Food Store Template Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Details |  Demo

Naturio Food Store Template is a beautifully designed theme which is perfectly great for a food delivery service website. Not only this theme is beautiful, but also is equipped with such features as Jet Elements Plugin, Mega Menu, 5 Blog Layouts, WorldPress Live Customizer, and Google Fonts. Make your website simply stunning with Naturio Food Store Template.

Multifly – Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

Details |  Demo

Multifly is a multipurpose Shopify theme that will definitely lead your online store to success. This theme is fully responsive, multilingual, and has a marvelous set of features that includes Social Options, Contact Form, Search Form, Blog, Brands, Google Fonts, Google Map, Slider, Mega Menu, Collections Catalog, and sorting Options. Multifly has literally everything for launching a great online store. So do not hesitate and get this outstanding theme.

Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme

Details |  Demo

Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme is perhaps the best choice for an online clothes and accessorizes store. The theme has an outstanding design that will for sure attract thousands of customers as well as many practical features. For instance, the theme comes with more than 13 Pre-made Layouts, 4 Gallery Pages, 9 listing pages, and Mega Menu. If that wasn’t enough, Shopy also has Ajax Filter, Revolution Slider, various Blog Pages, Instagram Shop, and Google Rich Snippets. In other words, this theme has everything you need.

StoreFlex Multipurpose OpenCart Template

Details |  Demo

StoreFlex is a multipurpose template that comes with 6 different skins – Household Goods, Fashion, Beauty, Sports & hobbies supplies, Food, and Spare Parts. The template is equipped with Mega Menu, multilanguage & multicurrency, clients categories, product catalog, gift certificates, Ajax search, smart product filtering, product badges, wishlist, add to compare, and various color schemes. To put it briefly, this template has everything to make your website great. So don’t miss your chance to get it.

MegaStore – Multipurpose OpenCart Template

Details |  Demo

Elegant and modern MegaStore Template is equipped with various stunning features which make it the best option for an online store with many various products. MegaStore is fully responsive, has 3 mobile layouts, visual page builder, Drag & Drop features, email Newsletter, and many other useful features. Moreover, this template is super easy to set up and customize according to your taste and needs. It seems like it has everything you need, isn’t it?

Gravitas Multipurpose Business Moto CMS 3 Template

Details |  Demo

Gravitas is a perfect option for almost any kind of a business website. Just check out its key features in order to see why this template is perfect for you. Gravitas comes with 30 ready-made pages, 6 homepage designs (for finances, consulting, shipping, charity, interior design, and travel), 4 pages with elements, SEO tools, blog functionality, and many others. Gravitas is perhaps everything a developer can dream of.

Arctic – Business Startup Moto CMS 3 Template

Details |  Demo

Arctic Template is a user-friendly and easy-to-install template which has both outstanding design and stunning set of features. It’s 100% responsive on all the devices and works smoothly in all the major browsers. Arctic comes with Galleries, Audio and Video widgets, Social Integration, Blog functionality, Email subscription as well as many other useful features. Arctic Template will definitely bring your business to the next level.

Jedi – Multifunctional Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Jedi is a stylish and fully functional template that will make your website just outstanding. Jedi comes with such great features as Team Page, Blog Page, Forum Page, Gallery, Social Login, Contact Form, Advanced Search, and many other cool and useful features. Moreover, you don’t need any programming skills while working with Jedi. Make your business prosper with Jedi Template.

Construction Company Premium Drupal Template

Details |  Demo

Construction Company Premium Drupal Template is a perfect choice for a building company. It has an excellent modern design and a set of useful features such as Powerful Plugins, Gallery, and Blog Page. It is needless to say that Construction works flawlessly on all the devices, supports all browsers, and comes with detailed documentation. Make your website unique with the Construction Company Premium Drupal Template.

Web Hosting MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

Details |  Demo

Web Hosting MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template is a perfect solution for startups, promotions, events, and personal profiles. The template comes with such useful features as Social Integration, Parallax effect, Contact form, Video widget, and many others. Besides, our 24/7 support team will always help you if you have any difficulties installing the template. So make your dreams come true with the Web Hosting MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template.

2018 Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Details |  Demo

2018 Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template is a stylish PowerPoint Presentation Template that will be great for the presentations for your business partners or corporate clients. Among its useful features are over 230 slides, PPTX files, 12 Color Theme Options, and many others. This template is super easy to use, so you don’t need any coding skills to work with it. Make your business presentations outstanding with the 2018 Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template.

So after checking all these templates and themes you can see that launching your website is really easy and quick. All you need for a good website is a decent professionally-designed theme or template. Fortunately, nowadays there is a vast variety of templates and themes for every taste. Moreover, you can customize any template or theme according to your needs and desires even if you do not have any coding experience. Can you imagine that? We bet you can’t. So pick a template of theme you like, install it in just one click, and bring your business to the brand-new level.

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