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15 Design Ideas for Unique Graphic Design Business Cards

When it comes to your brand, there are a lot of important factors in which will allow you to stand out from the others, in order to receive more recognition, thus more clients and jobs. In graphic design, we know that some of the most common jobs we receive are brand related, including web design, logos, and typography for businesses. A business card is a must. It is a first impression that leaves your client with a question: do they want you to complete the task at hand? If not, it’s possible that your business card just didn’t stand out to them, and never led them to discover your website, or learn about your company and what you have to offer. Today, we will review 15 design ideas for unique graphic design business cards, and why they are successful.

We will start off with an interesting business card that is unique in nature because it has a small addition of three-dimension. The small pencil of the logo is attached through holes in the card, allowing it to stand out from other two-dimensional business cards. Their use of white space also brings attention to the logo, allowing it to be the most memorable part of the card, which is important for a brand.

brigada creativa

brigada creativa

Speaking of unique… this business card is literally a work of art. Fashioned to resemble a Swiss knife, this cardboard cutout business card uses the idea that you can keep people intrigued and interested by holding onto this card and showing it to others, based on how interesting this design is. If you want to keep people engaged with your brand and be memorable, you need to think outside the box.

anthony cole

anthony cole

In order to keep your business card in potential clients’ hands, as well as entertaining and engaging with them, it can be fun and prove to be useful to think of an idea along the lines of a word search. That’s right, a word search. When you find all the hidden words, on the back you will see the answer bank, that mentions this designers name and contact information. Your potential client or customer will hold onto this card for a boring train ride or meeting instead of throwing it away, and increase your chances of nabbing another client for your company.

jose antonio contreras

jose antonio contreras

Kelli Marie is an illustrator and graphic designer, who was able to come up with an intricate and beautiful design sure to catch people’s eye. The use of white space and different typography keep the eye interested and flowing throughout the card. It can double as a bookmark, or simply a piece of her art, but will keep her brand memorable and respected by many.

kelli marie daly

kelli marie daly

Chomp, chomp! This business card is one of my favorites. The use of inverted colors for text and background, and the unique design that will stand out from the others will definitely allow for a useful business card to lure in clients and impress other design companies.



Trick & Treat is a company for branded entertainment. By creating a simple business card that has a minimalist design and a cutout, they created possibly the most potential for a business card yet. These cards can turn into a fun game of paper football, all while promoting their design business.

trick and treat

trick and treat

The idea is in the name, “Creatives”. This creative and inspiring business card is made to look like a ticket you receive at the deli or DMV while waiting in line, but with a design twist of different colors and white space to bring attention to the company name. Surely a different and fun way of creating a business card people will remember.

counter creatives

counter creatives

Sometimes, a traditional business card can deem the idea that less is more. The beautiful design and gold text make for an aesthetically pleasing card, and on the opposite side, the white background allows the eye to focus on the actual content of the card. Either way, this design is both well executed, thought out, and overall artistic inspiration for any business card.



Any branding company or graphic design company can take an idea from this particular business card, because it truly is unique. It has only one solid color, black, and is laser cut in an intricate design. No matter where you place this card, the background will come through, allowing this card to look different every time you look at it.

kate forrester

kate forrester

Toya Yatra is a tour and travel business, and they went above and beyond when creating their business card. They knew that in a world full of competition, they had to create something good, and would stand out from virtually everyone. This tiny suitcase inspires the idea of travel with a small and interesting design, sure to make others gush.

toya yatra

toya yatra

You’ve probably heard of Vega. They are a company that is all about plant based options, for the good of the environment, and its’ people. This business card has seeds that if left in the dirt for long enough, will aide in the growth of plants. If that’s not one of the coolest things that also translated directly to what the entire company stands for, I don’t know what is.



Most people would overlook a business card from a cargo company. But this card turns into a literal box. Give it to your child to create and play with, or let yourself create it, either way, it is a definite design that is “thinking outside of the box”.

Shop Around is a company that allows people to shop in a different way. It allows you to search up what’s around you, and pick out from the places you’d like the most. Their business card has two life spans. The first is when a person picks it up, and has it on hand, allowing them to find out about Shop Around, and discover what it’s all about. Its second life span is when that person decided to put the sticker somewhere, creating free advertisement for the next person that comes across it and discovers Shop Around.

Talor & Jergen is an online company that ships coffee from all over the world straight to your door. Their business card designs have bright and inviting colors, with beautiful illustrations to catch any potential customers eye.

Like the business card above, Pontus in the Air uses illustration to their advantage. Many people appreciate illustrations and what it has to offer, and in this particular case it only improves the business card in order to keep people engaged.

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Material Design Lite: 18 Articles You Must Read

Material Design Lite is fully compatible with all major browsers and it will display perfectly on any device. We’ve rounded up a collection of 20 articles that you must read, about what Material Design Lite is. These will definitely help you give your website and unique look that will attract the visitors.

The articles are oriented towards the most important aspects of Material Lite. Material Design Lite is focused on modern web design specifications, for instance, responsive designs, compatible with various browsers.

So, here you have a large variety of resources that will help you improve your web performance. You can integrate them into web or mobile designs. Here they are!

Material design lite elements can be integrated into your projects, websites or apps, quickly and with no JavaScript frameworks.

Material Design Lite Components in HTML/CSS/JS

This front-end framework comes in handy in any situation. Here you have a neat library which you can use later on.

An Overview of Material Design Lite

Here’s the presentation page of the newly released Material Design Lite 1.0.4. Here you’Lloyd discover lots of useful libraries, templates, etc.

New Release of Material Design Lite - 1.0.4 | Web | Google Developers

This material design lite wa specially designed for Dart and it includes lots of components. These are very essential for web developers or designers.


This is a great article about material design lite and Angular projects. Check it out and see which is the best way of integrating it.

Material Design Lite Integration with AngularJS

Here is a neat comparison between Bootstrap and material design lite from Google. Read this article to better understand the features of each one.

Comparing Bootstrap With Google's Material Design Lite

This is an excellent tutorial about material design lite which includes useful info about UI components, and more.

Material Design Lite Tutorial

This link takes you to a great article about material design lute. This introduction is very useful especially for beginners, to explain from the beginning what it’s all about.

A Practical Introduction to Material Design Lite by Google — SitePoint

There are many situations where you can use material design lite. One of them is creating a full website. See how you can do that in a simple manner.

Learn to make websites with Google's Material Design Lite | Udemy

Here you very an excellent article from UXPIN about Material Design Lite.  Follow this link and learn more about it.

 Web Design Trends 2017: The Year of Material Design Lite - UXPin

If you are thinking about migrating from material design lite, here are some facts that you need to know to make a smooth transition. Check out this link and find out more about this.

Migrating from Material Design Lite

This is another useful article about how you can use material design lite to build powerful websites. Take a look and see what new things you can learn.

Build a static site with Material Design Lite | Creative Bloq

This is an amazing plugin which includes a simple installation. This will surely come in handy in the future.

 Material Design Lite Snippets - Packages - Package Control

Enter this forum and get your questioned answered by other material design lite fans.

Material Design Lite - help - Meteor forums

This is a well-organized article focused on material design lite: its features, appearance, etc.

 Google Unveils Material Design Lite

Here’so an excellent article about MTD for Seaside. Here you have a small description about what it has to offers, it’s features, characteristics, etc.


There’should much to be learned about material design lite. Follow this link and see what new things you encounter.

 Material Design Lite WordPress Theme

Here, on Designer News, you can discover important aspects about Material Design lite. Follow this link and see what new things you can learn.

Material Design Lite – Designer News

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Wix Logo Maker: The Best Way To Create Professional Logos at Home

When it comes to your brand, the first thing your potential customers see is your logo. Wix has created an easy to use logo maker that gives you the freedom to create your vision from start to finish, with the option to print business cards with your own unique logo, and if you aren’t feeling confident about your finished design, there is even an option to get your logo retouched by a professional graphic designer! If you are looking to DIY your own logo, the logo maker is the ideal candidate. Today, we will be reviewing the Wix logo maker and all of its options and customizations made available at your fingertips.

What it Includes

You might think that as a brand, creating a logo can be a daunting task. When trusting a graphic designer to create a logo that reflects your business in a positive light, it can become nerve-racking to await the final result. It can also come with its own issues, like poor communication on either end, countless e-mails sent back and forth, and can quite possibly become emotionally draining quickly. With Wix Logo Maker, you are in control of your own logo. You have the power to create something that is unique, proficient, and expertly designed, all from your computer at home or office. You aren’t forfeiting quality, because Wix provides high-res vector images, an editor that is specifically dedicated to offering full customization options, files that are ready to use for social media platforms, and your logo can be matched with a specialized website that is all designed by AI.

How it Works

You input your data after logging into Wix, like the name of your business, what it is about (e-commerce, digital marketing, fashion, graphic design), pick your favorite designs, and then edit your logo with different typography, colors, designs, leaving you with the most personalized logo possible! This is a professional DIY logo maker platform, where you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself and your vision to create the logo design you’ve always wanted. It is so easy to use, that you don’t even need a design background to complete your look.

Using The Logo Maker

Using the logo maker is designed to be as easy as possible. First, you simply log in, and click on Start Now.

Wix Logo Maker

Add the name of your business

Next, you input the name of your business, and a tagline if you wish. This is what will appear on your logo and what your potential clients will get as a first impression when viewing your brand.

Wix Logo Maker

Category associated with your business

Add the category associated with your business, in order to create a more customized experience when searching for logos that you particularly like, or are correlated with the overall look of your brand.

Wix Logo Maker

Describe yourself and your brand

Input what qualities you or your business possess. This is important in order to create the most customized logo you can possibly acquire with the help of the logo maker’s algorithm that will ultimately create a series of logos that you will love, and reflect that onto your brand. For example, if you. pick the words ‘fun’ and ‘playful’, your logos to choose from will change to logos associated with those specific words.

Wix Logo Maker

Getting to know your style

With a fun and interactive way of finding the logos you love, Wix is able to narrow down the designs that you approve of, and the designs that you don’t.

Wix Logo Maker

Decide where you want your logo to be represented

Next, YOU decide here your logo is viewed by the masses. Wix can provide logos ready for social media platforms, business cards, merchandise, and more when you create your logo with them. With only six steps, this website is able to bring to life what you wouldn’t be able to have created before; a personalized experience in which you have control over everything, down to the last pixel.

Wix Logo Maker

Choose the logo of your dreams

The customization doesn’t stop here. Choose your favorite logo, and edit it to your liking. It has never been easier to create a logo template than it is with Wix Logo Maker, because it can take less than thirty minutes, and you have access to a microcosm of options when it comes to printing business cards, having a professional edit your logo, high resolution files, and an easy to use website that its completely customizable when it comes to your logo. We’ve talked about how your logo is a reflection of your business. No one knows your brand like you do, and in order to retain complete transparency with design and brand development by creating a logo yourself, there is no better way to DIY a logo than with the logo maker.

Wix Logo Maker

How to get started

Wix has created a professional logo maker that is user-friendly, fun to use, and completely customizable. It doesn’t get much easier than this to create the logo and web design that you’ve always wanted, but could never truly create with clarity. With Wix, the logo of your dreams has never been more attainable.

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Tools and Services for Developers that are a Must-Have

Most web developers have at least one thing in common. They love challenges. Overcoming technical challenges helps them become better at their profession. This not to mention the satisfaction that comes with it.

That’s not true of all challenges, however. Some days it can be a challenge just to stick to the job. The reason being that someone is constantly looking over your shoulder.

This someone might be breathing down your neck, and asking you to do better and do it faster. It’s a typical example of a manager who’s stressed out.  He/she deals with it by placing as much of that stress as possible on your shoulders.

A solution, even for the manager, often lies in a tool service that’s available, but not being taken advantage of.

Here are five little solutions, at least one of which should make your day. It will also make your manager’s day run a little more smoothly – and maybe a lot more smoothly.


Let’s start our journey with, a premier team management tool that centralizes team and task management functions onto a single platform. No more trying to keep several platforms in sync in an effort to keep your team functioning smoothly and your project on track.

This team management tool can boast of 35,000+ active users, and there are several reasons for its growing popularity. is ideally suited for any size team, whether the team consists of you and a partner, or thousands of team members spread around the globe. doesn’t care whether a team is tech oriented or not. In fact, a majority of the teams using this intuitive team management tool falls in the non-tech-oriented category. Both techies and non-techies like the way replaces reams of spreadsheets, barely decipherable whiteboard presentations, and lengthy, often unproductive meetings.

What everyone likes most is how it connects people with processes, promotes project transparency, encourages team collaboration, and boosts productivity.

  1. Waypoints

If you’re forever looking for ways to make it easier to incorporate features into your programs; especially those featured in the latest design trends which can at times be a challenge to incorporate in a layout.

Waypoints is a free library/directory you can look to for quick and easy solutions to scrolling animations and other not all that common special features to add to your layouts. What the scripts contained in the Waypoint’s library do is provide you with an easy approach to trigger an element’s function when you scroll to it on a layout or page.

Waypoint’s library features build for jQuery, Zepto, and vanilla JavaScript, along with a Shortcuts section you should find to be quite useful. The section includes shortcut scripts for Sticky Elements, Infinite Scroll, Inview, and other popular animations.

Waypoints gives you the opportunity to add a number of useful tools to your programmer’s tool kit at zero cost to you.

  1. AND CO from Fiverr

If someone offered to run your business for you for free, and had the wherewithal to do it, you’d probably jump at the chance. The problem is, that person could hardly be expected to be on the job 24/7. An alternative approach would be to let software run the business for you, and you can start using it for free.

AND CO will not run your entire business, but it will manage key aspects of it and manage them well. AND CO is a free Invoicing and Time Tracking application designed primarily for use by freelancers, agencies and studios. It’s currently used by more than 100,000 businesses, large and small, to manage their time and expense tracking, invoicing, and payments and recurring payments tasks.

AND CO also has tools you can use to build your business by creating customized proposals and contracts.

  1. Nutcache

Nutcache is an all-in-one project management software that will enable your team to organize and collaborate better.

It is a perfect application to be used by project managers and developers following Agile/Scrum practices and principles. Its GitHub integration will give your team flexibility and will also assist in keeping track of any code changes made to every iteration.

This productivity tool will also help you manage story backlogs and keep track of progress, from beginning into testing phase to final billing.

  1. TMS-Outsource

TMS Outsource is a software development company that is currently serving a worldwide clientele. They have also produced a number of in-house software products used by 20,000 paying customers. The advantages of outsourcing are many, especially for large, complex projects. Outsourcing to TMS can save you money that would otherwise be spent on salaries, training, and overhead.

Your business will also benefit from having the work performed by a highly skilled, well disciplined, and multi-talented staff.

Tips on Becoming a Software Developer Super-Star

You can always benefit from your past programming experiences. Personal experience is a great teacher. But when it’s primarily based on writing code for others, it won’t necessarily help you.

There are several guidelines that can help you proceed along that path, however. This is particularly if you buy into them and make them habitual.

  1. Read Lots of Code. Then, read some more, and some more. You’ve no doubt learned a great deal from writing code. Yet, there’s no substitute for learning from the experiences of others.

You can gain valuable insights on how others approach and solve problems. Add those insights to your own knowledge base. Reading lots of code is one of the best habits you can form if you want to rise to the top and become a true expert at what you do.

  1. Take Time to Write Personal Code. The advantage here is having the freedom to experiment with new tools. You can enjoy trying the new techniques, and your own ideas.

There are always constraints placed on you when you write code for others. Those constraints are no longer there when you write for yourself. Improvising often leads to some great learning opportunities.

  1. Don’t release code until you have to. That doesn’t mean working right up to a deadline. It means producing “good” code and finishing a programming project early. Then going through one or more iterations to make the code even better. Great programmers make a habit of doing this. Don’t just stop because your code “works”.


When a tool works well for you – why not use it? When a service-oriented business technique has been helpful, it’s easy to fall in love with it. That’s OK and the natural thing to do, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best thing to do.

There are always new tools, services, and resources on the horizon. They that can make you a better developer. At the very least they can make work easier for you whether you are a programmer or a project manager.

When you do better, you’ll feel better. If feeling better sounds good to you, we suggest you give these 5 developer’s tools and services a close look.

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25 Best Beer Packaging Designs of the Year

Graphic Design comes in many forms. Some of the most interesting and successful designs can be found nowadays on a plethora of different products and services. New forms of producing art through design are valuable to businesses, and reflect how successful it could potentially become. Without an eye-catching design, the product can be overlooked for packaging that appears more intriguing, as well as aesthetically pleasing and cohesive to the customers’ eye. Attention to detail, skill level, colors used, even the content of the design are all crucial to your packaging. It’s crucial to have the power to stand out among the competition, and it starts with the design of your product. Here, we focus on 25 of some of the most innovative beer packaging designs on the market today. 

This pilsner was created with the intention of living up to the name “Arcus”, translating from the Latin word for an archer’s bow, as well as the arc of the sun, which is why they decided to create a sun goddess who is an archer. A truly visually enticing and beautiful design for beer packaging that will grab any store-goers attention.

Designed by Hired Guns Creative.

Loch Lomond Brewery wanted to rebrand and create new modern and enticing packaging that reflects the beauty behind the beer itself, as well as the land it is brewed in. The overall brand and web design that this company possesses is both high end and creates a strong dialogue between web design, graphic design, and beer in a beautifully cohesive and successful campaign.

Loch Lomond Brewery

Loch Lomond Brewery

Minister Brewery worked with illustrator Kinga Offert-Plazej, who was given the artistic freedom to produce heavily illustrated designs for four different beers. Minister Brewery takes branding seriously, and wanted to make sure their beer stood out from the others. Together, the illustrations took these unique beers to the next level.

Minister Brewery

Minister Brewery

Mikey Burton, a visual artist, illustrated these beer packaging designs, all inspired by mythical monsters with a modern twist. It seems that whenever a talented illustrator or visual artist collaborates with a brewery or beer packaging company, only greatness and unique designs entail, standing out from other beer packaging designs.

Kaiju! Beer, Mikey Burton

Kaiju! Beer, Mikey Burton

The Hop Concept was an idea that came about with the help of two breweries, Port Brewing Co., and The Lost Abbey. These two innovative companies took the idea of air fresheners for cars, and translated this idea into four limited edition flavors of beer. With playful names and aromas and flavors working together, this beer branding created an interesting and successful packaging that is sure to call out to customers attention.

hop freshener

The Hop Freshener

Goose Island Beer Co. along with a creative team was able to create old fashioned and sleek yet simple packaging for this barrel aged beer. Paired with the classic stout taste and a new and improved package design, this beer was able to appeal to the demographic that appreciates continuity in quality, as well as appeal to the ever growing craft beer demand in the United States today with the design.

Goose bourbon

Goose Island Beer Co.

This brewing company was able to take any customer on a trip to a place in their imagination when taking one look at any of the cans below. The illustrations convey vivid, bright colors of several places including the beach, mountains, and a serene boat scene on the lake. With these beautiful illustrations on each can, it can prove virtually impossible to throw away after it’s empty, but instead to keep it as a piece of art.

Tree House Brewing Co.

Commonwealth Brewing Company did something unique to what most other craft beers on the shelves have done to date. First, they came up with the names, then found the flavors for each by matching them to the creative names. Unlike the previous brewing companies, the visuals on the cans were created by photographing inks, oils, and other liquids interacting with various colors, ultimately creating beautiful beer with even more interesting names.

Commonwealth Brewing Co.

TSMGO is a branding and marketing company that creates award-winning packaging and labels for several different products. For Abadía Beer, they created the first “glow in the dark” beer (you need a blacklight to see it, but still very cool).

Abadia Beer

Abadia Beer

An example of why less is more. Sleek, simple designs with attractive and bright colors will always be preferred by some. This is beer packaging simplicity at its best.

AND Union Beer

AND Union Beer

This is a packaging design, and a cider, for the ladies. With a sweet and delicate design reflecting the same traits about the taste of this cider, it will be sure to not disappoint visually or quality wise.

Wolffer Cider 139

Wolffer Cider 139

This psychedelic play on words extends to the beer packaging. With the help of Classmate Studio as the illustrators, they were able to create a design that resembles 3D art and pop art combined, creating a cross breed of interesting colors and shapes, allowing your mind to appreciate the abstract type art, and enjoy the design as a whole.

Brew Your Mind Brewery

Brew Your Mind Brewery

WestFax Brewing Company wanted to switch it up in terms of flavor, as well as the branding. The gradients and graphic design work together with this beer to create a timeless piece of art, all in a beer packaging.

Westfax brewing company

Westfax brewing company.

This special brewing company creates psychedelic, colorful packaging designs with the intention of fun, fruity flavors tantalizing your taste buds, and stimulating your mind with the visuals. Recently, they created a packaging design that helps support the LGBTQ community, which is sure to get a lot of attention.

The Booth Brewing Company

The Booth Brewing Company

With a colorful cap and packaging, this particular beer makes you feel like you’re right on the beach, with bright and bold greens and oranges, making you salivate with just the thought of having an ice cold beer in the sand. That is how you know you’ve done your job with beer packaging, when a person can picture themselves with the product in hand.

Summa Time Lime Beer

Summa Time Lime Beer

Coupled with fun names, these beers have illustrations on the packaging that are inspirational when creating any beer packaging ideas. Take a look at these artworks on beer.

Ninkasi Brewing Beer Packaging

Ninkasi Brewing

Who said plaid was out of style? This beer packaging design is light and simple, yet has an interesting all-around design that most consumers can appreciate.

Thorn Brewing Co Beer Packaging

Thorn Brewing Co Beer Packaging

This particular design was created by Kevin Harold Campean, and although it is just a concept, the concept is interesting and sure to appeal to many audiences. The grips on the neck of the bottle are supposed to help in self defense, which is probably self explanatory in why this beer isn’t actually on the market. Nonetheless, it is an interesting and creative approach to packaging design.

Beat Beer design

Beat Beer Design

Prodigy Brewing Company partnered with CODO design to create alluring illustrations on beer labels, based around China, to re-establish vastly important Western values and ancient Chinese art.

Prodigy Brewery

Prodigy Brewery

Heyday IPA is the center of the branding and marketing of this brewery. The main part is not just the packaging design, but the whole website. They made it fun, with funny videos and interactivity with the audience. Packaging goes a long way, but web design takes it a step further to create a successful campaign.

HeyDay IPA

HeyDay IPA

This is possibly one of the most unique of all of these packaging designs, because they skipped the illustrations and went right for creating an actual Buddha shaped bottle. That’s right, the bottle is shaped like a Buddha. You don’t need much more to sell me on this one, but their web design is also extremely enticing.

Lucky Buddha

Lucky Buddha

Aside from Lucky Buddha, there is also a popular beer packaging design that is called Funk Buddha. These designs are rebranded, new packaging, and I believe that the bright colors, as well as the designs pop and will definitely not let your eyes glaze over when you see it.

Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha

Everyone knows Blue Moon. It’s a classic, which is why sometimes, classic packaging designs work, due to the compatibility with the actual product. You can’t have a classic beer with a loud, colorful design, it just wouldn’t mesh. That is why Blue Moon still keeps their design clean, simple, yet modern and classy.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

The design for Fort Point is an example of minimalist inspired illustration, along with simplistic colors. This is yet another reason why there is a balance between intense illustration and bright colors, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, the need for simplicity.

Fort Point

Fort Point

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25 Best Beauty WordPress Themes

Do you own a beauty business or have to design a website for a wellness & spa-related client? Here are 25 best beauty WordPress themes you can choose from and use as a framework for your customized website design. Choose your favorite from the list below.

This beauty WordPress theme was created for a beauty salon and contains lots of useful features for this type of businesses. It also includes the Slider Revolution plugin and was built on a 1140px grid. Coded with SEO in mind, this responsive theme is accessible, easily readable and looks perfect on any device.

1 The Beauty Salon

Paradise is a multipurpose beauty WordPress theme with a modern design. It can be used by business in the following niches: massage parlors, nail salons, tattoo shops, barbershops, hair salons and spas.

2 Paradise - Multipurpose Spa & Beauty WordPress Theme

Aqua is another modern, responsive WordPress spa and theme that’s also WooCommerce-friendly. It has a clean, minimal design and can be used by massage parlors, spas, beauty salons, hair salons, wellness centers, yoga studios, and other healthcare business websites.

3 Aqua - Spa and Beauty Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Cosmetista is a makeup review WordPress theme for beauty bloggers. Use it to create makeup blogs, write product reviews, and even launch an online shop using the WooCommerce plugin.

4 Cosmetista - Beauty & Makeup Theme

Grand Spa is a responsive WordPress theme for spa, beauty and massage businesses. Use it to build your WordPress site. It has a responsive design and it looks impeccable on any device.

5 Grand Spa | Spa Beauty WordPress for Spa and Beauty

Beauty Center is a responsive WordPress theme for easily designing beauty salon websites or any other healthcare or beauty-related websites. It comes with a custom admin panel so you can customize every aspect of this theme, from colors to fonts, widgets and more.

6 Beauty Center - Responsive WordPress Theme

Skin Beauty is a beauty center WordPress theme with a modern, responsive design. Use it for any type of beauty-related service. You can also launch a blog or an online shop with this theme.

7 Skin Beauty - Beauty | Spa | Salon WordPress Theme

Haircut is the perfect theme for a hair salon presentation website. Use this modern WordPress theme for barbershops, hair salons, spas and beauty business websites. Customize it any way you please.

8 Haircut - Barbershop, Spa, Beauty, Manicure WP

Beautiful is a modern spa and beauty WordPress theme that you can customize using the intuitive interface. Change the colors, fonts, page elements, anything you can think of to match your business’ branding.

9 Beautiful - Spa and Beauty WordPress Theme

Marni is another great responsive WordPress theme, this time dedicated to bloggers in the beauty niche. It comes with a lovely homepage post slider and a lot of useful features for lifestyle blogs.

10 Marni – a WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

Jude is a clean WordPress theme for nail and beauty salons, though it can easily be customized to be a good fit for any kind of beauty service. It has a feminine, modern design with elegant details.

11 Jude | Nail Bar & Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Check out this minimalist, modern WordPress theme built for any business operating in the Hair and Beauty industry. Comes with a lot of useful features for a complex website.

12 Beauty Hair Salon - Theme for Hair Salon , Barber Shop and Beauty Salon

Beauty Pack is a 200+-page template with all you need for your beauty business presentation website. Set up your site in a few easy steps.

13 Beauty Pack - Wellness Spa & Beauty Massage Salons WP

Elaine theme comes with an easy-to-use admin interface with a lot of powerful features to customize your site. It has a one-click import of the demo site and a large collection of home and inner pages to get you started.

14 Elaine - A Modern Multipurpose Health and Beauty Theme

Launch your beauty business presentation website in just a couple of hours with this pre-made website theme for WordPress sites. You can integrate an appointment system, create custom post types, and more.

15 Beauty Salon - Responsive WordPress Template

Spa Lab is a beauty salon WordPress theme with powerful features. Use the two types of menu card designs, reservation system, gift card system and more, to power up your site!

16 Spa Lab | Beauty Spa, Health Spa Theme

BeautyPress is a wellness WordPress theme with a clean and responsive design. Comes with a large slider on the homepage, a portfolio feature, and more!

17 BeautyPress - Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme

BeautySpot is another great WordPress theme for your beauty salon. Easily customize it with your own color scheme in a matter of minutes.

18 BeautySpot - WordPress Theme for Beauty Salons

Nature Spa theme is the perfect premium WordPress theme for Spa and health resorts. Comes with pre-made pages for services, treatments and a fully functional appointments system.

19 Nature Spa | Beauty Spa, Massage Spa Theme

This responsive e-commerce WordPress theme can be used to sell beauty products, cosmetics, makeup and more. Easily adapt it to your brand’s needs.

20 iuStore - Fashion Beauty Shop WooCommerce WordPress Theme

MakeUp is a WordPress theme for makeup artists, beauticians, and other beauty businesses. The pre-designed pages and custom shortcodes will help you launch your presentation website in a matter of hours.

21 MakeUp | Makeup & Beauty WordPress Theme

Blush is a highly customizable WordPress theme with no coding knowledge required to edit its options. It has a one-click demo content import, it’s fully responsive and retina ready and comes integrated with the powerful Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress.

22 Blush - A Trendy Beauty and Lifestyle Theme

Check out this beautiful spa theme with tons of features for spa businesses. It has a clean, refreshing style and you can customize to fit your brand.

23 Dream Spa - Salon, Spa WordPress Theme

WellnessCenter theme comes with everything you need for your spa, salon or beauty parlor business. It has a powerful admin panel, a bookings system, and a communications system with your clients.

24 WellnessCenter Beauty Spa Salon WordPress Theme

CutStyle is a modern WordPress theme for barbershops. It has a hipster design and can also be used as a personal website for a hair stylist.

25 CutStyle - Barber & Barber Shop WordPress Theme

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10 Awesome WordPress Tools & Services You Should Check Out

It wasn’t long after WordPress first came on the scene that it has succeeded. It gained the reputation as a complete website building platform. Now, it is the #1 favorite of web designers and the most widely used tool of its type on the market.

The WordPress team set out to build what they intended to be the ultimate website builder. Thanks in part to the growing number of tools and services, their goal was reached.

In this article, you’ll find ten of the top tools and services. Any one of them can take your website building and managing experience to a new level.

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and take a moment to go down the list we’ve provided. You’re almost certain to find something that can make your day.

  1. Elementor Page Builder

Easy to use and free are two good reasons for choosing a WordPress page builder, but there are a lot of other features you need to look into before arriving at a knowledgeable decision. Elementor has these other features in spades, besides being “easy to use and free” it’s also the best choice for any professional.

It is, in fact, the #1 WordPress page builder, and it achieved that standing in less than 2 years following its initial release. Starting with a handful of users, Elementor’s user base currently consists of 1 million loyal customers.

Elementor lets web designers build what they set out to build, down to the minutest detail, and without having to resort to writing code. This open source, front end page builder has features you won’t find elsewhere, including a set of new advanced features that were released earlier this year.

You’ll want to see for yourself what Elementor can do for you, but it’s worthwhile noting that everything about this premier page builder was designed and developed with its users in mind.

2. Brizy

Brizy is another top-of-the-line free and easy-to-use WordPress website builder. What users like most about this WordPress builder is the friendly and intuitive UX they encounter. This is in large part due to its clutter and distraction-free user interface.

The Brizy design and development team found a way to make the features, settings, and options you need to work with at your fingertips when and only when you need them. This saves you the trouble of having to work your way through crowded sidebars to find the action you intend to execute.

Brizy’s users, designers and developers alike enjoy the flexibility Brizy offers, due in part to its library of 4,000+ icons and 150 pre-made design blocks.

You can test Brizy on their website, keep the HTML you generate, and use it for anything you want – for free.

  1. Posts Table Pro WordPress Table Plugin

Post Tables Pro is the ultimate solution for anyone who has grown tired of the time and effort it can take to build a table when manual data entry is required. Both the time and the effort involved disappear like magic when this dynamic WordPress plugin is put to work.

There is, of course, no magic involved. Posts Table Pro simply accesses the data that’s stored in your WordPress database. All you have to do is decide which data you want, how it should be sorted and ordered, how you wish to have it presented, and let Posts Table Pro do the rest. Posts Data Pro supports multimedia; your table listings can include video, audio, playlists and images as well as text. It’s popular for creating WordPress document libraries, blog post indexes, member directories, staff directories, audio libraries, and much more.

There’s a wealth of options to work with ranging from table formatting to data filtering to page loading and even a search box capability.

  1. WordXpress

Take a moment to figure out how much time you spend attending to website maintenance and management tasks. It could be more than you think, in which case it might make sense to turn those tasks over to WordXpress.

They’ll not only keep everything safe, secure, and in running order, but assist you in selecting tools to improve your website’s performance and SEO and marketing capabilities.

  1. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

There’s generic marketing, and there’s personalized marketing. The latter has much more to offer and Logic Hop is just the WordPress plugin to make it work for you. Logic Hop takes into account the actions website visitors take, what their interests are, and where they come from to provide you with the ability to better target your intended audiences. The result is more effective WordPress websites – more leads, more sales, and more conversions.

  1. Goodie

Goodie is a development platform that offers its services to end clients who can either provide a detailed design or a design idea. Goodie provides the ideal solution for a small business owner in need of a carefully coded website.

Goodie specializes in 1-10 page websites, small WordPress websites, and email templates. The price is $999 with a 5-day turnaround.


You likely already have a highly-qualified mechanic who keeps your automobile in good running order. is the web’s equivalent of your friendly neighborhood garage.

Their website mechanics will fix what ails your website, and they can make any small changes or speed optimization improvements you need. also offers site audit, malware removal, and installation services.

  1. WP Review Pro

This #1 product and service review plugin for WordPress provides all the flexibility you need to summarize the reviews of any product or service in the format that suits it best. The summaries can range from overall percentage ratings calculated to two decimal places to bar charts, stars, or thumbs up or down.

WP Review Pro is WooCommerce compatible and the results it displays can be tailored to your brand.

  1. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews is a review management plugin that enables you to present reviews on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and other popular platforms. Starfish reviews encourages your customers to submit reviews, plus you can let them choose which platform they want to post their review on.

Using this plugin can have a positive impact on your SEO and lead to a higher percentage of 4 and 5-star reviews.

  1. WordLift

Perhaps it’s time to join the AI crowd by putting this exciting technology to work for you. WordLift translates page content into the machine-friendly content chatbots and search crawlers look for to grow traffic and encourage your site visitors to visit more pages, spend more time on each one, and take the intended actions.

No special technical skills are needed to install and use this UX-enriching WordPress plugin that will grow your traffic with AI-powered SEO.


It’s almost a given that you could put to one or more of these products and services togood use. A free top-of-the-line page builder is obviously hard to pass up. One or more of the specialized tools or services could easily make our day.

Are you looking to save time or effort or boost your productivity?  Or, if you want to build a better website with one or more exciting new features, there’s something here for you.

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Latest UX Patterns Trends That Your Visitors Want to See

Website viewers don’t pay a great deal of attention to the structure of a design or what goes into the planning.  They aren’t aware of the many ingredients, the complexity of the mix or the thought that goes into it.

Instead, they explore the end result.  They are aware of how they feel when they use a site and this is about it.

Good design is always invisible and it is reflected in your User Experience.  When your user enjoys a site, it will become a destination of choice.

On the other hand, users often abandon their shopping carts because they feel uncomfortable or frustrated.

If your user experience is not enjoyable, you also won’t encourage viewers to return.

User experience is often subliminal.  If a user can navigate a site easily, it loads quickly, and information is broken up into manageable chunks, your user is likely to have a positive experience.

However, there are many situations which will frustrate your user and cause him to abandon the site.

As a result, it is helpful for designers to explore User Experience.  User Experience is different to the User Interface, where your viewer will engage with your platform.

User Experience relates to the impression your user forms of your site, and how it works for him.  This impression often determines how long users stay onsite, and whether they will return.

Although your user will get an overall feel of your site, an awesome user experience (UX) depends on some great ingredients.  These helpful hints will assist you to great a great UX.

Navigation Tabs

Although very simple, your navigation tabs play a crucial role in assisting your viewer to search your site effectively.  Without knowing where to go, your viewer will abandon your site.

Arrange your navigation tabs around any subcategories which work best for you and your viewer.  Once your viewer is able to find the way around your site, he will be able to acquire what he needs.


When your viewers access your site, they may not always wish to register at first.  Lazy registration allows your viewer to browse your site first.  Not all viewers will register with your site, but those who do will often become more engaged.

Once your viewer has engaged, he will be more likely to make a purchase, which is what you ultimately want.


Your breadcrumbs leave a trail for your viewer Home>Women’s Wear>Shoes>Sandals assist your viewer with where he is on the site.

They will also show him where to return or backtrack without beginning again from the home page.

Creating breadcrumbs will therefore prevent your viewer from getting lost on your site.

Dividing up your results

If your viewer is looking for a category of products to choose from, you don’t want to overwhelm him.  You will also want your page to download quickly. One way to do this is to divide your results up into various pages.

If your viewer searches for sneakers, for example, you could show your results over 10 pages, giving your viewer your full selection in small chunks.  Your viewer can then add favorites to a wish list.  This effective technique is known as pagination.

Ask your customers to vote on your site

Customers are generally happy to share what they like with you, so if you add a ‘vote to promote’ box to your site, you will be sure to increase customer engagement.

Your customer will be able to share any thoughts with you simply by clicking on your screen.  This takes a lot less effort than filling out a comments form.

Vote to promote boxes are often present on news sites or community based websites, but you could easily include them on an e-commerce site too.

Readers use their mobile devices

Mobile devices are intensely personal.  Users are therefore using their devices to browse the internet.  Instead of the old internet model, where placing items on the top of the screen was crucial, users now look for responsive designs.

If you’d like to know whether your users are coming to your site through a mobile device, check your Google analytics stats.

If you have a high number of mobile device users, ensure that your site is responsive (or that you have a useful app) and a good mobile navigation so that your users can find what they want and make purchases easily.

Users don’t read all your content

When people access your site, they will be looking for content which is relevant to them.  You can show your users information available on your site by using headings and subheadings.

This gives your user the opportunity to scan through your content without having to read through huge amounts of information.  By scanning subheadings, your user will be able to read only those parts which interest him/her.

Along with headings and subheadings, you can make your site more attractive by dividing your information into bullet points.  Short paragraphs will assist you to keep your information attractive to viewers.

Your viewers are impatient

Internet viewers will bounce of your site if they don’t find what they are looking for rationally quickly.  As a result you will need to present your information in tiny chunks.

Write a great introduction which gets straight to the point and keep all important information in the earliest part of your content.

Viewers who remain interested can always scroll down for more.

Keep your site clear and simple

Your users enjoy a clean, clear website which won’t overwhelm them.  As a designer, you therefore need to work with white space.

When your content is presented in small chunks, with a clear order, your viewers will see your site as easy to understand.  Use white space between your paragraphs.

This will help you to create a hierarchy, where you’re most important information is presented first.

Your use of white space will prevent your viewers from feeling overloaded.  It will also make your content easy to read.

Work towards creating flows

As a designer, it is so easy to look at elements of a design without taking the larger user experience into account.  Page design often captures the designer’s attention before the greater experience or flow.

However, our users follow specific patterns or ways of accessing information.  These flows need to be supported by our overall web designs.  Keeping our end user in mind is the biggest priority or goal when it comes to site design.

When designing a site, we need to consider how to get users to convert into clients.  This means creating a positive user experience.

We therefore need to optimize our designs towards a great UX.  This is beneficial to both business owners and site viewers.

Keep your site well organized

As explained earlier, most clients battle with chaos, information overload and a cluttered site.  In order to reduce this, keep your copy organized into clear sections.

When your site copy is organized into a clear package, it will make it easier for users to enjoy browsing your site.

Keep your thoughts well organized:  If you are speaking of summer fashion and offering your user some helpful tips, don’t allow yourself to drift into winter designs.  Stick to summer.  Make your points clearly and concisely.  Your user will then be able to follow.

Visual organization:  When your text is clearly formatted with headings and bullet points your user will grasp immediately what you are saying.

Keep your text blocks clear, concise and legible.

Progress Bar

When your user has elected to make a purchase, this purchase should be easy to make.  Users abandon their purchases when they have to take part in a complex payment process.

However, if your payment plan takes time, it is often helpful to show your user how far they are progressing in the process.

A progress bar guides your user through the payment plan.  This helps your user to see that they are actually making way, and that the end result is close.

Allow your viewer to scroll

Even though dividing up information is helpful for viewers, enables your site to download quickly and prevents overwhelm, it is often helpful to introduce infinite scrolling to your site.

Infinite scrolling means that your page will load one set of data.  When this data comes to an end, the next set will load.  This is often useful for product pages.  It can also be used to show new elements of a portfolio.

This way your viewer is able to select how much information they wish to browse on your site.

Ending thoughts

When you design your site with your visitor in mind, you will keep your viewer engaged.  This will lower the bounce rate on your site.  It will also increase your conversion rate.

When you know your audience and how they behave you can design your site around this.  This will increase the effectiveness of your site.

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25 Free Classic Fonts That Will Never Get Old

Looking for some beautiful free classic fonts that can be used for your traditional designs? Here are some of our top picks! We selected some of the best fonts you can use for both headings and paragraphs. All of these fonts are highly legible and professionally designed. Check them out in the roundup below.

Butler is a free classic font that was inspired by Dala Floda font family and the Bodoni font family. This serif typeface is a modernized serif font perfect for both print and digital projects. 

1 Butler Free Classic Fonts

Fakedes is a classic font designed by typographer Cyril Mikhailov. This is a rounded serif font with double lines. It looks perfect for headings and logos. 

2 Fakedes Free Classic Fonts

Forum is a classic font that was inspired by classic Roman fonts. It is the perfect font for titles and headings and was carefully designed by typographer Denis Masharov.

3 Forum Free Classic Fonts

Muchacho is an all-caps font with a classic yet quirky design. This beautiful typeface was designed by typographer Jeff Schreiber. Use it for headings.

4 Muchacho Free Classic Fonts

Poly is a classic web font with ink straps and glyphs. It has a vertical emphasis and it was designed by typographer Nicolás Silva.

5 Poly Free Classic Fonts

Barbaro is another beautiful font with a classical touch. This typeface was created by typographer Iván Núñez. It has a vintage look, with a 60’s vibe and can be used for both print and digital projects, for headings and logos. 

6 Barbaro

Le Super Serif is a gorgeous font with a vintage & classic style. It contains over 80 ligatures and special alternate characters. This font was designed by SuperBruut Free Classic Font

  Free Classic Fonts

Firefly is a vintage hand drawn serif font with a classical vibe. It was designed by typographer Sean Coady. Use it for print designs, especially on posters. 

7 Firefly Free Classic Font

Pelmehka is a fun font that was inspired by the Bodoni typeface family. It can be used for headings, logos and even for children’s books! This inspired font was created by typographer Cyril Mikhailov.

8 Pelmeshka Free Classic Font

Fénix is another beautiful classic font designed by Fernando Díaz and TipoType Foundry. This typeface has strong serifs, rough strokes and an overall elegant design. It is perfect for both headings and other page texts, as it is highly legible and versatile. 

9 Fénix Free Classic Font

Akura Popo is a classic font with a vintage touch, designed by the Twicolabs Design team. This is a condensed serif font with a rough look, perfect for catching the readers’ attention. 

10 Akura Popo Free Classic Font

Molesk is an amazing, eye-catching font designed by typographer Pedro Lobo. This slab serif font was inspired by old, classic typefaces. It contains subtle shadows for each letter. The detailing is pretty amazing, which makes it perfect for headings, logos and print projects.

11 Molesk Free Classic Font

Rancho is another classic font that seems to be inspired by the Wild West. It was designed by Nach Oh!. Use it for any kind of projects, be it digital or print. 

12 Rancho Free Classic Font

Bariol Serif is a gorgeous, classic serif font designed by Atipo. Bariol Serif font is a clean font with clear lines and a legible design. Can be used for both headings and paragraphs, in any kind of design. 

13 Bariol Serif Free Classic Font

Lovato Light is another beautiful and highly legible font with a classic touch. It has a more geometrical design, with inscription lettering. This beautiful typeface which is available in Light, Regular, Demi, Bold and Black, was designed by Philatype.

14 Lovato Light Free Classic Font

Yeseva One is a classic font with a rounded design. It looks elegant and feminine. This beautiful font was created by The TypeType.

15 Yeseva One Free Classic Font

Luthier is a free classic font with a sharp design. This serif font has high contrasts and was designed by typographer Adrià Gómez. Comes with 4 different styles so you can use it for any kind of project. 

16 Luthier Free Classic Font Free Classic Font

This beautiful font is inspired by the popular Garamond font family. It is a display font with a classic style, created by Christian Thalmann and optimized for high resolution and large screen sizes.

17 Cormorant Free Classic Fonts

Valyrie is a gorgeous font designed by typographer Hendrick Rolandez. This fashionable font can be used for headings, logos, branding, and print projects. 

18 Valkyrie Free Classic Font

Marta is a beautiful serif font with wedge-shaped serifs. It is a classic font with an eclectic style. It was created by the talented Daniel Johnson and it is available in regular, bold and italic. 

19 Jura Free Classic Font

Palacio font is a classic font that was inspired by Homestead and Museo font families. Palacio is a clean, simple font with a thin lettering design. It was created by typographer Nathan Thomson.

20 Palacio Font Free Classic Font

Tryst is a highly legible, classic font that was designed by Philatype. This stunning font can be used for both headings and paragraphs, especially for book designs or blogs with a lot of text content. 

21 Tryst Free Classic Font

Blnc is a gorgeous font with a classic touch. It has a Wild West-inspired design and can be used for logos, branding projects, headlines, posters, and pretty much anything else.

22 Blnc Free Classic Font

The Rachel typeface is a serif font designed by Danilo De Marco in 2015. It was inspired by the Bodoniano and Lapidale fonts. It would look impeccable on both headings and paragraphs, due to its elegant details. 

23 Rachel Free Classic Font

Hagin is a geometric font with an old school style. Use this free classic font for branding projects, headings and logos. This typeface was designed by Miroslav Bekyarov for Font Fabric.

24 Hagin Free Classic Font

Brela is a great editorial font that’s very easy to read. It was created by Makarska Estudio and can be used for any kind of projects, in both headings and paragraphs. 

25 Brela Free Classic Font

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25 Free Material Design Code Snippets

Here are 25 free Material design code snippets you can use to build fantastic Material-style websites and web apps. The items we gathered in the list below contains everything from basic color schemes and grid setups to more detailed components like responsive cards, flip cards, news and blog cards, profile cards, switches, container elements, forms, icons, buttons with animations, dropdown menus and carousels.

Check out these code snippets and start building your Material design-inspired website or web app today!

These responsive cards code snippets follow all the Google’s Material Design principles. You can interact with the hamburger menu to initiate a sleek animation where the image is shrunk and the details are displayed. Use it for the team pages or for portfolios. 

1 Material Design – Responsive Card

These flip cards code snippets were inspired by the Google Now personal assistant app design. It has a long drop-shadow effect and they flip on click and touch. 

2 Google Now Inspired Flip Cards Free Material Design Code Snippets

These parallax depth cards were designed by Andy Merskin. These photo cards have cool hover effects that make them change their perspective and add a parallax scrolling effect tied to the user’s cursor position. That’s when the text content is revealed. It looks amazing! 

3 Parallax Depth Cards Free Material Design Code Snippets

Check out this product card code snippet which is perfect for listing your products in a simple, clean way. The hover action reveals sizing and color information. 

4 Product Card Free Material Design Code Snippets

These article news cards code snippets are perfect to be used on a magazine or news website, as well as a blog. The design is organized with a category, date/time, comments, headlines and photo. 

5 Article News Card

This is another great code snippet for blog cards in a horizontal format. It was designed by Chyno Deluxe. The photos are angled, hovering reveals even more content and the design is overall pretty amazing! 

6 Blog Cards

Check out this profile card that follows the design principles of Material design. It has both horizontal and vertical layouts and the design is simple, clean and straightforward. 

7 Material Design- Profile Card

These news cards are available in CSS only. They have a functional, beautiful design with no JavaScript required. It can be used for blog posts, portfolio items, and more. 

8 News Cards – CSS only

Here are some flexbox cards code snippets you can use. Their layout is adaptable to headlines of different sizes. It is made with pure CSS, so it’s easy to implement on your site. 

9 Flexbox Cards

If you have a food-related site or blog, this Recipe Card code snippet may be what you need. It has a simple yet effective layout with a featured image, all the needed details for a recipe card and an overall beautiful design. 

10 Recipe Card

Check out this cute Muppets-inspired demo web app UI that follow’s the Material design trend. It contains a lot of useful code snippets.

11 Demo Web app UI

For a simpler code snippet to practice with have a look at these toggle switches. They also follow the material design trend with flat colors and a simple sliding animation.

12 Material On:Off Switches

Here are some container elements code snippets that offer a Material response. The users’ clicks are registered and recorded with a micro interaction.

13 Container Elements

This is an action button animation available as a free code snippet. It changes the dot navigation icon into a small X icon you can link to a drop-down nav or a modal window. Just note this requires a good amount of customization to get it working with other features.

14 Action Button Animation Free Material Design Code Snippets

Here is a Material form user interface that comes as a free code snippet. It has a step by step process which you can use in modern web forms.

15 Step-By-Step Form UI

If you need a custom tabs code snippet, this is it. It is basic and perfect for Material design lovers. Switch it through and experience the animations it comes with. 

16 Custom Tabs

This is a Material design input form with floating input labels. Click on the link above to observe the animations. 

17 Material Input Form

This Angular Material design dashboard was created by Ajay Viswanathan from scratch. Get the code snippets and learn how to implement it in your own projects. 

18 Angular Material Dashboard

Here is a Material design progress bar with a simple design. Use the code snippets if you need to add a material-style progress loading bar into your website. 

19 Material Progress Bar

Materialize.css is a free library you can use for your projects which are based on Material design. Use this as a starting point for building Material-style websites. It contains useful code snippets for everything you may think of!

20 Materialize

This is another great library to start your Material design projects with. MUI is lightweight and can be used as a CSS framework for UI designs.

21 MUI

Material Bootstrap offers you a bunch of useful code snippets for developing Bootstrap projects based on the Material design trend. It is based on the Bootstrap v4 update.

22 Material Bootstrap

Check out this useful Material design library. It comes with all the elements you may think of and a comprehensive documentation page. 

23 Material Foundation

Material UI framework is a set of React components you can use if you want to build Material  design web apps.

24 Material-UI

LumX is based on the Angular framework and mimics the Material design language. It gets frequent updates and contains plenty of code snippets you can use. 

25 LumX

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